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Attention All Quilters...I Have a Few Questions For You

Hi everyone!! I've been away from quilting for a long time. Well, I haven't been away completely. I love to buy the fabric, I'm always looking for inspiration and I cut the fabric for future projects, but actually finishing something from start to finish...that's where I'm back, full steam ahead!!

I've finished two baby gifts these past few days. Nothing big, just little I Spy quilts. I love baby or throw size quilts, because I can actually "finish" the project. The smaller size gives me the satisfaction of piecing it, putting the quilt sandwich together, quilting it and then binding it in a short amount of time.

I have to admit, I'm not a fan of every step in the quilting process. I actually did a post, when I first started blogging over 6 years ago, that making the quilt top was my most favorite part. I realized again this week... that fact is still true. Piecing the top is still #1!! What's #2?...washing the quilt and having it come out of the dryer all crinkly!!! I love that look and feel of a quilt.

Sitting at my sewing machine this week got me thinking. What is your favorite part of quilting? I have other questions too, so let's get started!!!


Post your favorites from 1-7 (#1 being your favorite and #7 your not so favorite) in the comment section. My comment section is open to everyone, just scroll down to the very end of the comments and pick anonymous if you don't have an account.

The Quilting Process...

  • Looking for quilt inspirations online, in books and magazines
  • Shopping for the fabric
  • Cutting the fabric
  • Piecing the quilt top
  • Making the quilt sandwich
  • Quilting the quilt
  • Binding the quilt

Random Quilting Questions...

  • Do you love to hand quilt or machine quilt?
  • Do you hand sew or machine sew the last step of putting the binding on?
  • Do you pre-wash your fabric?
  • What do you use most...pre-cut fabrics or fabric by the yard?
  • What do you do more...quilt your own quilts or send them out to be quilted?

I'll start the ball rolling with my answers...

The quilting process

  1. piecing the quilt top
  2. shopping for fabric
  3. looking for inspiration
  4. cutting the fabric
  5. binding
  6. quilting
  7. making the sandwich

Random questions...

  • I machine quilt
  • I hand sew most all of my bindings on, but for these baby quilts, I did machine sew them do to time restraints. I love hand sewing them on because it looks so pretty on the back.
  • I ALWAYS pre-wash my fabric
  • I mostly use yardage. However, I do buy pre-cuts because they're so cute. The problem is they're so cute I hate to use them. I think I'm crazy!!
  • I always quilt my own quilts, but my next larger quilt is definitely being sent out!!

I hope all of you can join in too. If you want to share this post on your blog, that would be fantastic...the more the merrier. It's so fun to hear from all of you and get a glimpse into your quilting world!

I can't wait to see what everyone writes for their answers!!

Thanks of stopping by,

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  1. I don't think I can rate all the steps! I love them all...but not always when I need to DO that step! I often want to bind while I am cutting. Maybe that is why I have SO many projects in the works! I can hop from one to another. (Is there such thing as an ADD quilter? That would be me!)
    I machine quilt, I hand applique and bind (altho I am learning two methods of machine binding to speed up some quilts). I also always wash my yardage (and I serge the edges to avoid threads wrapping around the fabric and needing to be ironed. YUCK!) I use mostly yardage but sometimes those cute precuts just follow me home! I am a longarmer, so I quilt my own. I did just purchase a quilting foot for my Featherweight so I can quilt smaller things on vacation. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to say!

  2. Fun!
    1. Quilting
    2. Buy the fabric
    3. Binding
    4. Piece the top
    5. Cut
    6. Looking for inspiration
    7. Basting.... Ugg!

    I hand quilt.
    Binding by hand.
    I NEVER prewash
    I buy half yards.
    I quilt my quilts.

    This was fun!

  3. I love piecing the top and hate quilting them. All the rest fall in between with binding coming in second on the love end of things.

    1. I machine quilt on a frame most of the time, smaller quilts on the DM, I'm to lazy to hand quilt.
    2. Binding by hand most of the time.
    3. I wash yardage always, precuts get a hand washing if they are dark colors, learned that lesson the hard way.
    4. I rarely use precuts unless there's a really good sale.
    5 .I quilt my own. Years ago I sent 4 quilts out to be quilted and was very disappointed at the quality, so I purchased my own midarm. I also thought this would help me like the quilting process more....I don't.

