Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tool Time Tuesday...Easy Scrapbooking File Folder

Today's Tool Time is from the office supply store...an expandable file folder that I'm using for a "cheater" scrapbooking system.

First off, I'm hanging my head in shame for 2 reasons...

  1. I need to go to "Savers Anonymous"...I save everything from every vacation, event, dance show, movie tickets, receipts etc. I won't even tell you about all the boxes in the attic with our two daughters' elementary school papers.
  2. I don't do anything with them, but store them. I have good intentions by organizing them in boxes, but to actually scrapbook them...not happening!! Lol
Here's my thought process. I love looking at old photos, books, receipts, menus, postcards etc from days gone by to see that a loaf of bread was 8 cents in 1930 or what something look like years ago. If I save little scraps of memories from our vacations or important moments in our life, my family will have something to look back on and say..."Remember when?"

In my defense, the reason why I don't scrapbook...I can not start another hobby. If I did, I would have to go to Scrapbookers Anonymous. That hobby looks way to addictive!! Lol

Here's my immediate solution...an expandable file folder

scrapbooking file

Here's most of why I hang my head in shame...boxes and boxes and a few drawers filled with memories!

Yikes! This could be cathartic for me to get all this out. Literally and figuratively Lol

scrapbooking file

Organized piles...

scrapbooking file

Organized boxes...

scrapbooking file

and so many more not shown here. Again...hanging my head in shame.

scrapbooking file

Each box has vacation memories with park maps, receipts souvenirs, coasters, stickers, tickets, maps etc.

I am also neurotic about getting 2 of everything for each of my daughters. My intention was to create 2 memory books, one for each of them.

scrapbooking file

Let's be real. It's NOT happening. My daughters are 21 and 20, so that's a lot of memories I haven't even started on. That " scrapbooking" train left the station years ago and I missed it.

This is my solution!! Ahhhhh...hear the angels singing?

These are legal size file folders with 19 pockets in each. I bought one for each daughter, but I'm thinking about going back to get 2 more just in case I want to venture into the school boxes.

scrapbooking file

These big cases were only $15.00 each. May sound like a lot, but just think if I had to start out with a scrapbooking hobby!

scrapbooking file

It has a great lime green inside too.

scrapbooking file

I'm just getting started, still gathering all the memories, but see the first space in the front?

All I have to do is organize the memorabilia and tuck them inside the pocket, label it with the vacation and date and I'm done!

scrapbooking file

Each daughter now has a small sturdy case with a handle to carry their own memories with them when they venture out on their own to start their lives. If they ever want to venture into scrapbooking themselves, things are all neatly organize for them.

scrapbooking file

Does this system work for everyone? Maybe not, but it certainly works for me. It's cute, neatly organized, and ready for new memories to be tucked in each slot.

I can also add the photos from each vacation and the post card collections the girls have from all the trips we've taken.

These file folders are perfect for other things too...

  • organize your household paperwork...bills, legal documents, insurance info etc
  • organize children's school work, artwork and papers
  • use it for crafting...file scrapbooking paper and supplies
  • maybe for quilting too...carry quilt rulers, templates, fat quarters, patterns and other supplies to a class or retreat
  • file recipes or recipes that you've torn out of magazines

You can do so much with these and they come in different sizes too. These pretty decorative ones come in 2 smaller sizes and also a vertical one.

If you want to keep memories on a smaller scale, how about using an expandable coupon file folder. Small, convenient and it limits you to only saving a few things from each occasion or vacation.

I hope these ideas will work for you too!!

Happy memories to all of you,

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  1. Bet ou have fun sorting the stuff too!! Are you filling the files with the girls? Bet they'd enjoy that

  2. This looks like the perfect solution for paperwork and warranties from the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the camera, the ....(you fill in the blank).
    Great idea.

  3. Tfs, I like your solution! Maybe they can scrapbook the memories. Very classy answer for the girls.

  4. At least you have organized boxes! I have little bits and pieces tucked away here and there. I have baby books I started for my twin boys and never finished - they're 15 now. As for the six year old, sorry buddy!

    I do like this idea though, at least everything is together. Just think of the fun the three of you would have if you put it in scrapbooks together!

  5. I use a smaller file folder like this (also from Staples) for my coupons. Never thought to get the bigger one to sort out photos and memorabilia... which has been (ahem) tossed unceremoniously into several boxes. This is such a great idea! Thanks!

  6. This is a fantastic idea. I'll get right on that, in May, after I finish two business trips. Really. I will. Don't giggle.

  7. I use photo/DVD/VCR storage boxes...the pretty ones from ACMoore 5/$10 LOL!!! Never gonna make it to a scrapbook, and I don't even have kids yet! The bigger files are GREAT ideas!

  8. Ok if your a hoarder what am I, I even saved their bandaides from their first shots! Ok since we are putting it out there yes I even saved their umbilical cords, hanging head. Now think this times 7!!!! Oh and wait what about the 11 Grands that I have pics and memories with. See there is someone who is always worse than you are. LOL


  9. What a great idea! I thought I would scrapbook about 10 years ago, but whatever I bought to get started is still sitting in a pile of its own. But THIS I can totally do!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Oh my!..I have each spare closet with the huge plastic totes that are on wheels (i Have one son keep in mind), I kept everything from the very first blanket he had , which is now a small corner (but I kept it!), every hospital visit, every piece of paper including (as i lower my head!) the leg of a stuffed dog that fell off and the leg is the only thing remaining!..We moved a few times and we think he got thrown away, the leg, it was sitting on top of the sewing machine! LOL I think you should scrapbook!..What fun it is!!..

  12. I love this idea. I have a huge cupboard filled with bags and boxes all with similar things like movie tickets, concert tickets, and just holiday stuff to look at one day years from now and to say " ah remember this" but I started to realise I have too much. I'm going to start gong through them and will just keep enough of each place and time but not too much and out them in a few of those folders. I also thought I would one day do scrap booking and maybe use them then but it's not going to happen lol Sue

  13. That's awesome! I would have loved for my mom to hand me something like that to remember key events in my life! Just a thought-- have you heard of SMASH books? They are awesome (find a fun and quick info video on youtube-- I think it's 2+ min. only). I quit scrapbooking a while back (TMH syndrome (Too Many Hobbies)) but wanted to do something w/ a bunch of memorabilia..... enter SMASH books! Simplified scrapbooking (if you can call it that) w/ no rhyme or reason. Get as creative as you like or just "smash" it. I have LOVED this solution, too!

  14. I would support the SMASH book ideal also,BUT beware this can also be addicting and requires some specialized equipment (you can also utilize all the traditional scrap booking paraphernalia as well). I also suggest taking digital pictures of all your treasures if you don't want to store it forever.

  15. I would support the SMASH book ideal also,BUT beware this can also be addicting and requires some specialized equipment (you can also utilize all the traditional scrap booking paraphernalia as well). I also suggest taking digital pictures of all your treasures if you don't want to store it forever.


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