Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Framed Pincushion Update...

Remember my little framed pincushion from a Tool Time Tuesday? here to revisit that post.

Remember that multi picture frame I suggested to use?

Well, she's all done. Wanda from the blog Wanda's Quilts and Crafts left a comment recommending a pocket for scissors which I though was great, so a pocket there is!!

Here's all you need...

Layer some scrap fabric to make the pocket. Use the finished edge of the fabric to avoid sewing a hem!

Flip layered fabric over and stack up batting and cardboard.

The pocket is in the lower right corner, so adjust the fabric to where you want the pocket.

Push fabric and cardboard into frame. Trim fabric and hot glue the edges.

Add frame backing. Good to have the kind that stands on their own, so you can stand it next to your sewing chair.

Like this!

One section for needles...

I safety pinned on two bobbins of thread...

Two sections for pins...

and the great pocket to hold your little scissors!

The big momma frame and the little baby frame!!

Happy sewing,


  1. Awesome! Love the bonus features. :)

  2. I love it! Thank you for a great gift idea!

  3. That's awesome with a place to put the spools and scissors! Yay!

  4. Such a smart, practical and pretty idea! Love it and am thinking who will get one this Christmas.

  5. You come up with the best ideas!!!

  6. It looks great Karen. I'm impressed with the color choices too. I love black & white (of course if it were mine, I might add some hot pink too. LOL)


  7. Now that is just brilliant, and you could make different ones for different seasons or when you change your decor. Love it!

  8. Very cleaver! Fun little gift for a sewing friend.

  9. This is a wonderful idea. And now that my kids are older and I don't have to worry about putting all the pins, scissors and needles away, this would be great to put in my living room for movie nights/sewing hand projects! God truly gave you a gift, lady! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I never was a blog "follower" or even a reader until I found your blog, and that was all it took, I was addicted, and these kinds of posts are why! You have the most wonderfully creative mind! What a blessing that I just so happened upon your blog when I did, my life has never been the same! Keep 'em comin'!

  11. Loved your original post.
    Now this one is just too darn cute.

  12. Love the idea of adding the pocket for scissors. I need to go see if I have a frame that I can use to make one.

  13. Karen, that is a work of art!! It would make fantastic presents too..

  14. You are so clever!! Thank you for sharing!!


  15. I love this idea and I have the same fabric. Thank you.

  16. I absolutely love this!! I have made several of the small They are adorable.

  17. What a neat way to use a frame. I love it!

  18. Hi Karen. I have a blog set to post on the 11th talking about this post of yours. My blog is

    Thought that you would like to know that I am blogging your post! :-)


  19. wow! amazing idea! i pinned this so I can make it in the future. thanks so much for showing how to do it :)

  20. This is so cute. If you decided to use each square for different pins, you could use Silhouette to make names for each square. I am just learning mine.

  21. Just found your blog today through Pinterest. Love it! Great project. I have just the frame to do this with. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.


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