Monday, April 8, 2013

Blogging Tip...How To Add a Poll Question to Your Blog

Hi everyone!! Today's blogging tip is about a gadget that's been around for a awhile, but I haven't used it in years. It's the Poll Gadget. Thought I would try it again and show you how to do it too!!

Here's what it looks like on my side bar.

This isn't the clickable poll, just a screen shot. To vote in the poll, just click on the actual poll on my right side bar.

It's so easy to make one for your blog too...

Go to your...



Fill in question in space

Then create your answer choices. You can "add another answer" block too.

Click SAVE.

Your gadget will appear at the top of your side bar, so slide it into position where you want it on your side bar and click save again.

There is a way to add the actual working poll inside your blog post itself, but it involves html coding and I'm not up for that. Lol !!

It's just as easy to see the poll on the side bar. Plus it's always there for the whole week, unlike a post which moves down and out of sight.

To vote, just click on one answer and click the word Vote. It's anonymous and just a percentage rating for the most popular answer.

You do have a chance to change your vote.

If the results aren't showing, you can click "show results" and the percentages will show up. See? There's my new vote added to the results.

Have fun with your poll questions. It's a great tool for interaction on your blog. Perfect to hear from people who don't usually comment or don't have a way to comment...they can join in on the fun too!!

Just an can't edit the poll once the first vote is there. I forgot to add Blogging to the list of favorite hobbies. Crazy, I know!!!

Don't forget to go to my side bar and vote on this week's poll...your FAVORITE HOBBY!!

Happy Polling,

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  1. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing, Karen. :o)

  2. I have tried to figure this out, but had no idea I could do it in blogger. Karen you are fabulous with all your blogging know-how. I have learned sooooooo much from you. Thank you yet again for your great posting.

  3. Great tip! I just added a fun poll to my blog! Hope you have a good week!

  4. wow, what a great tip! Thanks!

  5. Wow I didn't know that was there! I always just ask for comments on my blog if I want to ask something. This is great! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  6. THANK YOU! Your blog tips are the best!!!!


  7. Lovely tip! Thank you for continually sharing all these great blog tips. :-)

  8. Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us!!!
    I pinned this tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to prepare these tutorials for us, they are appreciated!!
    Marisa from

  9. Thanks! This really helped with my blog!

  10. thnx very much
    but can you help me adding a like button to posts on my blog?


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