Monday, July 8, 2013

Tote Bag Storage Ideas...Fiber Fill Storage

Hi everyone! My sewing room doesn't have closets to store larger bulkier items, so I have to "create" a way to store things and make it look nice too!!

I have a ton of fiber fill or stuffing for pillows and things. You know that you can squeeze fiber fill into anything, so I used a super large canvas bag my daughter bought me for Mother's day. It was black and white, so she knew it was perfect for me (and my sewing room, lol).

Isn't it pretty? It's great for a beach bag or traveling, but in the meantime it's in my sewing room.

fiber fill storage

I had a few bags of fiber fill in the basement, because I had no where to store it in my sewing room.

fiber fill storage

This is great for small decorative pillows, pin cushions or smaller craft projects.

fiber fill storage

Now it's all in one place, in my sewing room where I need it and it's easy to access.

fiber fill storage

Tucked out of the way in an unused corner.

fiber fill storage

I use other bags and tubs to store things too.

Plastic tote bags store all my wooden embroidery hoops and a metal tub stores cans/jars and future Tool Time ideas.

I store these on the floor, but pretty bags and containers can also be stored on top of cabinets or armoires for "pretty" storage options that are up and out of the way.

fiber fill storage

You can use big tote bags for other storage options too...

  • heavy weight decorator fabric
  • unfinished sewing or craft projects
  • quilt batting
  • extra pillows in a guest room
  • blankets/quilts
  • magazines
  • books
  • toys
  • games
  • laundry basket
  • the "to be" ironed pile basket
  • towels
  • all the bedding for guests...including the air mattress
  • emergency kit for the back of the car
  • beach towels
  • winter storage...gloves, hats, scarves etc

Tote bags are so pretty...they are the perfect way to store things around your house in a decorative way.

Happy organizing,

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  1. Good Morning Karen, You really do share some fabulous storage ideas with us all. I have the tiniest sewing room, but I love it as it is my very own space, so I really enjoy reading the tips you share..... I have to say, though, you really do have the most amazing sewing room.
    Have a lovely day.
    Best Wishes

  2. Hi Karen,Don't you just love those large plastic tote bags?? I have the ones with zippers and they stand like little soldiers at the bottom of my linen cupboard filled with blankets and so on!!!
    Have a great week!!!

  3. Such great ideas!! I really need to stop sewing long enough to do some organizing myself. I love those hanging wire baskets!!

  4. So pretty. I always enjoy pictures of your sewing room. Mine could never be that way. My cats would consider all those items in open storage free game. They steal anything not covered or anchored down. One of my kitties even figured out if she knocked the Chinese take out dish off the sewing table, it would pop open and she could steal the contents.
    I love my naughty kitties and tolerate it :-)

  5. I have bags I have made to store stuff in. I could never have enough bags for storage.

  6. Karen, this is a collector of Vera Bradley bags, I am going to now use them for storage...thanks..sometimes it's just the simple things like this that help so much.

  7. Love that fabric adn wow it looks very fitting with the fill coming out the op. very nice.
    Stop over for a my free give away still going on.

  8. Karen, great idea! Those bags really are great for so many different things.

  9. Hey Karen,

    Your post gives me an idea for my fiberbfil, I have tons of it and pillow forms. I don't use it very often, I know I should pass it on, that's the hoarder in me. lol

    I have a couple of those zippered/vacuum bags, I can store them in that and refluff when I need it. With my sandy backyard the four legged kids coming in and out, dust is a never ending battle. So the bags would keep it clean. Although I usually use the fiberfill for dog toys, I found out that if you make them out of polar fleece, they are pretty indestructable.

  10. Hmmm, very pretty bag but I want to hear more about this 'unused corner'. :)

  11. Karen,
    I store mine in space saver bags. I love that I can stuff so much in and vacuum out the air and slide the bag into any little nook and cranny !

  12. Once again, you've come up with another great idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your creative day! ~~ Vickie

  13. Another use for these totes--or the cheap ones you get from the grocery or Trader Joes--the most attractive ones come from there or TJ MAXX--is to use as the "insert" in a cube shelf system. The "official" fabric covered boxes that go in there are OK but very spendy---sometimes MORE than the shelf unit themselves! And these are easier to grab as they have handles. IF you need a more rigid shape use a cardboard box as a "liner" to hold stuff inside the pretty bag.

    These bags cost maybe a buck or two and can also be used on a regular shelf for storage or use a Shaker or over the door peg rack to hold a few at a time--great for beach stuff or winter things--those gloves and mittens and hats and scarves that are always getting mis-laid! They come in a Lot of colors or designs and also seasonal--or you can make them to add to your decor. And you can get the the size you NEED! They are the quickest things to sew up once you know the bottom corner "fold trick"!

  14. Love the tote bag idea and it always helps when the bag coordinates with your room :(

  15. Karen, you are lucky to have unused corners... unheard of in my sewing room :) I installed very high shelves (close to the ceiling) to store my fiberfill. I use all the realestate I can ! But I do use large bags to store lighter fabrics like tulle or lining and I hang them on hooks to keep them off the floor, and away from the cat !

  16. I use the canvas tote bags in my chest freezer. I use a bag for each category of food: meat, vegetables, etc. It's much easier to pull out a bag of food to see what's below it in the next bag, than to to dig through each box or bag of food to see what's on the bottom of the freezer.

  17. oh my sweet buttercups! I am in love with your craft room! I have just recently started collecting items to recycle into storage. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful work space with us.


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