Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marshmallow Christmas Tree Garland...

Hi everyone! I'm starting another Christmas decorating project early. I need a garland for my candy themed tree.

Here's the tree from last year. It's in the landing at the top of our stairs. It's full of things I've collected on sale each Christmas in the "Sweets" theme, but I wanted to add more...

Like a fun cereal and marshmallow garland.

marshmallow garland

marshmallow garland

Come on in and see the cute garland you can make too!!

All you need is...

  • bags of mini marshmallows 
  • fruit loop cereal
  • large needle
  • waxed dental floss

marshmallow cereal garland

Thread floss through the needle. Use a large needle for the bigger eye. It's easier to thread the floss through.

marshmallow cereal garland

Tie a knot through the center of one fruit loop as a stopper at the end.

marshmallow cereal garland

Now start to thread the cereal and marshmallows on in any order you'd like

marshmallow cereal garland

The biggest tip...

Let your marshmallows go stale. When they are fresh and squishy, the floss breaks through the sides like a knife!

marshmallow cereal garland

Here's how I started.

marshmallow cereal garland

and then a little more...choose any repeat or random pattern you'd like.

I'll add a picture of the garland to this post when I hang it on the tree in December. I just wanted to share this project early, because you need time to leave those little squishy marshmallows out to go stale!!

marshmallow garland

I've priced out artificial candy garland or garland that would fit this theme of "sweets" and they can be pricey and you need a lot of garland on a tree.

My rule of thumb for how much garland for your Christmas tree...

About 9 feet of garland for every foot of tree.

Purchased garland usually comes in 6 -12 foot pieces, but they commonly come in 9 foot lengths.

So, if your tree is 7 feet tall, you will need 63 feet of garland or 7 x 9.

If you don't want to deal with numbers, just figure on 1 package of garland per foot of tree.

Have fun,

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  1. Seriously, how cute is that candy tree? I love the "fun-ness" and the bright colors! The marshmallow and cereal garland is too cute - I have a feeling my kids would attempt to eat something like that. Looking forward to more Christmas posts. {I'm glad that I'm not alone in starting Christmas projects}

  2. Your tree is adorable but I am laughing because my little grandson likes marshmallows too much..if I made this he'd eat it! :0 )

  3. I love the colors of your tree! I'm with Debra, I can see my two grandkids having a great time eating the marshmallows off of the tree!

  4. Love this, but have a couple of questions...will it last okay until Christmas or will it start to mold or anything like that? Do you need to spray it with something? Thanks!

    1. I've used marshmallows for decoration before and they just get crusty, no mold! The cereal will get stale but will also last.

  5. I love this and wonder how long it would survive? Sadly, I don't think we have the brightly coloured fruit hoops in the UK! drat and double drat.

  6. Ok like some of the other comments, but my DOG would eat the tree, lol. I can picture it now, his doofy face sticking out with a big marshmallow covered grin. Love the look and I just all the trees you do, your house is so festive for the holiday, I don't know how you do it and work a full time job, in addition to the other holiday activites.

  7. Very cute idea and fun to do with kids... I have 4 dogs so that would be a tough one at my house. Unless I made a little one for a counter top tree where they couldn't reach.

  8. Great idea! My grandkids would love to make these. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. A candy tree, why-have-I-not-thought-of-that. You are a pure colorful, decorative genus! Thanks for sharing, seems Dr. Seuss-ish to me as well...

  10. Genuis not genus! Sorry about that.


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