  4. 1. piecing the quilt top
    2. shopping for fabric
    3. looking for inspiration
    4. binding
    5. quilting
    6. cutting the fabric
    7. making the sandwich

    I machine quilt. I hand piece, but I don't have the patience to hand quilt.
    I machine sew on the binding. I do a lot of kid/baby quilts and I worry about them standing up to regular wear and tear plus washings.
    I usually pre-wash my fabric. I need to be better about this one actually!
    I use yardage. I have very few precuts. They really have to call out to me to buy them.
    I always quilt my own quilts, and it's something I plan on working to improve.

  5. 1. piecing the quilt top
    2. looking for inspiration
    3. shopping for fabric
    4. cutting the fabric
    5. binding
    6. quilting
    7. making the sandwich

    I machine quilt, but I hand-sew the binding. I never pre-wash. I use a lot of pre-cuts. I'm new to all of this, so for now, I'm quilting my own. I like to get to the point of being confident in FMQ.

  6. 1. Piecing
    2. Shopping
    3. Inspiration
    4. Binding
    5. Quilting
    6. Cutting
    7. Making the sandwich

    I machine quilt with a mid arm, still learning! I hand sew most of my bindings, I enjoy that process, I love using pre-cuts! I never prewash and haven't had any problems. I use a color catcher in the wash too, those them! I do prewash yardage if using for bags though. Always interesting to hear how others do things ;)

  7. 1. Shopping for fabric
    2. Piecing the quilt top
    3. Binding the quilt
    4. Quilting the quilt
    5. Looking for inspiration
    6. Making the sandwich
    7. Cutting the fabric

    I do both hand & machine quilting.

    Final stitching on binding is done by hand.

    I pre-wash everything except pre-cut strips & squares.

    I prefer yardage over pre-cuts.

    I quilt my own quilts. . . . but if it was for a special occasion or I wanted a specific type of quilting design I would send it out.

  8. 1 would have to be inspiration
    2-shopping for fabric
    3-quilting when I have the time and the space I love hand quilting
    5= cutting
    6-making the sandwich
    I am with you" I never prewash either. with what we pay for fabrics we shouldn't have too.
    I hand sew the last step in the binding.
    I purchase most of my fabrics by the yarn and some fat quarters. I should have said I do not pre wash unless it looks like its a color that may bleed and then I simply check it by putting it into a sink of hot water and if it doesn't bleed there then I don't worry about it.

  9. I'll add mine here:

    Piecing the quilt top
    Quilting the quilt
    Binding the quilt
    Shopping for the fabric
    Looking for quilt inspirations
    Cutting the fabric
    Making the quilt sandwich

    I love to machine quilt, though I used to do a lot of hand quilting before my life changed. ;)
    I hand sew the last step of the binding, except for children's quilts; they need to be sturdier!
    I almost always prewash my fabric
    I use fabric by the yard; I think I've only ever bought two precuts!
    I usually quilt my own quilts, though I've sent out a couple of large quilts to save my back.

  10. 1. planning the quilt
    2. buying the fabric
    3. piecing the top
    4. selecting the pattern
    5. cutting the pieces
    6. backing, sandwiching, and quilting the quilt
    7. binding the quilt
    I love the planning and buying part! I do no hand work as I have arthritis in fingers so that's out. All machine work for me. And I send all my quilts out for quilting. I have lots of fat quarters and plan to make smaller projects in the future. I feel exactly as you do about quilts. If I'm not really inspired, it's work not fun. Thinking I will do only what I want from now on which means, all those promised quilt may not come to fruition. haha!
    I have been following you blog for a long time! Always enjoy it! Thanks! Oh I do pre-wash all my stuff. Part of the fun!

  11. Karen, you forgot the most important step that is many quilts ... giving it away. That is, by far, the best part! I have just made 3 quilts for my college daughters and it is great when I surprise them when it's done. They always choose their style and colors, but I never let them see it until it is all done. Because I sew them their first semesters in college, I have come to call them my therapy quilts. I spend all those quilting hours thinking of them and our sweet memories together. Since these will be well cuddled, I always pre-wash the fabrics and just because I love it, I always quilt my own hand stitch my binding. I just love doing hand stitches and it makes me feel like I just made a quilt.

