Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrifty Thursday...Old Christmas Cards Into Save The Date Postcards

It's Thrifty Thursday...where we try to use things we already have!! I know we all have those boxes of leftover Christmas cards we save year after year. You know the box of 40 cards you buy when you only need 30. I also keep all the cards that are sent to me year after year. Lots of crafts to do with those...ornaments etc.

Well, here is one simple trick to use up all the leftover cards or recycle the old ones...

You can make Christmas Postcards!!

According to the USPS website on postcard size...the official size to keep it at is no less than 3 1/2 x 5" and no larger than 4 1/4" x 6" to have the postcard rate of 32 cents. If you do go over in size it will be charged at the letter rate of 45 cents.

Just take your leftover cards or all the cards that were sent to you from years past...

and cut them in half. You may need to trim the sides if they are too big.

I used the cards that were sent to me last year to make ornaments, which I'll show on another post.

On the back of the "new" postcard you could just hand write your little note, postcard style or you could print something from your computer.

I like the idea of a "Save the Date" post card. I have a ladies Christmas party every year and you know dates get booked up in December for all those parties. This will be great to send out early just to keep that date open for the party.

You will have to determine how your own paper is entered into your printer and how it will print on the back of the postcard. I always mark a piece of paper first and then print it to see how I need to place the card in the paper drawer.

Looks good!! I will hand draw a "postcard" line down the center and then write the address on the right side!!

Some came out a little wonky, but I think I cut the edge of the card crooked and the rollers grabbed it funny. Oh well, maybe I should hand write them all !! Lol

You can do so much with leftover cards...

  • postcards
  • gift tags
  • ornaments
  • bookmarks
  • little gift boxes or bags
Recycling Christmas cards can be fun and saves you money too!!

Happy Thrifting,

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  1. Oh my goodness - where do you get all your fantastic ideas from?! I love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. That's a wonderful idea to use up the leftover cards.
    I usually recycle last year's christmas cards into gift tags for this year.

  3. Love this idea, looking foward to seeing what ornaments you make with the old cards. Love looking at your Blog. There is always something interesting.

  4. where do you get all the ideas from? that really helps me when design plastic business cards.

  5. Like what you do to recycle your old cards. Best to recycle then to just throw away.
    Here are just a few more ideas to keep in mind:
    Make little Christmas boxes for next year - they well as little gift boxes on a Christmas table, with a tiny present for each guest tucked inside.

    Name cards to set on your holiday table

    Cut shapes out of the cards in matching pairs. Hearts work nicely, as do simple Christmas tree shapes and even plain squares and circles. Stick the cards back to back and laminate them, then punch a hole in them and use to make a colourful and child-friendly mobile or “string” to decorate next year or make into tree ornaments.

    Some of the designs can be cut and folded into miniature Christmas cards for the kids to give next year, or for decorating the dolls house.

    Scan your favourite cards into the computer – and some of your favourite messages from inside the cards as well – and make them into a Christmas wallpaper or screensaver with a photo program

    Use cards to make Christmas coasters.

    Using different cards and different sizes - make into trees.

    Not a crafty person then you can always consider donating them to charitable groups that will create new cards.

    to St. Jude's Ranch, a nonprofit home for youths that collects old holiday cards for reuse. Either cut off the backs of the cards or leave them intact.
    Children at St. Jude's earn money by creating new holiday cards from the old.
    Mail the cards UPS "ground" or "bound printed matter" to St. Jude's Card Recycling, 100 St. Jude Street, P.O. Box 60100, Boulder City, NV 89006

    1. Christmas cards can not be mailed "bound printed matter" (also that is no longer an option at the Post Office) But you can use the Priority Flat Rate Boxes for a cheaper rate if you live on the other side of the country.

    2. Morning Karen, love the idea of turning Christmas Cards into postcards!! Thanks for the great idea. Looking forward to the ornaments soon!

  6. I have to say: we don't know such things as 'save the date' cards. I read about it on US-blogs, and find it intriguing. But this idea won't work for me :-)

  7. Great idea for save the date cards! We use ours for gift tags or for decorating wrapping. I love recycling!

  8. I have 25 years worth of used cards from every holiday there is. We have dug into them when the kids were in school and created all kinds of things. :D

  9. A great idea. I quit saving mine a couple of years ago, but may have to rethink that this year. Thanks for the great idea!

  10. Very cool! I am intrigued by your mention of making little gift boxes?! Can't wait for that tutorial.

  11. I always save my cards and usually make tags or even recycle and make another Christmas card.

  12. Gift Tags! What a great idea! I hate those stick on tags that seem to be the only thing you can buy these days. I wrap all of my gifts in fabric bags, so making a tag with a hole in it will be perfect. I can just slip it on to the ribbon tie. Thanks for the idea!

  13. I actually like the "wonky". It looks more interesting. As a recipient, I'd be wondering if you did that on purpose. ;)

  14. I admit that I have never used the post card idea, GREAT ONE! I have used them as tags, I have cut and matted them for a new card, I have made magnets for the refrigerator, I have used the art work in other projects, made ornaments with them and the box idea is wonderful too! I carefully save all cards, all occasions; one that are in good condition, fairly simple, and not too much writing on them. I also save the special verses and put the writers name on the new card if I use it. I LOVE reading your ideas, they make GREAT spring boards for new possibilities! Thank you.

  15. I've made postcards out of old Christmas cards, and I love them. I've also made postcards out of other greeting cards (birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.) I like saving money on postage, too.

  16. I've been saving pretty cards for years knowing I'll use them someday... this is a great idea! I've framed pretty cards before, some are really little works of art.

  17. Too cute! I might even have my kids send them out to their grandparents this year! Post cards are a great idea! Thx!

  18. I use the prettiest leftover Christmas cards, birthday cards, etc as embellishments and decorations in my scrapbooks and photo albums that I create.

  19. Another great idea, I help out at an old folks home and retirement village on craft therapy day, I take my cards along ( just the picture page) and my class put two together picture out and punch holes all the way around then they lace them up using pretty ribbon you leave a little hole at the end to stuff in some smelly potpuorri and finish off with a bow. Then using something very sharp like a large needle poke holes into it to let the smell out! great little gift for your nickers draw:)P.S Sorry I'm not as clever as Karen and I just don't have the time at the moment to blog with pictures.

  20. That is an awesome idea. Love. I'm always saving the cards trying to use them as gift tags but I never thought about making them into postcards. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Looking forward to seeing what ornaments you make with the old cards. Love looking at your Blog. There is always something interesting.

  22. Awesome card idea....i really love it..!!!thanks for sharing....


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