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Fabric Heart Bookmark…Free Pattern

Hi everyone! A few years ago, I shared a tutorial for a fabric heart bookmark. Even though people love their e-readers, there are some who still love the feel of a book in their hands. This bookmark is perfect for that person. In my tutorial, I didn't have a heart pattern to share, so you had to find one yourself on the web.

heart bookmark

Well, last week I received an email from a very generous blogger. Suzanne, from the blog…Paper Piecing Patterns, had just found my blog and that Heart Bookmark post for the first time. She was so kind and made a pdf file of the heart pattern. She is new to blogging too, so pop over there and say hi!! Click here to visit.

To make it easier for you, I re-posted the tutorial below, so the pattern will be with the instructions in the same post. These bookmarks will make great little gifts for the upcoming holidays, especially for…

  • friends and family
  • teachers
  • book club members

Have fun making some for yourself too…cookbooks, magazines etc.

Come on in for the original tutorial…

Click HERE for a link to the pdf file and that pattern.

The fabric heart hugs the page and keeps your place...

with this little pocket on the back.

and it's thin enough for the book too.

Here's what you'll need...the heart pattern I found fits in a 4 inch square of fabric. Your heart may be a different size so adjust accordingly.
  • heart pattern
  • 2 pieces of scrap fabric 4 inches square
  • 1 square at 3 inches (I'll explain later why it's 3 inches)

The most important thing about your heart pattern is the point. It MUST be at a 90 degree angle to fit at the corner of the book.

I found a free heart pattern online somewhere and then placed it on the corner of a piece of card stock to get the 90 degree corner. Just adjust the shape to get the correct point and look.

My heart fits a 4 inch square.

Here's where the 3 inch block comes in.

Measure the distance from the point of the heart to just where the rounded part starts. Yours may be different, so make your square the size of your side.


Place your 2 larger (4 inch) squares together with one wrong side facing up.

Place the point of the heart in the corner of your square and trace the heart

Cut on the line.

to get 2 hearts...

Now take ONE of the hearts and measure about 1 inch up from the point.

Draw a line horizontally across and cut on the line...only on ONE of the hearts.

So far you should have one full heart, one heart with tip cut off and a 3 inch square.

Are you still with me? Lol

Take the 3 inch square and fold into a triangle on the diagonal.

Press. Fold is at the top.

This is what you'll have...heart, trimmed heart and folder square.


Take the full heart right side up and place the folded triangle on top matching the points

Now take your trimmed heart and place it on top of the other 2, right sides together...matching the rounded top.

Here's a peek inside before I continue...

Please pin, pin, pin.

Now sew with a quarter inch seam allowance.

Here's a few tips for sewing curves...
  • keep your stitch length tiny so it takes the curves better
  • keep needle DOWN when you have to stop and pivot.
  • when you feel like it's not taking the circular shape, stop (needle down) and lift presser foot to take the turn better. Sometimes the foot drags the fabric and lifting up the foots release that

Tip for the "V" section of the 2 rounded parts...draw a pencil dot a 1/4 down from the "V" shape. That's where you will stop, needle down, and pivot back up to the next curve. You may have to go one stitch passed the pencil to be sure.

Always needle down before you turn.

Sew ALL THE WAY AROUND without stopping....back stitch at the end to secure. There will be NO opening. The secret is that trimmed off point...that's the turning opening

Make little snips in the curved sections to release the tension especially in the "V".


Open up that trimmed area and turn the heart inside out.

It should look like this at first.

I used a chop stick to poke out the edges.

Now flip the heart'll still see some stitching on the point.


Take that little pocket and turn it down towards the bottom point and over to the other side.

Now this little pocket is on the other side and you are DONE!!! WOO HOO... no opening to whip stitch closed.

Iron  flat.

That little pocket on the back is where the page slides into to keep your place in the book.

ok...I have to say...I just LOVE this. Nothing like tooting my own horn.

I might even read more with this little heart bookmark.

I hope you love this too. Perfect gifts for just about everyone...
  • teacher gifts
  • classmate Valentine's
  • friends
  • family
  • easy gift to mail...just put in a card with a little extra postage
  • quilting/sewing friends for their quilting books
  • mail to your kids in college to let them know you love them...and that they should be reading! lol
  • great for cook books too
  • buy a book for a gift and tuck it in as an extra treat
Hope you have fun making these,

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  1. Wow!! I love this idea. I will be making one or two for everybody I know, so watch out friends!!

  2. How cute is that little book"heart"....I am a new follower to your blog and just love it!

  3. I still love books and have all sorts of bookmarks. This is a cute one and would be perfect to tuck inside a birthday or greeting card for a simple gift. Thanks for the instructions.

  4. Love it!!! Cool idea, thank you for sharing.

  5. That is a nice idea and is a great idea as a gift to slip into christmas cards.


  6. Hi Karen, I love this idea and thanks for sharing, so we can all make them as gifts for Christmas. Hugs, Susie x

  7. Hey, thanks so much for the lovely endorsement. I've never has so many views in such a short amount of time.

  8. Great scrapbusting project!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow morning that links to your tutorial:

  9. Muchas gracias por el tutorial, es precioso. Besos

  10. Truly inspired!! As someone else said , a great scrapbuster!! Looking forward to making many!!

  11. This is the best bookmark EVER!! I never know which side of the book I am on...left or right. This heart will leave no doubt. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm am going to take your inspiration and make some gifts too!
    xx, Carol

  12. Nice idea! Love it! I think I could try making this one. :)


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