    Now for another two inspirations - I do dearly love that part! My two youngest boys are going to college next year. I had picked out some material to make a quilt to put in our guest room and one of them loved it so much when he opened that box that he wanted it for his college quilt and knew immediately what design he wanted. Now he has inspired his other brother to start making some choices.

    Thanks for asking. I think of you and your dad often.

  12. GREAT questions Karen! I loved thinking about them too, thanks!!
    1. Quilting the quilt
    2. Looking for quilt inspirations online, in books and magazines
    3. Shopping for the fabric
    4. Making the quilt sandwich
    5. Piecing the quilt top
    6. Cutting the fabric
    7. Binding the quilt

    Machine quilt all the way all quilts by me.
    Machine application of binding.
    Prewash all yardage.
    I adore pre-cuts but … different manufacturers’ precuts are slightly different in size.
    ~ Christina

  13. 1. Piecing the quilt top
    2. Looking for quilt inspirations online, in books and magazines
    3. Shopping for the fabric
    4. Quilting the quilt
    5. Making the quilt sandwich
    6. Binding the quilt
    7. Cutting the fabric

    I'm newer so I have only machine quilted small projects. I sent out my first full quilt to my friend to quilt with her longarm.

    I machine stitch the smaller ones and hand stitched the large quilt binding. It took me five non-stop hours!

    I never pre-wash my fabrics. I used a color catcher on the big quilt which had reds in it with no problem.

    I mostly use pre-cuts except for backing and binding fabrics.

    I don't have adequate throat space on my sewing machine to quilt big projects.

  14. I can only rate 5 of the items as I send out my quilts(no nerve to try FMQ) and only made one sandwich with help. So 1. piecing quilts, 2. looking for inspiration, 3. shopping for fabric, 4. binding, 5. --,6. --, 7. cutting. I despise it as I am sooooo slow at it. I machine piece my quilts, I mostly hand sew my bindings down, though I have tried to machine quilt one. Turned out alright, not great. I don't prewash fabrics. I use yardage a lot (maybe 60-40) but collecting those precuts. I send out my quilts to be quilted. poladydwd(at)yahoo(dot)com

  15. I love to piece and applique by hand. I also like to hand quilt. The rest of the list is stuff I don't enjoy. I always prewash my fabric. I buy some fat quarters, but mostly prefer yardage. I've never sent out a quilt to be quilted, but would not rule that out as a possibility. I mostly hand quilt. Last step of binding is hand sewn.

  16. 1. Inspiration &/or designing. 2. Buying fabric. 3, Quilting. 4. Piecing. 5. Cutting. 6. Binding. 7 Sandwich.
    I both hand & machine quilt, sometimes on the same quilt. 2. Hand sew unless it is a baby quilt. Then I use a decorative stitch. 3. Prewash. 4. Yardage. 5. I quilt it myself, so far.

  17. 1. Piecing the quilt top
    2. Cutting the fabric
    3. Binding the quilt
    4. Looking for quilt inspirations
    5. Shopping for the fabric
    6. Making the quilt sandwich
    7. Quilting the quilt

    Machine quilt.
    It depends on how much time I have. I love hand-sewing the last step of the binding but if I don't have enough time, I'll machine it on.
    I ALWAYS pre-wash.
    I buy fat quarters and yardage. I don't do charm packs or jelly rolls as there's always something in there I don't like and I want to use fabrics *I've* chosen.
    I quilt my own but nothing fancy. As seen above, that's my least favourite part of the process!

  18. 1. Finding inspiration- Just love looking at other blogers and see what they have made.
    2. buying fabric
    3. cutting and piecing the fabric.
    4. buying the fabric ( yes- I love fabric shopping)
    5. binding the quilt
    6.quilt sandwich
    7. Quilting the quilt

    Random questions
    I machine quilt.
    I use precuts
    so I do not wash the fabric.
    I do not quilt myself- send them out.

  19. 1. Finding fabric, the hunt is fun for me.
    2. Putting my fabric choices together
    3. Finding a great scrappy pattern to use all those great fabric choices.
    4. Piecing the top
    5. Hand quilting
    6. Pinning the quilt sandwich together for quilting
    7. Machine quilting.

