Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Village Idea...

I started the Department 56 Dickens Village over 26 years ago. I just love the look of the village at Christmas time. I have displayed the pieces in so many places around our home...bookshelves, china cabinets, tables and little nooks here and there.

This year I displayed the villages in my master bedroom...first time in this room!!

I split the village up in 2 spots. I placed some under the tree and the others on top of an armoire.

This tree was in our family room in past years. It was a 12 foot tree. We bought another 12 foot tree that was wider and fit better in the family room.

Never wanting to give anything up, I didn't use the bottom section of the tree turning it from a 12 foot tree to a nine foot tree. It fits in one spot in our bedroom...just as you walk in the door. Perfect!!

This tree is in memory of my mom. It's filled with her favorite ornament collection of little wooden Steinbach people.

Here is the rest of the Dickens Village on the armoire.

I used the empty boxes the houses come in to lift up them up in the back. I just covered it with a little thin batting.

This year's display was a little easier for me. I didn't use any of the people, accessories and I didn't put the lights in each house. I did put 2 small window candles on top of the armoire to give it a little glow. Works great!!

Have a great day,

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  1. Very pretty. I would love to have room to put a 9ft tree. The rest of the room looks very nice as well.

    Robin in Washington State
    assweetaspeaches hotmail

  2. You must have a huge attic to store all these beautiful decorations! I love the trees :-)

  3. I absolutely love the Dicken's Village. My mom got her first piece when I was born and has put out her collection ever since :)

  4. Your tree and decorations are beautiful! I also have some dickens pieces. Don't you just wish sometime you could jump in there and live:)

  5. What a great idea! I collect Dicken's Village too but have too many to put out.. Used to put them on our deep windowsill in the dining room but with a 4 year old and a baby that's not an option. I chose my favorites for our mantel this year but I love the idea of putting some in our bedroom!

    1. Sure it is, you gently teach your children to look but not touch.

  6. I love the villages! I have a village set too, the name isn't coming to mind right now, and I just love the look of it! But being in college means my mom and I don't decorate half as much as we used to. Yours looks great!

  7. I love the Dickens Village, I love how you seperated it into the two smaller villages. I still haven't decorated, I don't feel well and my husband and daughter are scrooges, I wish the ghosts from "A Christmas Carol" could visit them.

  8. love seeing your Dickens pieces. We used to collect Dept.56. Our biggest set
    was the Dickens and we would do a set up that was 16 feet long and 4 feet wide with different curved layers, over 200 people in it and about the same in trees. we had snow that was lit from underneath. There was a train that ran behind and thru the layers with weeds growing along the track and rocks glued to cardboard to make tunnels. The water front had water and gulls, boats etc. It took us over a month to get it set up. We also had all the pieces available in the North Pole set and it was set up as a village with candy walk ways and gumdrop light poles. I started a Dept 56 club that was called the 56 Habit and we took flyers to a design store that sold the pieces and men, women and couples joined the club in bunches. We probably had over 100 members. Stores clammored to let them be sponsors and would hold our meetings in their stores and have drawings for Dept 56 pieces. Every Christmas we would go on tours to each others houses to see their villages. All of us set up elaborate villages. the only village we didn't own was Snow village.. but then we got so we couldn't get up and down to set them up any more.After ten or 12 years the club broke up and since then I have sold all my pieces except the original first dickens shops and the toy shop plus a few churches. It was a fun time when we could make these huge villages. Always love seeing them. thanks for showing them and bringing back reminders of fun Christmas's with them


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