Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Mini Metal Shelf

Love, love, love the hardware store. I keep thinking I am going to run out of ideas for Tool Time, but my continuous roaming of the aisles really helps!!

Here's my latest find...sheet rock metal corner beads!

It's the metal frame that supports the corner where two pieces of sheet rock meet at a 90 degree angle.

and my favorite part...IT'S GALVANIZED!!!!

It comes in 8 foot lengths and can be easily cut with tin snips.

Just file down the sharp edges or cover it with the gray duck tape.

There are holes small nail holes to attach the metal to any surface...

Just tap a small nail in with hammer.

I put in three nails. One on each end and one in the middle. You may need to add more, depending how long your piece will be.

I also rounded the corners too. That looks sharp, but it's really not. You can cover all edges with foam oruck tape if you're worried.

 Here's what I did with it...see it there in the front of my cutting table?

I love it...

I put it on the full 5 foot length of the table. You could put yours on just the sides if you want.

Perfect for pens and pencils...no more searching under piles of fabric.

and rulers too!!

Magnetic tape measure sticks to it.

There are also the nail holes which I added shower curtain rings through them...

Ahhh...those tricky rotary cutters and scissors that I can never find!!

If you have small children, this might not be a good place, but it's fine for me.

Hope you like this idea and can incorporate it into your sewing/craft space. I added it to my table, but you could attach it any where...walls, bookcases, armoires, small tables etc.

Here is the keeping it real section below!! Lol

I had mentioned a while ago that I was redoing my sewing room a little and was sharing some of the projects as I went along.

I wanted to share the ALWAYS keeping it real photo...This is the look of my room that is pretty much finished...few more projects to finish.

However, if you turn your around and look in the other direction...that's a different story. This is the same cutting table, but from the other side.

This pile was ON the cutting table before...

There is just so much crap on every surface in that part of the room. Bags of stuff I have to go through...

I swear my theory is to consolidate and keep moving the piles back into one section....like I'm trying to corner it or something.

Oh well, slow and steady wins the race. Right?

Have a great Tuesday and have fun searching through for hardware store. I also bought different types of other metal pieces in the sheet rock section, so look for future projects!!

CAUTION...if you thank your variety of metal edging is too sharp or could cause an issue, maybe try another brand or cover the edges. Mine was dull and not a problem.
Have fun,

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  1. Just looking at your blog and all the wonderful ideas you have here. Got the link from pinterest & now going to follow!!!! Thanks, Irene xx

  2. Never seen those strips with triangle holes before. Always had round holes. Cool. I found that when you want your room clean, pile everything ON your cutting table. Then when the room is clean, you have to work on clearing the cutting table so you can be creative, and since the rest of the room is already clean, your more likely to put the stuff away, than pile it somewhere else, because you don't want to mess up an area that has already been cleaned.

  3. A great practical idea. I could use them on the ends of the wooden stands of my industrial sewing machines. Out of the road but handy. Actually in other places too. I'm with you on the messy room. Too much "stuff" and too little room. Cheers.

    1. Oh you lucky girl, industrial sewing machineS ! I have been wanting one of those for AGES !!! Just not enough space... YET ! I'd love to see a picture of your sewing room ! Do you have a blog ?

    2. You are lucky to have what I need! A large room! I love your work space! As a Multi Media Artist, Quilter and jewlery maker, I am trying to do my art and quilting in a 11x13 foot room and it just doesn't work! It's always a mess! I have a 30 year collection of silk and precious trims no junk fabric! I have a nice storage room for overflow materials but it's downstairs and my knees don't work well. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi!
    If there is anything you don't want, notions, fabric scraps, bits, etc, or ugly quilt tops, you can contact Cheryl here: http://confessionsofafabricaddict.blogspot.ca/
    she quilts with a church group to make quilts for many charity efforts!
    I've donated a few tops and some notions to her, all greatly appreciated!
    Take care, Leslie

  5. Another great idea. I just finished a big clean out/sort out of my studio. I feel your pain. It has taken about 6 months for me to settle on the current design. This idea would also be a good mounting bar for displaying small wall quilts. Attached to a wall, the little ones could be hung and changed out periodically.

  6. What a good idea - cheap and innovative. :D Thanks for the Keeping it Real peeks. I frequently wonder if I'm the only one with "tornado" problems in my home! ;D

  7. You are so smart! Love that idea! I'm going to do it to my cutting table. I have numerous scissors that are always hidden under tons of fabric! Thank you for that great idea.

    As always, love your blog!


  8. I'd love to be in your creative brain even for an hour. I think I'm creative then I come here and read what you've done. ;)

  9. Love the shelf but thanks for keeping it real. I swear I fell like such a troll sometimes. My sewing room is mostly just a mess no matter how I try to keep it clean! I straighten and it just explodes! Company coming - I have to go corral some fabric before it leaks out...

