Monday, April 18, 2011

Keurig K Cups...or Keur-Egg K Cups?

I have a few Easter ideas that I will be sharing in the next few days...even on Tool Time Tuesday. This project today is great for recycling.

This idea uses Keurig K cups. A "K" cup is used to brew coffee very fast in a certain machine. Each Keurig K cup is a cup of coffee. Needless to say, you can collect those cups very fast.

Don't have a Keurig Machine to collect those K cups? You can ask so many people to save them for you...
  • friends and family
  • doctors office have them in the waiting room
  • our veterinarian has them
  • automotive oil changing places have them too
This is my Keur-Egg Easter K cup.

The K cup is punctured from the top and bottom to brew the coffee.

Just peel away the foil and pull out the coffee grounds and the small filter inside, if it has one. Wash.

You could actually add soil and grow your own real grass, but this is my artificial version.

Add your decorative Easter egg...this is a paper mache egg from a craft store. I just left it natural.

Maybe take some scrap booking letters...

and monogram the eggs. You can even write the person's name on the egg.

Great for place settings at a party or Easter Dinner!

You can even use the colorful plastic eggs.

For this idea you will need an awl or ice pick, a lighter and a block of wood to form a whole in a plastic egg. Some eggs come with a hole on the top already.

Heat your awl or ice pick with a match or lighter. It doesn't take long...just a few seconds.

Poke it through the pointy top part of the plastic egg from the inside to melt the hole.

See the tip poking out. You will need it as large as the diameter of the wire which I forgot to tell you that you need. LOL

Take your wire and loop it around your pliers to form a few rings close together.

Now stick it through the hole in the egg.

I added a mini Reese's peanut butter cup to weigh down the egg and to stick the wire in.

Just make a little sign or name for a place setting.

Come back tomorrow for another Eggstravaganza...


  1. Really cute ideas, Karen, and I love the recycling aspect. Brilliant!

  2. you must not sleep at night, thinking up all these wonderful ideas!!

  3. That is eggs-trordinary. Very cute and I couldn't resist. Sor-ry.

  4. The K cups would also be good to start seeds in. Or to plant very tiny slips in.

  5. I was going to use the k-cups to make lamp shades for a string of lights.

  6. I KNEW someone would have an idea on what to do with these! Yay! I have a keurig, and I look at them, and think, I just know something crafty could be made from these. I thought about making a garland with them by painting & decorating them, then face them wide end to wide end, then string them together and it's a plus that the hole is already there.

  7. Another way to use them is as condiment cups. A friend collects them for when she has a crawfish boil to use for dipping sauce. My nephew uses them for ketchup because he's very picky about foods mixing. You get the idea!


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