Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sew, Sew, Saturday...Dryer Sheet Sachet

Welcome to another addition of Sew, Sew Saturday. Saturdays are the day I try to squeeze in some sewing during a crazy, hectic work week.

A busy week at home includes laundry and lots of it! I use dryer sheets once in a while and save the old used ones, knowing I will make something with them some day! Well, today is the day! I was laying in bed this morning, in the wee hours before getting up and my brain was ticking what to do with them.

Dryer sheets are like fabric and they are see through and airy...soooo

A Dryer Sheet Sachet...

This is an easy sewing project that's great to make for gifts and it's recycling too!!

Here's a new dryer sheet. We're not using this.

This a used dryer sheet. We're using this...

This is a used dryer sheet that I attempted to iron to flatten. DON'T IRON IT!!  It melts. Lol

Use a scrap piece of fabric to cover the dryer sheet and then iron it.

It will cling to the fabric a little, so make sure it's something you don't want to keep.

Take ironed sheet and place it long way, left to right.

Fold over left to right.

Sew down one side, across the bottom and then up the other side. I sewed on the folded edge just to give it a sewn look.

Trim and neaten up the edges.

Now your bag is ready to fill with any dried, sweet smelling flower.

The most popular is dried lavender. I didn't have any, but wanted to show you what it would look like anyway. These are just silk flowers I had.

Fill sachet bag...

Now I wanted to make it look like a jumbo tea bag!!

Fold over the 2 corners and then flap down the top. I pinned to hold in place.

Sew straight across.

Now for the tag!

Print a bunch of cute little sayings on card stock and have them on hand to make a bag quickly.

Use a paper punch or use a cute cookie cutter to trace a shape.

Stapling and assembly.

First staple string to top of bag.

Now wrap the string down the front of bag,  around the back and over the top to the front.

Leave about 2 inches or so and cut. Staple the end of the string to the back of the tag.

Bring the tag over to the front.

At the very bottom of the tag, cut a small snip in the card stock.

Like this.

Now secure the front string in the snip.

Isn't it just the cutest?

A lavender, big sister version of the real tea bag.

Save all those dryer sheets and these will be a quick and easy project you can make in an assembly line style. Just sew, fill, staple and tag!!!

Great for...

  • teacher gifts
  • grandparent gifts from the kids
  • quilting bee friends
  • to add to the top of a gift
  • add to a gift basket of real tea things
  • add to bridal shower gift if you are buying sheets or bathroom towels
  • party favors
  • party favors for a tea party

The list is endless. Have fun with it!

Have a Sew, Sew Saturday,

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  1. I love it .... you're so clever!!

  2. The possibilities are endless! Love this idea, Karen! Have a great Saturday! =)

  3. Hi Karen!
    Did you know that Lavender Sachets like the ones you made are GREAT for putting in your fabric and wool bins to keep MOTHS away!! (moths hate lavender!!) Our next door Lavender Farm is almost ready for picking...can you guess what I will be making to put into my wool bins? Thanks for sharing this!! LOVE IT!!

  4. What a great use for something we normally just toss!

  5. I love this! I'm going to start collecting them right now!

  6. What a clever idea! Where do you come up with all of these brilliant ideas?! It makes me dizzy just thinking about how busy you are. Thanks!

  7. Oh ... I love that idea and I have lots of dried lavender. Thanks for giving me my next project!

  8. That's a cute idea. Always looking for a small craft to do for ladies night. Will have to remember that one.

  9. Love your idea, definitely put it in my too do list. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Darling! Thank you so much for sharing this idea...and another
    delightful blog!

  11. Oh Lord, I hope this works! Love the idea! Would be great for the car in this heat.

  12. Yay! Due to conflicts between my Google acct. & my ISP, which used to work together beautifully, I haven't been able to comment for weeks. Now, I have to sign out of one & sign in to the other, when I use to be able to be signed in on both at the same time. I hope you don't mind this off-topic, but you are always so helpful with internet things.

  13. That's so cute! Love it! Liz

  14. Love this adorable that you made it to look like a tea bag...AND, it's very easy to make!

  15. Karen, you inspire me so much! I wish I could peak into your creative mind.

    xo Linda

  16. You are a wonderful recycle source for often used items around the house. It will be fun to give dryer sheets another purpose after the washing is done. Quick & clever. I think I might use my rose petals from the garden. Thanks for another fun post.

  17. Can you imagine balsam pine needles for Christmas? Dried rose petals for lingerie drawers? Karen, you've done it again..... :-)

  18. Great idea! I always wonder what to do with those dryer sheets. Sometimes I use them twice and they still seem to work. This is a better idea :-)

  19. What a cool idea! I've been trying to think of something to do with my dryer sheets. Very cool.

  20. Great idea!!!
    I read some people also use dryer sheets for foundation piecing.
    Have a great week!!

  21. This is absolutely gorgeous.Thanks for sharing with us!

  22. This is super cute Karen. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Too cute. I'll have to bookmark this so I can try it next year while the lavender is blooming.

  24. Karen, you are so darned clever!! I would never have thought to do this, yet I've had a need for some 'tea bags' for just this purpose!! Thank you for sharing!! ~karen

  25. Made these as a gift and love them! They would be great for Mother's day too!
    Thanks, Karen, for your great tutorial! I shared it today with my blog readers.

    I'd like to make some for myself now :)

  26. Does it have to be a used drier sheet?

  27. Does it have to be a used drier sheet?


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