Saturday, May 25, 2013

Annie's Birthday Linky Party...

Welcome to Annie's 13th Birthday Party. She's so happy you can come!!!

Lots of Annie's friends have joined in the linking party, so I hope you will pop in and visit them too!!

Before you scroll down to the bottom and link up your pet post, here are a few friends of Annie's who don't have a blog, but wanted to join in on the fun!!

This is Penny and Wisky...They are Veronica's little babies. She adopted Penny at the shelter and Wisky was rescued from being homeless.

annie's birthday party

They are so sweet. They even made Annie a special birthday card. Thank you so much. Annie sends you big hugs!!

annie's birthday party

This is Howie and he is a 2 year old blue Sharpei. Here he is sleeping in his mom Peg's chair in her sewing room. Wish Howie a Happy Birthday too!!

Don't you just want to squeeze his cheeks?

annie's birthday party

Next, is Banja.  She is 14 years old and is coming to the party all the way from Basel, Switzerland. Her mommy, Annie, sent her picture. Isn't Banja just the cutest in her little winter coat!!

annie's birthday party

Here's Whiskey and he's coming to the party from far away too!! Whiskey is from New Zealand! His mommy, Bernadette, says Whiskey is sending a virtual bone to Annie for her birthday.

Thanks Whiskey! Annie loved it...

annie's birthday party

All the way from Oshawa Ontario, Canada Brenda sent this great picture of Rex, a 9 year Golden Retriever and his new 2 year old adopted sister Maggie-May who is a Kelpie...Australian sheep dog. Aren't they just the cutest together?

annie's birthday party

Harmony, from NE Arizona sent this adorable picture of Rosie. Looks like Rosie is in the car and is headed to Rhode Island to join the party. We'll see you when you get here Rosie!

annie's birthday party

Jane, from Palo Alto, California sent the next two pictures of her fur babies.

This is Carmella the cat and she is the only kitty coming to the party so far (besides Annie's sister Hallie). Annie loves kitties too.

annie's birthday party

This is Meaghan and she looks so relaxed, taking a nap in the grass!!

annie's birthday party

and here is Sylvia's 7 month old Sheltie. His name is Shadow and we are so happy he came to the party too!!
annie's birthday party

If you don't have a blog and want to join the party, you can still send me picture of any of your pets at any time.

If you do have a blog post of your favorite pets, you can link up to the party below!!

Here's what you do...

  • click on the blue "click here to enter" link at the end...way at the end, after the last blog that has been linked and follow the steps.
  • copy and paste or just type in the blog address for the post you have written for your pet. Just be sure it's for the post not your blog's address. If you need the "post" address, just click on that post's title and that will give you the correct information. 
  • enter the title of link...your pet's name would be fine or anything really
  • add the photo of your pet from either the post or your computer and you are all set!!

This is going to be the best seeing all the pets from blogland!!

Thanks so much for joining the party. Annie sends a big THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes today!!

The party will last all week long, so join in at any time...

Happy Birthday, Annie!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Annie!! You look like such a sweet girl. I bet your people LOVE you so, so much. Snuggles and slobbery kisses to you... xxoxo

    Miss Bloggypants typing for:
    Piper the Westie & Henry the Cairn

  2. Happy Birthday Annie, from Junior and me!

  3. Happy Birthday, Annie - from our cat Dewey!

  4. Happy Birthday Annie! Thanks for having the party. Bruce has been wanting to get out and meet new friends. Hope you got some great treats for your birthday gifts.

  5. What a fantastically fun party! Happy birthday to you, Annie, from Crookie and his humans

  6. Happy Birthday dear Annie! Hope you get the royal treatment todat.
    Linda and Ellie

  7. Happy Birthday Annie...... Our Annie is in heaven. She was our first dog. Our babies Lily and Riggs wish you a wonderful day!

  8. Happy Birthday Annie! Your dog looks so cute and I loved seeing all the other pictures.


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