Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Happy Tool Time everyone. Continuing on from yesterday's eggstravaganza with another little Easter project.

Each year we have a big Easter egg hunt at our house. All the kids from both sides of the family. My dad treats all the kids by giving me money to put in all the eggs. We also put lots of candy in there too!!

To make the egg hunt fair for everyone, I have always color coded each child. Each person picks what color they want and that's the color they have to hunt for. To help them remember what color they have, I've given them baskets or bags that match their color.

This year I made them buckets...recycling style.

These are the cans that I collected for a school fundraiser last year. We used them for flowers for centerpieces. They are 7 inches high and...

6 inches wide. They were free from a few of our local pizza restaurants. Just ask them to save them for you. Tomato sauce comes in them. The inside edge isn't sharp at all on these, must be how they opened them. Make sure yours our not sharp for little hands. Maybe add duct tape on the edge if it is.

Now just match your spray paint to the egg color.

Before you paint, you will need to poke holes in the sides of the can for the handles. You can bang a nail in there...

but make sure you file down this sharp edge on the other side.

Drilling the hole doesn't really make the sharp edge, but smooth it off if it is.

Now spray away. Make sure the can is upside down.

You can also use craft paint, but it took a lot of coats and was spotting in places. I just didn't want to go out and buy Hot Pink spray paint!

Here's the hole from the drill.

Thread your ribbon or string from the inside to the outside with both ends. You want the knot on the outside to cover up any sharp edges you may have left.

Now go hide your eggs, so the kiddies can fill up their cute matching buckets.

Definitely going to repaint that green one...looks way too dark in this picture! LOL

Great FREE project, because I had all the paint.

Just need to paint some more with polka dots on them, because we have more than 6 kids for the hunt. The eggs have black polka dots and so will the can.

Hope you have an Eggstra special Tuesday...I couldn't resist. I'll stop! In eggsactly one more day. Sorry, could help myself.


  1. This is such a FUN idea! I think this would be a fun way to teach colors too....so cute!

  2. Super cute idea! Thank you for sharing where get the tom sauce cans....
    Found you on Lace-Lovin' Librarian..

  3. I love the color-coding idea for each kid! I think I'm going to steal that idea for my girls this year...we have been doing practice Easter egg hunts in the house and my 4 year old tends to have a hard time letting my younger one find any. Anyways, I love the idea!


  4. We always keep everything "even steven" at our Easter egg hunt! Never would have thought of color coordinating!

    My mom's tight with the gentleman that owns a pizza place near our house, my mind is reeling with things I could do with those cans!

    :) You're the best! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi, Wonderful idea. Where did you get the empty eggs from?

  6. What a cute idea for an Easter egg hunt! I am thinking about using this idea for my grandkids egg hunt this year. Really like the idea of a certain color for each kid. Thanks again for a great idea.

  7. Great idea!!! Very helpful to do it like that, older kids wont take advantage of the little ones by taking everything for themselves!

  8. I'm swooning over the color grouping. Such a simple idea!

  9. You are too funny!! I just love reading your blog. Even if I NEVER make any of your projects it is so much fun just to read them (but I'm sure I will try a few). What a wonderful sense of humor you have. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  10. Those look like so much fun for the kids! Cute!

  11. I just love all your projects. This last came to late, all the Easter Egg hunter have grown up and moved away. I will file this one away for future use.

  12. My mom has run her Easter egg hunt for her grandchildren in a similar way for years. Because there was a large age range she assigned the color egg each grandchild would hunt. The younger ones practically tripped over the eggs they were supposed to find while the older ones had to really search for theirs. Everyone ended up with the same amount of eggs and consequently the same number of dines, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, etc. I love the idea of the color coordinated Easter buckets though! Makes it impossible to "forget" what color you are looking for!

  13. What a great idea! I love the color coding! We always had Easter egg hunts when my kids were small. When the grandkids were here one Easter I hid eggs inside and out! Great memories!

  14. This is a wonderful idea - so bright and colorful too!

  15. What a super cute idea!
    Thanks for sharing
    Prim Blessings

  16. WAy too cute. I wish I had the time!!!

  17. I just gave you a blog award!! =)

  18. Really great idea! Keeps them from fighting over the eggs!! We only have one little one so far, she is my 14 month old granddaughter...this should be fun!!


  19. Love the idea of color coding. My grandchildren are too old now to hunt but when they were little we wrote money on each egg whether it was 5 cents,25 cents or $1.00. They loved hunting for money. We had fun watching them. The prize egg was always $5.00.

  20. What a super idea for kids, I wish I had some around so I could do that.

  21. What a good idea! So pretty too.

  22. Congratulations, your fun post made this week's top hits @ singingwithbirds.com. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous idea and Happy Easter!

  23. I was just telling my husband this morning we need to pick a color for each kid to find. We have a big age gap between our oldest and our 2nd child, this would keep it fair. Thanks for the ideas!

  24. I was going through all you old TTT and saw this. Amazing it was just in time for Easter. I have 7 grandchildren from the ages or 18months to 8 years. In the past egg hunts wer never fun. Always yelling at the older ones to let the younger ones find some. UGGGGG. This actually worked so well and I even caught the kids helping each other. "Ian there's an orange one!" "Daelynn here's a yellow!" This was the most fun Easter ever. Thank you so much. I even found grass for there baskets to match the eggs (except orange--I ran orange construction paper through the paper shreader). You have inspired me with so many of your TTT's. Thanks again. Debbie Y, Rhome, TX

  25. Sorry I forgot to leave my email. debbiemail@embarqmail.com
    Debbie Young, Rhome, TX

  26. I've been color coordinating for years! I called it the lazy way. Who knew? I like the re-use of the #10 cans, though. I'll definitely try that.

  27. I love the idea of assigning a certain color to each child. That way, I can fill the eggs with specific items for each child depending on age, sex and preferences.

  28. I have an addiction to buying Christmas lights after Christmas and plastic Easter eggs after Easter. Don't know what to do with them yet but I'm getting ideas from you! Hubby hates it when he sees me with them! I have to sneak them in the storage room! LOL

  29. What a great idea! This is a perfect idea for Easter 2014, so love it. Colorful eggs, very fun especially for kids. Thanks for sharing ideas.



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