Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Chalkboard Labels

Happy Tuesday everyone! I was roaming the aisles again ( I wish that could be a full time job) and found a great product...Chalkboard Contact Paper!

Yes, chalkboard...actual wipe away and rewrite chalkboard paper. It's a dream come true for a person, like me, who likes to change things all the time. No need to make a new label...just erase it!

Here's where I used it first. My work bench. Old table with a mismatched hutch on top. It's a great work place. Tools are right there and the table is the workbench

I LOVE tools. I keep them in these buckets from Tractor Supply Store. These pails are cute and cheap...I think $3.50 each

but they are much cuter with chalkboard labels!

The only problem is my third grade hand writing. Lol

I also used the labels under my table for my fabric filing.

I have a big file cabinet for quilting fabric, but these boxes are the over flow that didn't fit.

Cheap cardboard file boxes, turned inside out to show the natural cardboard look so they all match and then use file folders to hang your fabric on.

Click HERE for the original fabric filing post.

How to make your own Chalkboard Labels...

You will need a roll of chalkboard contact paper and a template. Use a plastic stencil, print a design from the Internet or use the large paper punches from the scrapbooking section.

The paper was about $5.00 for the roll at Michael's Craft Store. 

 Draw on the back of the paper.

and then cut it out.

Just peel off the backing paper.

Ok, this look was a NO go for me. It looks like the pail is shouting at me!!

I used the rectangle design instead.

Ahh, much better.

Just had to retrace the shapes

Much better...no shouting pails.

Girlie tool box...nothing better!

The possibilities with the chalkboard contact paper are endless...

  • canning jars for gifts
  • canisters in the kitchen
  • recycle tomato sauce jars for storage
  • boxes
  • drawer fronts
  • kid's toy baskets
  • put on the refrigerator for notes to the family
  • frame a piece of it for notes
  • cover the kids playroom wall with it just for fun

I think you can find larger rolls of this on Amazon. Just have fun with it!

Have a great Tuesday,

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  1. These are so cute! I just recently saw chalkboard contact paper and wondered if it would be any good/worth it...guess you answered THAT question! Can't wait to get some!
    Rhiannon at being mom{me}

  2. Well... you've done it again! Great ideas. Not sure if we can get the chalkboard contact here. I'll be asking for it. I love the idea of the card board file boxes for fabric. My sister quilts and this idea would be ideal for her. I have to go with the large plastic storage boxes on wheels. Too much fabric and too little room.... xo

  3. Very cool, I have never seen it or heard of it before!

  4. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. How clever to wrap your fabric onto hanging file folders and use the boxes that way - so easy to see what you have, protected from the sun and all. . . I hadn't seen that strategy before. Love it!

  6. Brilliant idea - I've been wanting to straighten out my storage room shelves and this is just the thing! I also love how you hang your fabric in boxes (and turn the boxes inside out!). You have great organizing ideas!

  7. Beautiful blog with great tips and ideas!

  8. This looks like a great product and so easy to use...thanks for the info!

  9. Chalkboard contact paper?! So much faster than chalkboard paint to make a few message boards from old frames. Thank you so much for sharing your find!

  10. Wow I didn't even know chalkboard paper existed, very neat!

  11. Ha ha love the 'shouting can' comment! That is such a cool idea, I had no idea chalkboard paper was out there! I must get some, Yay!

  12. Oh Iloved that stuff. had a child who wouldn't write or draw... to permanet for her I guess, she wanted to be perfect at 3.... got some of that and papered the wall under my eating bar in the kitchen she had her own little space to draw on. good idea to put it to use as name plates for your tools and boxes, easy to change too

  13. You are seriously the new Martha Stewart. Such great ideas. Thank you

  14. Great idea -- I haven't seen this paper here in France But I do have the paint available -- just might have to do that. But I should probably wait until after I finish painting in the kitchen!

  15. Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing this!

  16. I had no idea such paper existed. Thanks!

  17. What a great discovery?? What store did you find that at??

  18. That chalkboard contact paper is SO hard to find here. I did find some chalkboard scrapbook paper at our Michael's and I cut little labels for my youngest son's dresser. My hopes are that the shirts and jeans will stay in their appropriate drawers. I just put it on with little pieces of blue painter's tape - so far so good. Will you be able to remove the contact paper w/o removing paper underneath?

  19. How fun!! Ooooh, I can just imagine colored chalk, too ;)

    I've been trying to figure out how to store my fabric, as I'm running out of room. The cardboard boxes would work Great for me!!

    Your ideas are simply the Best!


  20. How easy would this come off of the fridge or even the wall?


  21. I paint chalkboard labels on everything I can. This is so much faster! I'll have to keep my eye out for the contact paper!

  22. I was looking for some of this at michael's the other day. What section did you find it in? The clerk led me to the cricut stuff but they didn't have any there.

  23. Very unique and useful! Thank you for this great idea :)

  24. what a great idea...I think I could even cut some shapes with my sizzix dies! Now I just need to grab a coupon & head to michaals:)

  25. Where did you find the chalkboard paper?

  26. Wow Karen you are so organised this is fabulous I love the use of the pails they are great ! well done Hugs Elaine

  27. I have horrible chalk handwriting too, with the added trouble of being a lefty, ughhh! I find that using a liquid chalk pen really helps it look better and it doesn't rub off as easily =)

  28. Nice for the children and i wanted also to add a roller tool boxes to keep the other stuff's.



  29. also you can get regualar white labels at any store and spray paint them with any color chalkboard paint and when it dries, peel off and write away!! Much simpler! :)


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