Monday, July 21, 2014

Card Party Casino Night Ideas…Glass Name Tag

Hi…I'm back again with another card party idea that I'm using for my dad's 90th birthday party. If you missed the first post for the playing card garland, you can click HERE.

Today's project is for a drinking glass name tag. Wine glasses or frozen drink glasses have stems on them which is the perfect spot to slip on a name tag. This helps your guests keep track of their own glass.

Playing Card Glass Tag…each guest remembers which playing card is theirs when they put their drink down!!

card party ideas glass marker

Here are the other ideas for the party…

card party ideas glass marker

Come on in and see how easy it is to make these markers…

Start with playing cards and a stemmed glass. I bought my playing cards at The Dollar Tree…2 packs for a dollar.

card party ideas glass marker

Snip a cut in the card just half way to the center.

card party ideas glass marker

Then take a hole punch and start at the center and punch out a circle around the center right at the end of the cut line.

card party ideas glass marker

It should look like this.

Don't forget to save the little punch outs for confetti to decorate the tables.

card party ideas glass marker

Just open up the slit and slide the card around the stem!!

Now each party guest knows which drinking glass is theirs!!

card party ideas glass marker

I'll be back the in the next few days with the last projects.


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  1. The ideas just keep coming!
    So (sew) cute and clever.

  2. Karen, you are one clever gal!!

  3. Cute idea and you could even use just plain card stock for other themes or just to simply write their name on.

  4. Love it!!!! "Sew" clever and cute and can't wait for more ideas!!!! Game nights will never be the same again!!!! Have a fun weekend!!!
    AMarie xxx


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