  10. OMG that is INGENIOUS! I can see a whole bunch of other uses, maybe in a kitchen,under or on edge of a shelf! That little lip that hangs down from a kitchen cabinet in the back.... Coffee mug holders?
    As for your 'mess' mine is too. and here I sit on the computer!

  11. Awesome idea.....again! And thanks for the 'keeping it real' pic......it's nice to see you have piles of crap, too! LOL

  12. Oh, MY! I love this idea and I think I'll put one on my cutting table, and also on my sewing table, where I lose EVERYTHING. I swear we must be sisters somehow, lol, your "real" photos just look so familiar........

  13. That's the greatest idea!!!!!!!!!!! Glad other people have piles!!!!! I've been cleaning my stuff out too, and trying to get more organized,, and storing material by color, donating a lot that I know I'll never use. Thanks for great post.

  14. I love those strips. Now if I can just find a place for them. I know, too, what you mean about stuff piling up everywhere while you're working. I've been a little better since the great redo a couple of months ago, but I still find myself buying more of those plastic bins to store the clutter till I can go through it.

  15. thnaks for showing keeping it real!!! perhaps now i can leave the door open to my room....perhaps NOT...
    love tool time....

  16. Your tool time Tuesday is my favorite part of your blog - you always have such great ideas! I'm glad you can't see where I keep all my crafting stuff - I have way more than I've really got space for. If only I didn't have to save cereal boxes, water bottles, soda cans, etc for all the wonderful projects I discover or think of!


  17. I burst out laughing when I saw the photo of the bent hem gauge. I have two of them. One is bent and the other has seen so much wear if you don't know what the little marks are for, it's of no use to you. But don't you dare give me a new one. These two have seen decades of sewing work. I don't think I'd use a new one.

  18. When I started reading I wondered what an earth you were going to use the steel for. I smiled when I saw it, what a fantastic idea. Your brain must be thinking of these great ideas even when your asleep. Ali x

  19. Wow this is awesome! So handy!

    - Katie Fleming
    Kate Michelle Designs

  20. This is fantastic Karen (until the grandkids come along ;) Keep up the great ideas, you're so clever!

  21. Last time I was in the hardware store, I thought of you. What would Karen do with this or with this??? It makes the shopping more fun when you try to figure out how something could be used differently than it is advertised for, so thanks for charging the creative spirit. I find that the hardware store has better quality supplies, that can be converted to crafting.

  22. That is BRILLIANT!!! I don't have a table to put it on right now (I use my husband's plastic folding table from the garage for my craftiness right now), but that is an absolutely awesome idea.

  23. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who enjoys going to the hardware store to look around for re-purposing items. What a great idea you have shared! Hardware stores all over the country will wonder why all of a sudden these metal mini shelves are selling out! :)

  24. Karen,

    I love your blog. Often I get inspired and/or add things to my "someday" list.

    But today I found a solution to a problem that's been bugging me for a while. No, it's not the mini shelf (which went onto "someday" LOL). My hubbie made me bookshelves out of DVD stands. They're very cool and were so needed where we lived in Romania. Now we're back home (in France) and they just don't fit anywhere! Or, so I thought. Your "messy" side pic provided the inspiration -- TY!!! THanks for keeping it real. If you hadn't I might have REALly missed out.


  25. Another great idea! Keep wandering those aisles. My quilt studio wants to yours when it grows up. :)

  26. I love it Karen! YOu never stop wowing me and I'm so glad :)


  27. Great idea! I am also a troller of the hardware stores! Thanks for the idea!

  28. You are just to stinking clever!!! Such a brilliant idea.

  29. THANK YOU for the awesome ideas and for keeping it real. Makes me feel like someday I can get things all neat and organized, and until then, just keep corraling my chaos towards one corner. :) You are AWESOME!

  30. Ever since I found this blog a couple of days ago I have been going around smiling like a Cheshire cat!..... I love the blog, the ideas and most of all your 'style'... you must be a great person to know...:)

  31. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE KEEPING IT REAL PHOTO!! I've started moving my scrapbooking and crafting supplies and "really" organizing it. A friend asked, "How many times has that stuff been organized?" This may be the blog for me! I'm tired of chasing my supplies around, lol. Thanks for all the great tips!

  32. Well I am finally glad to see that your crafting is just as messy as our crafting. A long time ago when I worked part-time as seamstress for another lady, before I became one full time on my own, the lady I worked for called it TWA (pilo ting it from one place to another). We all do it, it's nothing to be ashamed of. By the way thanks for sharing the mini shelf. I don't have that nice cutting table but I do have a plan. . . oh I always have a plan, much to my hubby's dismay. Thanks so much for a great blog!

  33. My favourite, favourite part is your "keeping it real" portion. I love all of your stuff, but it is so refreshing to see the reality that you also struggle to maintain all of it. