Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Place Card Update...

I finally found the notes I jotted down of ideas for the Place Card post I did yesterday. I knew I had others I wanted to share...2 more ideas and another idea for labeling creams for coffee on a holiday buffet table.

The first place card holder is an easy one made with candy canes.

You just need 3 of any size..these are the tiny ones.

Hot glue 2 of them together, so the hooks are positioned to hold the place card...almost like an easel.

Close up of hot glue.

and here is the third candy cane for support so it can stand up on it's own.

Top view.

Add a little ribbon.

and you're done!!

These would be great for dinner place cards or labeling food on a buffet, but extra cute for the "kids" table. Remember the kids table when you were younger. They need cute things too, but just tell them they can't eat these.

How about a beautiful piece of, pear, pomegranate.

Just stick in 2 floral picks or paper clips to hold the card.

Here is another great entertaining idea that I use for parties. Labeling the milk or creams for the coffee station. These are old fashion milk bottles, but this idea would work for any container.

Little I.D. bracelets.

I just threaded lettered beads onto twine and tied it around the neck of the bottle.

I do this because everyone has different tastes or diet restrictions, so this makes it easy.

They sell these beads in any craft store or you can buy them on line too. I liked this natural wood look,

but these little white ones would be cute too.

Have fun looking around for items that you can re-purpose into a place card holder. You'll be surprised what you'll find that will work great.
Take care,


  1. Those are such great ideas! Thanks for sharing them! :0)

  2. More great ideas, Karen. I especially like the beaded ID bracelets for the coffee creamers - very cute!



  3. Karen you just love to amaze me don't ya! I think this is great with the candy canes especially for a party. I've got plenty of
    vintage milk bottles,large and small so I
    will have to do this for our Christmas party.
    Thanks for all of your great ideas and yep
    I am sitting here with my mouth open going
    "what on earth will she think up next.LOL":O)

  4. Hi Karen!
    I have my husband in the workshop building thread keepers for my Quilting friends for Xmas...the wooden beads would be adorable for the handle part...WHERE did you get them??? LOVE them!! Must hunt them down...Thanks!

  5. Love the candy canes. Too bad we never have company, lol.

  6. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Very clever!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lots of wonderful ideas, would be fun to set the table nicely, but then I wouldn't have any room for the food, lol. I usually use the buffet for the food and lock up the cats;)


  9. I love the candy canes one!!!!!!!!! They look adorable!!! Of course, the others are great ideas too. It is amazing to see how creative a brain (yours) can be!!!

  10. Love these ideas especially the candy canes. I wonder if gingerbread icing would hold them together then the kids could munch on them.

  11. All great ideas! Bob's candy canes are THE BEST commercially available candy canes on the market! You could also use royal icing instead of hot glue. It dries rock hard, but is edible! It's what you would use to put a gingerbread house together.

    Love the beads on the milk bottles too...very clever!


  12. As usual, great ideas. I think these two are my favorites!

  13. Karen, Tienes unas ideas geniales!!!! Cómo haces para tener tanta imaginación?. Gracias por enseñarnos cómo se hacen. Un beso

  14. love those wooden letters but I really love those milk bottles where oh where did you find those?

  15. Man, you're killing me here. I had the whole table in my mind, set with the bauble place holders. Now I've seen the candy canes I am having a dilemma, which to use? They are both so cool!

  16. I love the beads and have fun with them myself. One Christmas I put these types of beads all of the gifts as name tags with a 1/8' red ribbon for the gals and green for the gents. Along with the white freezer paper it was a big hit at a very low cost. Gotta love that aspect of it. It is always nice to see what others do with their creativity.
    Be always in stitches.

  17. Last Christmas was a big blur.....yikes- I can't believe a whole year has come and gone- but this year I am going to try to at least make some cookies, and I LOVE this idea to label the creamers, and the candy cane name tags! I love it all!!! Sandy

  18. Aren't you just amazing! I love this blog! I think my house will look better and better just by following your blog. Thank you so much!

  19. How fun, I was thinking of using icing so the grandkids could eat the canes afterwards. I see a number of people had the same idea! Great minds think alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I just wanted to say how much I like looking at your blog and gleaning your ideas! I've never left a message before...but thought I should since I will be stealing so many ideas :-) Happy Holiday Crafting!...I plan to make your doorway theatre for my son and niece...what a cool idea!

  21. What Wonderful Ideas - and they don't cost "A BUNCH" - Love them - Yes I do

  22. I lvoe the candy cane idea!!!!

  23. That candy cane idea is so clever--love it!

  24. Great idea! Hows that little project workin out?

    (the pest!)

  25. I love the candy cane idea! I just might have to host so I can do that! Thanks for sharing!

  26. I also love the candy cane idea -- so great for labeling things at the buffet too. Joni

  27. Love the candy cane idea. I too, like some of the others would use frosting for the glue, so they would remain edible. I went poking around your blog and like what I see. Meet your newest follower!

  28. So very clever! When you get a chance take a look at my post from Nov 5th (to do list) you might like it ! :o)

  29. That is such a neat idea what you did with the candy canes. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Hey Karen! thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. I'm glad you liked the little place cards and of course you may use the pictures and link back! I appreciate you asking! thanks again! I had fun looking through your blog....I'm your newest fan! hugs,


  31. I really like the look of the labels on the carafes. I use mine just like you. I have labels for my milk, cream and half and half. Unfortunately, the lettered beads keep dangling into the coffee I'm serving. Do you have any suggestions to prevent the inevitable submerging of the beads?
    Keep up the Great work.
    My wife says,"Karen should be writing for a magazine!"

    1. I would think you could use some of that gummy stuff that used to put posters on walls without pulling off the paint. It's called Blu-tack here. It can be rolled up into a little ball & then it should stick to the bead & the bottle without looking messy or being permanent. Worth a try! :-)

  32. OMG! What a cute idea! I love the candy cane card holders...I am totally gonna do that this year!! Thanks so much for sharing! XOXO

  33. Very very cute ideas!! I love the candy canes. I'm going to do that at Christmas for sure.

  34. Love the Candy Cane stands. Hope to borrow this idea this year. How clever!

  35. I just bought the cutest little candy canes with bows and tried one - UGH! it was awful! I just have to give them a second life with the placecard idea...thank you so much for the idea...

  36. I Love this idea for Christmas place card holders. If serving hot chocolate they can use one of the candy canes to pep it up and take the rest home to eat later :))) I shared this on my Craftee Crafter Blog with a link for the tutorial back here, I pinned it on my Christmas Craft Board from here, and I'm sharing it on our Cafemom group Holiday and Party Crafters :) Thanks so much!

  37. Karen, I'm going to use the fruit card holders for a spring tea, thinking peaches, setting on a napkin ring maybe. I will be sharing some of your posts as soon as I figure out the link thing. thank you

  38. Karen you just love to amaze me too!! Thanks!!


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