  20. 1. Piecing the quilt top
    2. Shopping for the fabric
    3. Looking for quilt inspirations online, in books and magazines
    4. Cutting the fabric
    5. Binding the quilt
    6. Quilting the quilt
    7. Making the quilt sandwich

    I machine quilt my quilts - but I just started learning to hand quilt at the end of last year and am loving that too.
    I machine sew binding if it is for a baby, or if I am in a crazy hurry. But mostly I hand sew it on. I like the look so much better.
    I Only prewash fabric for clothes. I LOVE the out of the dryer crinkle and it is just a tad bit more if I don't prewash.
    I think I buy tons of individual fat quarters, but mostly I use my fabrics by the yard. I am always afraid I will want/need more fabric than I have.
    I quilt my self on my home machine - though I have rented longarm time for two kind sized quilts. But mostly I make lap size and don't need to spend that extra money.


  21. piecing the quilt top
    shopping for fabric
    looking for inspiration
    cutting the fabric
    making the sandwich

    I machine quilt
    I always sew the back of the binding by hand ... I like the process ... and the look
    I NEVER prewash
    I mostly use yardage, but like you can't resist some fat quarters
    I quilt lap size quilts on my machine ... anything bigger I have quilted. I am looking for a new sewing machine with a larger harp so I can do larger quilts myself.

  22. 1.Creating the idea, design or concept for the quilt.
    2.Quilting the quilt-- My favorite thing!
    3.Finding the inspirational fabric from my stash or store
    4.Adding the right complimentary fabrics to the inspirational. Could take some time.
    5.Piecing the top
    7.Cutting the fabric

    Have done both but LOVE MACHINE Quilting!
    Hand sew.
    Are there still people that prewash?
    By the yard. I also dye allot myself if I need the right color.
    I quilt all my quilts and also for about 20-25 others! I am a professional Longarmer !

  23. I enjoy the entire process of making a quilt. All of it for me is so relaxing and energizing at the same time. With the exception of basting the quilt. That's not fun but necessary to finish the quilt and that's what keeps me going. I've always been a hand quilter until the past couple of years. I will always enjoy how relaxing hand quilting is and how soft a hand quilted quilt is. I so enjoy looking at the quilt while I'm hand quilting it (on a floor hoop) and how the quilting changes the quilt. But machine quilting a quilt is fun and fast and I do enjoy it for small quilts. I've never machine quilted a big quilt. I have sent quilts out to a LAQ but it's been a long time since I've done that. I also love sewing on the binding. It's another opportunity to look and feel the quilt. I've always hand sewn the binding on until a couple years ago I tried my hand at machine sewing the binding. I think they both have a place for me now. Machine stitched binding is great for kids quilts, pet quilts or any quilt that will put up with a lot of use and regular washing. Plus it's super fast.

    I've always been a pre-washer and have never bought pre-cuts unless you count fat quarters. I enjoy selecting fabrics for a quilt which is another reason I've avoided pre-cut bundles. But they are getting cuter and cuter all the time. I always include a lot of fabric in my quilts and scrappy quilts are my favorite. I have an injury that has made cutting fabric more challenging so pre-cuts will help with this. I do wonder about fabrics running. I've heard horror stories about this. I suppose if I wash the finished quilt with plenty of color catchers all will be well, right?

  24. 1. Looking for inspiration in books, magazines or on-line.
    2. Shopping for fabric.
    3. Piecing.
    4. Cutting out the quilt.
    5. Binding.
    6. Quilting.
    7. Making the quilt sandwich.

    1. Do you love hand quilting or machine quilting?
    When I need a quilt done fast, I send it out to be machine quilted. I enjoy hand quilting, and generally have something on the frame at all times; I am learning to be a better machine quilter, but I only do small projects.

    2. Binding by hand or machine?
    Lately I am binding by machine. Up until about a year ago, though, I always stitched bindings by hand.

    3. Do you prewash?

    4. Do you buy pre-cuts or yardage?
    I mostly use yardage, however I own lots of pre-cuts. Geesh.

    5. Quilt or send out?
    Send out.

    I invite you and your readers to come over to my blog, Jayne’s Quilting Room, where I will go into more depth and detail in Thursday’s post. Thanks, Karen, for this fun and thought-provoking post. I’m linking below.

  25. 1. I love to hand quilt all my finishes... I use a 16" hoop for most of my hand quilting now :)
    2. Looking for inspiration for my next quilt
    3. Shopping for fabric
    4. Cutting the fabric
    5. Binding
    6. Making the Sandwich
    7. Piecing the quilt top

    Random questions...

