Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Recycled Ornament Storage

Happy Tuesday! I had different post written for today, but this past weekend I noticed today's date...September 25th. I know you thought I was crazy on Friday for having the "Pre-Holiday Planning post (click HERE to read that), so I thought I would stick to the theme because it's the 25th today...3 months to Christmas!! So here's another Pre Holiday Planning tip.

Sharing this recycling tip now will give you plenty of time to start saving this great recycled item!!

Does this look familiar?

It's a drink holder. You get them at a drive-thru or when you go to a convenience store and fix your own drinks.

No drinks for me...ornament storage though!!

The trays will hold small, medium or large ornaments.

5 small ornaments.

4 medium and 1 small ornament.

or 4 large ornaments.

The large stay cradled in the cup holder.

Now to store them away, you could put another tray upside down on top of the ornaments like a cover...


Then the bottom of the tray (that's now on top) could still hold more small ones.

Just keep stacking!!

You could also keep all the trays upright and stack them up too.

If you put the trays side by side, measure that and then find a box that will hold the trays. Maybe 2 trays going across and then stack them as high as your box allows.

Perfect solution of those treasured ornaments and a great way to use those recycled trays. If you don't get the trays enough, ask friends and family to save them for you too.

You can also buy them pretty cheap in party or restaurant supply stores, however that defeats the recycling aspect of this tip!!

Have a great Tuesday,

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  1. What a clever idea! I'm always impressed with what you come up with on Tool Time Tuesdays. Pinned it! :)

  2. Such a clever idea!
    But now I have to remember to keep the trays in stead of returning them.... ;)

  3. Wow and to think I always throw them away. Not anymore:)

    The Busy Busy Hive

  4. What a great idea! I throw so many of these away will be keeping a pile of them for when I pack up the decorations in January.

  5. Karen, your way of looking at "common" items blows me away! I have 3 kiddos and I get these trays all the time - and feel super guilty when I recycle them because it just feels so wasteful. NOT ANY MORE! I am so totally doing this and I just pinned it. You're one smart cookie...

  6. That is such a great idea! Love!

  7. I just love this idea! and so many other's that I have read from your blog.
    Thank you, sylvia

  8. great idea, I should pin it as well.

    Gill in Canada

  9. That is a great idea, Karen, but I have another that you could demonstrate since you have the carriers and I do not. Cover with greens add the appropriate candles and it makes the perfect advent wreath. I made one many years ago using such a container, but since bought a metal advent wreath frame that I reuse yearly.

  10. Such a great idea! I'm inspired!

  11. You are BRILLIANT!! What a cleaver idea, thanks so much for sharing!

  12. You may just be a genius and how many of these I've thrown away in the past. Thanks for the tip!!


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