Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tool Time Tuesday...Finial To Raise Table Height

Hi everyone. Hope you're having a great start to the week. Today I wanted to share a quick tip to raise the height of your fabric cutting table or any table you are working at and you need it to be a little higher.

Here is an older picture of my sewing room that shows the height difference of 2 tables. These 2 tables aren't close enough now in my room to get a good picture.

The table on the left is my desk and the table on the right is my cutting table. These tables were hand me downs from my sister, so I'm not sure where she bought them. They are the farm table type with the oak tops and the white painted legs. I just painted them black.

As a side note, if you are looking for tables to use for sewing, cutting or crafting, I always look in thrift stores, yard sales or online. Just look at the basic style of the table and the legs, not so much the color or age. Paint is a wonderful thing!!

Now on to the leg extension idea...

Here is a close up of the leg of my cutting table with today's idea...a finial!!! See the white line I added to the picture? That finial added 6 inches to the height of my table.

This is today's Tool Time...a fence post finial. A finial is a decorative top to something. These are for the tops of fence posts or decks.

Here it is turned upside down like it would be in your table leg.

The fence post finial comes with the screw to attach it to the fence or the bottom of your table leg. If your finial doesn't have the screw, just buy a double ended screw.

If the top of the finial is too round, just sand it down to flatten.

This is the same picture of my table leg...the red line shows the height of the finial.

This is another style they sell. This would work if your table leg was square.

I don't have a picture of how to do it, because mine were added a long time ago by my sister, but just drill a hole in the bottom of your table leg a little smaller than the width of the screw that comes on the finial. Then screw in the finial.

If your finial doesn't come with a screw, you can buy a double sided screw. Threads on both ends (ask for help in your hardware store) Here's a picture of one.

The most important thing is to make sure your table leg is thick enough to drill the hole so it won't split the wood if it's too narrow.

Here is an old idea I shared if your legs are too narrow, but still want to raise the table up..

Bed risers.

This is a narrow leg that I wouldn't drill into, but the bed risers work great.

Raising up your work table, especially your cutting table, really helps your back.

Of course, this is all revolves around your own height. You may need more or less in the height of your table according to how tall you are!!

Happy Tool Time,

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  1. Love it - and pinned!


  2. Awesome! I don't have a table to work on... Just a long skinny one (Like 4x1.5 feet) that I keep my laptop and sewing machine on. Hopefully when I move out I will find a table that will work as an all purpose table!

  3. Карен, привет! Зашла неожиданно, даже не поняла как! И остаюсь надолго. Я твой ПЧ. У тебя много интересного! Предлагаю дружбу! СПАСИБОЧКИ!

  4. What a wonderful Idea! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I have a very long "homemade" table bought on craigslist and we removed the cast aluminum bases that were on it and added the legs from a folding table that had a damaged top (makes it much easier to move around). So I really like the idea of using the bed risers. Plus I can take them off when I need to use the table for eating (it's a multi-tasking table--smile). Thank you for this wonderful idea.

  6. Your "Tool Time Tuesdays" are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your ideas. :)

  7. I love this idea, thank you for sharing all you tool time Tuesdays.

  8. I love your finial idea! I use the bed risers - which aren't that pretty.

  9. Those are so cute, but I really don't need them. Haha!

  10. I LOVE the tip! We are going to downsize soon so....I might not have my wonderful sewing room. This idea would work if my sewing room is visible.

  11. Fabulous idea!

    P.S. Open ID does not allow posts unless you have an account with the parties listed.

  12. I totally just pinned this for when I have my own space for a table. Thanks!

  13. Great idea! Thanks for sharing this tip =)

  14. I really need to do this, mine is too low. I am using our old dining table and it is large, but too low.


  15. Thanks for the ideas! I did not see your bed riser post but we were putting a puzzle together on our coffee table and our backs were bothering us, as in myself and hubs grandparent age, and I remembered I bought bed risers that would not work on any of the beds and stuck them away instead of giving them away. They are still there since the puzzle is not finished yet. Not much of a fashion statement for my living room, but they work for us!

  16. Good idea! My husband just cuts blocks of wood for mine. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  17. Great Idea!!! And it doesn't spoil the look of the table!! Have a great crafty week!!!

  18. I thought I was soo smart back when I "raised" my plastic table, I bought 99 cent cans of tomato juice, like the HIGH C cans, until the seal on the can started to leak!! I now have the risers, no red stains anymore.

  19. Thank you for visiting my blog~!!
    I love yours!! So fresh!!

  20. I tried using the bed risers, and found that they made my table wobble and very unsteady.
    I do love the idea od the finials, very creative!!

  21. I added the finials to a bench that I set on my table and used as a hutch or shelf.Works great!

  22. Thanks for the great idea! I have a table that I use as a buffet that would look so much more elegant with some height. Glad I found your blog!

  23. How do you know what height your table should be


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