Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sew, Sew Saturday...Thrift Store Sewing Kit

You know I love going to thrift stores for just about anything that's a "deal".  It is all about the deal, right?

Well, here is my most recent find...steamed pudding molds. Do I use or make steamed pudding? Not yet, but these were just too cute to pass up and they were only $2.00 each

This one is just a mold and I was thinking about using it for my desk to hold office "do dads".

Cute flower shape.

These two are the steamed pudding molds.

I just love the old worn metal look.

They have little clasps to lock them.

Here's the inside.

Tiny at only 6 inches across.

So why am I showing you this steamed pudding mold?

I'm using it for a sewing kit...holds my hexies for grandmother's flower garden, my new sewing kit from Susan, thread, glasses etc.

Lock it up and you can take it any where!!

Great for taking it room to room in your house or it's perfect for the car. I'm not sure about taking it to doctor's office to sew in the waiting room...might look funny carrying a steamed pudding pan around!! Lol

Click HERE for another post I did in the past about different sewing kits.

Remember to always look at something twice. It may have a different use you hadn't thought of before!

Happy Sewing,

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  1. I don't see how you can keep coming up with such clever ideas but you do.

  2. I love that! I'm always excited to see new ways to take EPP materials with me somewhere and this one is just too cute.

  3. I have been hunting these for years in the UK but they don't seem to have them over here! I actually want mine to make a pudding in!

    weekend blessings x

  4. Your pudding molds are adorable. Wish I could find something like those in my area

  5. Your little molds are adorable and I love your ideas. Sandi

  6. So cute! We were thinking about you in Lowe's yesterday, picking up some things to make a bulletin board for Julia's room.

  7. A good recyle use to the jello and pudding molds, I never would have thought of that.

  8. I recently went to a thrift store and found 2 Ziplock bags full of sewing notions. There were several sewing repair kits in the mix and some small scissors. And I also bought five sewing kits at the dollar type store so I wouldn't have to waste sewing time looking for seam rippers. None of them have pretty containers though, so I love your idea of putting them in something more impressive than the plastic they come in. I doubt I'll find steamed pudding molds anytime soon, but maybe a nice wooden box or a decorated Altoid tin will do. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. I have never seen a steamed pudding mold. They sure are cute!

  10. I've never seen the molds with lids for steaming puddings. I knew they existed just haven't seen one. What a cute idea using the lidded ones for a sewing kit.

  11. I have never seen anything like these molds before! You are insane in how you come up with these odd but wonderful things!


  12. Wow those look fab. Never seen anything like those before a bargain at $2.

  13. I have no imagination what so ever but when I first saw this I thought....cotton ball holder!


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