Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Boot Supports.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I know in some parts of the world, like here where we live in the northeast, it will be getting colder. Dare I say winter is just around the corner. The flip flops are tucked away and boots are taken out. Although, I still like to wear flip flops in the house even with a little chill in the air!

I've been doing a little autumn cleaning and one area was my closet. My boots were just tossed in a big basket on the top shelf of my closet. I had to bring the big basket down and search for the pair. Well, wanting to reorganize that area and have the boots visible, my "hardware store intuition" kicked in and I searched my husband's workbench.

Perfect boot supports...

This is what I found...one piece of pipe insulation left over from a project for the pipes in our garage.

So I went out and bought some more!! Six feet for only $1.18!!

They come in different sizes, but this is what I purchased.

It's hollow foam tubing that covers pipes to prevent them from freezing.

Has a slit on one side to wrap around the pipe. Click HERE for another project I did years ago with this.

Cuts easily with scissors. I cut it into quarters, but you can adjust for the height of your boots.

Look at that sad boot that can't stand up.

Needs a little foam backbone, don't you think!!

If you have taller or heavier boots, you may need to put 2 tubes in each boot.

 You can also tape the 2 of them together with duct tape.

Here they are...standing tall!

Much easier to see in my closet too...no more basket.

I highly recommend using these pipe covers. They are cheap, easy to work with and can be used over and over.  Just don't take them off your own pipes... LOL or you'll be wearing your boots to wade through the water when your pipes burst!!

Happy Tool Time,

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  1. Ok first off I am so mad at myself. I ALWAYS wait till Tuesday morning to come here for Tool Time Tuesday, and by accident I hit it tonight. Before I realized what I was reading it was too late, she'd already been seen. (Remember don't look Ethel but it was too late?)

    So then I thought it was so funny that my daughter and I was running around town the other day and a guy had these pipe covers cut and tied to his door handles and mirrors to protect his car from being dinged. LOL it looked awfully funny but it worked.

    Vicki R

  2. WOW, that's a lot of boots! :) Another great idea. Thanks, Karen!

  3. I roll up old magazines and tape them into a cylinder and use them to support my boots. I am sure that boot supports protect the leather a bit as they do not get the creases where they flop over. I love your tooltime tuesdays.

  4. Great idea, as usual!I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one with more than 2 pairs of black boots. :-)

  5. Great idea. I have been using empty wine bottles but this is lighter and there is not chance of breakage.

  6. I use rolled up cardboard in mine though I've heard a pool noodle is a great idea and it reminds me of yours. I have the same boots as your first picture! Great taste! LOL

  7. I use the cardboard tube inner from rolls of wrapping paper, I used rolled up magazines at on time but when ever I took them out to wear the boots I found myself reading.

  8. I use cardboard in my ONE pair of boots (I live in Florida), but you can also use the 'noodles' we get for the swimming pool, and just cut them to fit. They are usually a dollar or two at The Dollar Store, and don't require a pipe in the middle. Great ideas! Use what you have, for sure!

  9. Hi Terri...love pool noodle idea, but they're out of season for us up here in the north. For this project, you definitely don't need the pipe in the middle, just the foam tubing!!

  10. I use empty plastic bottles (soda/water). Works well for me.

  11. When I store mine for the summer, I use a pants hanger with clips - I just clip the boot-top to the hanger and hang them up!

  12. What a great idea, more elegant than my version (rolled up magazines).

  13. i use empty plastic bottles ( the big ones ) :)

  14. What a great idea and love your boots, esp. the first pair!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Who knew you had so many black boots! I love it!


  17. My son uses the foam to make jousting swords and such. Pipe foam, cardboard and duct tape. Lots of fun, little cost, and they can't get hurt when using them. BTW: my son is in college.

  18. Interesting and nice idea, you prevent them from freezing ...

    Kulak Zari Ameliyati

  19. We use the pool noodles to support our boots. I only have 8 pairs though. Maybe I need more!


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