Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretzel Bags...Great For Other Gift Ideas

Have you ever seen those yummy pretzel rods covered in chocolate and other yummy treats? They are delicious with the sweet and salty combination. They make great gifts too.

I noticed in Michael's Craft Store, Joanne's and Walmart in the candy making aisle, they make special bags just for the pretzel rods. I bought a package thinking they would make great treat or gift bags for other things too.

pretzel bag gift wrap idea

There are 20 bags for about $2.50. They are 2 1/4 inches wide by 9 3/4 inches long.

pretzel bag gift wrap idea

Here's a perfect gift for a sewing friend!!!

pretzel bag gift wrap idea

The bag fits 4 spools of thread.

pretzel bag gift wrap idea

The bags come with twist ties too.

pretzel bag gift wrap idea

Add a piece of ribbon or bias tape that they can use at another time!

pretzel bag gift wrap idea

If you add just 3 spools, there will be more bag to tie up and a bigger ribbon will fit.

pretzel bag gift wrap idea

These bags are great for other small gift ideas or treats...not just pretzel rods.

  • gift of fresh herbs from your garden
  • candy favor bags
  • pencils and erasers for your kid's first day of school presents
  • nail polish and emery board gift set
  • round (ball) cookies stacked up for Christmas presents
  • gumballs
  • hot chocolate kits...powder and mini marshmallows

I think the ideas are endless with these little bags...little bags, but big ideas!!

Have fun,

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  1. My husband (a pastor) sent me out one day to find baggies for the mother's day roses and I discovered these pretzel bags fit the bill. Now we keep them in stock for such occasions!

  2. These are great bags. Never thought to use them for anything but pretzels and candy! I love the fresh herbs from the garden idea. ;)

  3. Great idea! My first thought was hair bows and clips. They would be great for wrapping small stocking stuffer gifts. I think it would be fun to go shopping with you one day just to see all the ideas you come up with!

  4. Nice! I love little bags and bins and jars. :)

  5. I really like the spools of thread gift. Another great idea Karen!


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