Friday, September 21, 2012

Tips For Pre Holiday Planning...

I know what you're thinking..."Karen is nuts!" Most times yes, but today I just wanted to share a few pre-holiday planning tips with you that I do each year. There are lots of different holidays coming in the next few months and if you're like me, I can procrastinate on some things and then I'm running around like a mad women.

Not to scare you or anything, but there are only 13 more weekends left before Christmas. That doesn't even take into consideration Halloween, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. We NEED weekends...that's when we get things done and not to mention "regular" life that happens on those weekends.

Holidays mean family, friends, food, fun times and visiting. It also means shopping, cleaning, cooking, preparing, wrapping, decorating etc. Click HERE for the Santa Can Project above to start your decorating crafts now.

Here are a few things you can do along the way the next few months or even now, that can help relieve some of the stress. I will have more to add along the way...

1. MAKE LISTS...for, food, guest lists, what's coming up for important dates etc. If it's written down and you see it, you're one step ahead of the game.

2. DEEP CLEAN...if you know you are having overnight guests for the holidays, don't wait until that week when they arrive to clean out that dreaded closet or under the bed. You know "that"closet...we all have it! Purge and deep clean things now, so all you have to do is the "regular" cleaning (we all hate to do) when they come...LOL)

3. STOCK YOUR PANTRY NOW...each week add a few things you'll need for entertaining or baking now. The benefit is 2 fold...less shopping during the hectic times and the money is spread out over weeks of your normal weekly shopping verses one big bill at the register at holiday time. Have you check expiration dates? You are definitely good to stock up now. I start stocking up now and store it in my pantry on it's own shelf, so the family doesn't use it.

4. START THOSE HOMEMADE GIFT PROJECTS NOW!!!...can't stress this one enough. We've all been there sewing, painting, crafting as the engine is running in the car on the way to the party.

I think I'll end here...let that soak in that I'm talking about Christmas in September!! I'm hoping to add more tips along the way about baking, decorating, gifts and much more.

Add your tips in the comments too...would love to hear them.

Thanks for stopping by and for not skipping this post when you saw Holiday Planning in the title.

Have a great day,

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  1. You are SO right, whether we want to hear it or not. Great ideas! Thanks fo the kick in the keister!

  2. Last year I actually delivered a customer's order at 11:35pm on Christmas Eve. I was so exhausted that I was in tears. Never again! I already have a big jump on the holidays and I am not taking any special orders after November 1st. I always seem to learn the hard way! My weekends are crazy but I am trying to do at least one "gotta do it" chore every weekend. This week it is washing screens and windows. Mercy!

  3. When I saw that cute ( although Christmas) arrangement my first thought was NO NO NO! But after reading your post I totally agree.I am a list maker and have a book (that I got on clearance after the holidays) that I keep my C'mas notes in. I have to try to follow your advice b/c this is the year we host the family C'mas get together.

  4. I just can't believe it is only 13 weekends till Christmas. Thanks for the little/big push to get us in the right direction. I'm starting my list this weekend. Need to get busy

  5. Thanks so much - that's a really great point to start the shopping now (it'll hurt my wallet less if I start now).

    And as a side note, I've already started my Gift-Making :)

  6. If you are like me and Christmas Cards are the first thing to get cut off the list - why not start addressing the envelopes NOW? We also start baking in the fall and tucking things in the freezer. I shop for gifts all year round - which helps (and I DO have a place they all go so I don't forget them) but I could probably even start wrapping them now bit by bit...

  7. I am sooo stressed now knowing there are only 13 weekends left till Christmas. I may just have to cancel this year, only joking. Thanks for your wonderful tips. Love the Santa pot at the top of your post.
    Ali x

  8. Great tips, use all of these to cut down on the stress. I also prepare ahead and freeze 2 meals per week for the month of December to help out on the busy days. I try to have as much done before the 1st of December so that I can enjoy the season, also when my children were small I used to bake christmas countdown cookies (Dec 1 -24) and individually wrapped them for their school lunches and weekend desserts.

  9. Yes the holidays are upon us - well for those of us who craft anyway.... A great post to get us motivated in the right direction. I have my 'mental' list going, maybe I should get it written down with "do not change" written in big, bold letters across the top :-) My saving grace to help avoid the rush and chaos (but what's the holidays without a bit of chaos??), I take a day to make up kits. I'll cut things out and kit them up so they're ready to construct. That also gives me the opportunity to discover ahead of time if I'm missing anything. Nothing more frustrating to me than to sit down to work on a project only to find out I need 'one more thing'....
    Thanks for the shove, Karen.

  10. Great tips! Sharing with my fans on Facebook.

  11. 13 weekends...that really isn't very long away is it. Your way of thinking is very helpful. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. 13 Weekends until Christmas! Thanks I will start with some of your deep cleaning tips and sorting out that closet this weekend!

  13. I just started making my Christmas gifts. Friends wonder why I am starting so early and all I can think is why didn't I start sooner. I am giving alot of handmade gifts this year so I will be going non-stop working on all of them! I love that santa pot. Easy and looks great! Thank you for this post.

  14. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who starts thinking about the holidays early. I just wish I followed up on those thoughts! I going to try harder this year. Thanks for the reminder!!!!!!

  15. Great tips! Thanks for the reminder.

  16. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips with us.
    I´m so exacting there´re only 13 weeks let for christmas.


  17. Actually, I started making this year's counted cross-stitch Christmas presents in January. If I started now, I'd never get things done and framed. Many places will not guarantee Christmas framing will done in time to ship things if you don't get it to them by November 15th. After spending $80 on framing, I don't want to spend another $40 to next day something just to be sure it's there by Christmas. I'm working on what will probably be the last item for gifts. Then, I'll actually begin looking at next year. Plus, the budget doesn't take a huge hit all at once from having a bunch of things going in for framing.

  18. Love your post - I've started working on Christmas presents -
    I've been meaning to get some freezer meals made & in the freezer and you reminder about only 13 weekends left has got me motivated!!

  19. Thanks for the reminder! 13 weeks is a whole quarter of a year, but it's still only 13 weeks. Definitely time to get organized.


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