Thursday, August 8, 2013

Size Chart For Beds, Quilts and Batting...

Hi everyone!! I wanted to share a little chart with measurements for mattresses, quilts and batting. It will be great to print, laminate and keep in your purse for a quick reference while out shopping at your local fabric store or quilt shop.

Before I share the chart with you, I want to give BIG hugs and kisses to my daughter Courtney for helping me with, not only this chart, but my new blog header too!! Isn't the hexagon flower just the cutest!! I took a picture of a piece of canvas I had and she used the image to make the flower. She graduated this May with a double major in graphic design and web design, so this is right up her alley. Thanks Courtney...I love you and my new blog design!!

Now on to the chart...

The mattress sizes are industry standards and the quilt batting measurements are the general sizes sold in packages. The quilt sizes however, are an approximation. Your quilt might be smaller or larger due to the drop measurement on each side of the quilt.

The "drop" is the length that hangs down to cover the sides of the mattress. Adjust your measurements according to the thickness of your mattress.  If your quilt is bigger, you will need to increase your batting measurement. Allow at least 4 inches of extra batting all the way around your quilt.

To print this chart, hover the mouse over the chart and right click. Select "save image as". Save it to your computer then open it up to print.

Some computers will allow you to highlight the picture, right click and print from there.

Happy Quilting,

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  1. You're going to make me finish that quilt, aren't you? I have always wondered about these measurements.

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you,thank you!!!Just printed 3 copies for myself!!! 1 for my purse, 1 for my pinboard in my workroom and one for my file!!!!Soooo handy!!!!Love your new header!!!Well done Courtney!!! Have a fab day!!!

  3. Thanks, Karen. You always come up with the best 'stuff'.

  4. Very usefull Karen. Thank you for share

    Kisses from Manresa

  5. I love your new banner design !
    Lucky you to have a daughter with graphic and web design skills.
    Thank you for the sizing chart. ;)

  6. I need some work done on my blog. I'll be in touch with Courtney soon!

  7. Darn, you mean I can't just lay everything out on the ground, guess at the size and then be frustrated when it isn't perfect? Whew. I've already pinned the chart! And your header looks great. Courteny could definitely find a bunch of craft blogger design business now.

  8. Karen - This is great and may I copy and post the chart on my guild's blog. I know a lot of people will find this most helpful.

  9. handy chart that I'll print on cardstock, cut out and pop in my purse. Thanks a bunch and love your blog.

  10. Thanks sew much for the chart. I LOVE the hexie on your new banner.

  11. Love your new banner!!!! It goes with your badge perfectly!!
    Val from

  12. Thank you so much!! Will print this out and keep it near by! :o)

  13. Thanks for the chart! Now I know what I am suppose to be doing....well almost. :)

  14. What a great chart. Thank you, I know it will come in very handy.

  15. Blog header looks great! And a handy chart to boot! Good job, both of ou!

  16. Hi Karen
    May I copy and paste the chart along with the text following "now onto the chart" on my guild's blog. I know a lot of times people will ask what are the measurements for a king, queen, etc size quilt. I'll give full credit (and a link back if you like).


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