    I hand quilt most all my ending :)
    I hand sew all of my bindings on
    I only pre-wash my fabric if a bleeding red or indigo usually
    I use mainly yardage (fat quarter or larger is my goal when buying). I do buy pre-cuts if I have one I really like and find it when designing the quilt initially... I rarely buy fabrics I don't need currently.
    I always hand quilt my own quilts & do work for others in this area on occassion as well!

    Thanks for the fun questions Karen! Kathi

  26. 1.Shopping for the fabric
    2.Looking for quilt inspirations online, in books and magazines
    3.Cutting the fabric
    4.Piecing the quilt top
    5.Binding the quilt
    6.Making the quilt sandwich
    7.Quilting the quilt.

    Random Quilting Questions...

    Do you love to hand quilt or machine quilt?
    Machine quilt
    Hand SewDo you hand sew or machine sew the last step of putting the binding on?
    Hand Sew
    Do you pre-wash your fabric?
    Depends on the project
    What do you use most...pre-cut fabrics or fabric by the yard?
    By the Yard/metre here in Oz
    What do you do more...quilt your own quilts or send them out to be quilted?
    Send them out.

    Sue Green In Australia

  27. Here are my answers:

    1. Looking for inspiration. I love to dream. I usually download images of all my fabrics and work out the design on EQ.
    2. Shopping for fabric. I don't even buy shoes or clothes anymore - just fabric.
    3. Cutting the fabric. I get to pet it and fussy cut.
    4. Binding. Such satisfaction to see the clean, bound edges with pretty corners.
    5. Piecing. Fun to play with the fabric, but my lack of precision always gets me in the end.
    6. Basting. I spray baste so it's not a lot of work, but it's still boring.
    7. Quilting. I am so slow and still learning FMQ on my domestic machine. Plenty of cussing occurs. By the time I'm quilting, I'm so impatient to see it finished I often take shortcuts or skip part of the planned quilting just to get it done. But I feel as if it's cheating to send it out. *sigh*

    I machine quilt and machine bind.
    I always buy yardage - one yard if I like it, two yards if I love it, four or more if it's intended for a backing.
    I never pre-wash, unless I suspect it will bleed.
    I don't quilt for money or prizes, just for the sheer joy. I also suspect I'm obsessed because I just can't stop seeing quilt designs everywhere!

  28. The Quilting Process...

    Looking for quilt inspirations online, in books and magazines (LOVE this part)
    Shopping for the fabric (this can be fun, but, hard, too)
    Cutting the fabric (I don't like this part)
    Piecing the quilt top (I like piecing on my hand crank sewing machine)
    Making the quilt sandwich (not very fun)
    Quilting the quilt (only on small projects, not on large projects)
    Binding the quilt (only stitching the binding down on the back, not putting it on the front by machine)

    Random Quilting Questions...

    Do you love to hand quilt or machine quilt? (I used to love hand quilting, but, I got burned out. I'm starting to like it again. I only machine quilt straight line, not free motion. I don't really like it much)
    Do you hand sew or machine sew the last step of putting the binding on? (hand sew)
    Do you pre-wash your fabric? (almost always, fabrics bleed)
    What do you use most...pre-cut fabrics or fabric by the yard? ( I LOVE YARDAGE)
    What do you do more...quilt your own quilts or send them out to be quilted? (I've only had a few quilts quilted by someone else, I usually do it myself)

  29. 1- Looking for inspiration is my top favorite as I am a scrap quilter. So with what I have I see what I can create with it.
    2-piecing- I love seeing a project come together.
    3- Binding- the very last part by hand sewing because I know my creation is almost completed and that I will get to gift someone a little piece of me. I have never made a quilt for myself yet.
    4- I love window shopping sometimes how I see colors together can inspire me to look at what i have and create. Eye candy gets my mind thinking of possibilites.
    5-Cutting- not a fan of by hand or rotary cutting. One day i will own a fabric cutting machine.
    6- Basting- just barely like that part and that is just because I use spray now instead of pinning.
    7-Quilting- my least favorite because I need soo much practice at it. Quilting is physically more challenging for me than piecing. But I can see that it has some creative benefits.

