Monday, January 20, 2014

Guest Post…How To Sew a Flange Pillow Overlay

Welcome to another wonderful guest post from my blogging friend Jann, from Newton Custom Interiors. Jann has shared so many great posts with us here at Sew Many Ways and today's is no exception, but please stop by her blog to see "sew" much more.

So here's Jann...

Hi everyone! My name is Jann Newton, and I blog at Newton Custom Interiors. I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Karen again. Today we're going to expand on the flanged pillow tutorial that I did here a couple of months ago, and we're going to add an overlay to it.

Come on in and see how easy it is...

After I made the pink flanged pillow, I thought it needed a little pizzazz. So, I decided to add an
overlay to it.


Adding an overlay to a pillow is pretty easy, and I think it added a little something extra to this pillow. You could do this for ready-made flanged pillows too, to make them more custom with additional fabrics.

Flanged Pillow With An Overlay

Materials needed:

Flanged pillow cover
Fabric for overlay - amount needed depends on the size of your flanged pillow
Fabric for cording
Thread to match fabric
Interlining - this is a flannel lining


1. Cut out the fabric for the overlay. The area that I wanted to cover for my pillow was 17 5/8" wide by 13 5/8" long.


So, I cut my overlay fabric at 18" by 14".


 2. Make enough cording to go around your overlay. You can find instructions for how to make cording here.

 3. Sew the cording around the edges of your overlay fabric. You can find instructions and a video for how to sew cording onto fabric here. (The first video has the instructions you'll need for sewing the cording onto the fabric.)

 4. Clip the corners.


 5. Iron the seam allowances in toward the face fabric on the reverse side.


 6. Place a piece of interlining that is a little bit bigger than your face fabric onto the reverse side of the


7. Trim the interlining so that it is just smaller that your face fabric, and so that it lays nicely under the seams.

8. Pin the overlay fabric to the flanged pillow, face side up.

9. Using a zipper foot, stitch in the ditch between the coring and face fabric. Going through all of the layers.



10. Insert your pillow form, and your done!

So, what do you think overlay or no overlay?


Jann Newton shares home decor, DIY and sewing tips on her blog, Newton Custom Interiors. You can find her at Google+, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  

Thank so much Jann…another fabulous tutorial!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and don't forget to stop by Jann's blog too!!

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  1. Super neat idea. I love it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your tutorial is easy to follow and to understand and the results are nothing short of brilliant. And btw ... the fabric choice is perfect.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! I love fabrics, and mixing and matching them.

  3. I would have done this pillow in a much more difficult way. Stitching in the ditch is brilliant.

  4. I love this and will definitely have a go at something similar! I've just started sewing and have had a go at some cushions, however they don't even compare to yours!


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