Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Baking Tip...

Here's a quick tip for baking if you use the non-stick sprays.

You know how messy they can be when you spray the pans on the counter or even in the sink.

Well, how about a quick spray of the pan in the dirty dishwasher!!

It's already dirty in there anyway, so spray away.

Annie, in the background, doesn't seem impressed!

Happy cooking,

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  1. That is awesome Karen, why didn't I think of that!

  2. Another great tip, Karen! Could have used that this weekend - LOL!

  3. I'm with Kirsty from the first comment - I am shaking my head thinking now why the heck did I not think of that?? Brilliant! This coming weekend for us is going to be a little cold and rainy so its perfect for baking - thanks for the tip. The only downfall I can think for this is sometimes I am a little tardy emptying the dishwasher and I can see my hubby following my example with a clean load. ha ha ha

  4. Another great tip! I usually do it over the sink but it is still messy! Baking weather is on its way! Yippee!


  5. You just think of it all! That's such a smart idea. By the way, I decided very last minute to make your pineapple angel food cake for my son's birthday on Saturday - it was a huge hit and my husband loved it!!!
    Rhiannon at Being Mom{me}

  6. What an awesome idea!! Thanks for the tip.

  7. So funny -- I kept thinking, "how could this possibly keep the pan from sticking". Then the proverbial light bulb went on -- duh -- to protect the counter {and the floor} from the overspray. LOL Great idea!!


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