    I machine quilt. I have challenges threading a needle. I cannot sitich a staight line by hand. lol
    I actaully have less mistakes hand binding the last part but it takes me a long time. But it is very satisfying finalizing a piece of me to give to someone. Very happy time.
    I always prewash my fabric as I am a scrap quilter meaning I use a stash I have acquired mostly from yard sales, resale shops or materials given to me. I always like to start with fresh, clean fabric.
    Never had the privy of sending anything to a longarmer. Some time in the future.

  30. I love picking out fabric to make a pattern my own. I enjoy the piecing and watching it come together. I pay someone to do the quilting so I love seeing the end result but don't have a lot to do with it. The part I despise is cutting the fabric out....ugh!!

  31. 1. Piecing the quilt top
    2. Looking for quilt inspirations online, in books and magazines
    3. Binding the quilt
    4. Quilting the quilt
    5. Shopping for the fabric
    6. Cutting the fabric
    7. Making the quilt sandwich

    I definitely prefer machine quilting. My only hand quilted project is still only half done a year later.

    I PREFER machine sewing the binding down, but I'm no good at it. I do enjoy hand stitching it down, though.

    I do not prewash.

    I mostly use FQs.

    I can't afford to send them out. So, mostly I just collect finished tops in my closet. ;-)

  32. Can't remember all 7 but I always prewash. #1 Planning the quilt. #2 hand quilting, #3 hand piecing or hand applique. #7 cutting & if there was #100 it would be anything sewn on the machine--just hate it. Prefer to sit & hand stitch & be sociable not closed away in my sewing room.

  33. The Quilting Process...
    1. Piecing the quilt top
    2. Shopping for fabric – even from my stash!
    3. Looking for quilt inspiration
    4. Cutting the fabric
    5. Binding the quilt
    6. Quilting the quilt
    7. Making the quilt sandwich

    Random Quilting Questions...
    • Do you love to hand quilt or machine quilt? – I quilt so my quilt tops are made into finished quilts! So I machine quilt them using (mostly) the strip piecing method from one of Nancy Ziemen’s books – make the blocks – construct strips then:
    1. Basically you sew your top together in strips – no more than 18 inches wide. I usually have 4 -6 strips. Layout and take a picture to refer to later.
    2. Cut your backing into pieces about 2 inches larger all around than your strips.
    3. Take the middle strip/one of the middle strips and sandwich it as you would normally – top, batting, backing. Zigzag around the outside and trim. Quilt as desired. I find it helps to think about how you will do this so the bulk of the quilt is usually away from the machine.
    4. Take the next strip and lay it face down on the first part of the quilt and pin, matching as required. Pinheads are OUT.
    5. Flip the strip and lay the backing, face down – remember you are sewing RIGHT sides together. Pin backing with pin heads out and pins about 6 inches apart.
    6. Lay the quilt batting on the back and pin about one pin per block.
    7. Turn this sandwich over and carefully sew a 1/4” seam through all layers, pulling pins as needed. You may have to stretch gently to prevent puckering.
    8. Remove pins – here you may trim the batt that is in the seam allowance - and pull this strip FIRMLY away from the first sandwiched and quilted strip. Pull backing tautly, hold and pull front firmly away from seam and PIN. The idea is to not have a pucker/fold in the backing or top. You are pinning at the seam first then pin all around the strip. Zigzag, trim and quilt.
    9. Repeat using all the strips.
    10. You add borders the same way. When quilting you have to think ahead so you can keep the bulk of the quilt to the left of the needle.
    11. If you have sashing, it is added to the blocks while assembling the strips.

    • Do you hand sew or machine sew the last step of putting the binding on? That depends on the final destination of the quilt. Something to be donated is usually machine done, something to be donated for fundraising or gifted is usually handsewn

    • Do you pre-wash your fabric? Always prewash! Prewashed some favric once that balled up into little hard balls – Pressing was not fun. – But it looked so silly!

    • What do you use most...pre-cut fabrics or fabric by the yard? I love precuts (strips & charms & layer cakes) but so far I haven’t used many since I use MODERN quilting methods. NO teeny tiny bits for me
    • What do you do more...quilt your own quilts or send them out to be quilted? Not a fan of quilting (sigh) but I can’t afford to send my babies out to be quilted and I find that the LAQs usually quilt too close for my taste. Maybe someday ...


Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment...I just love hearing from you!

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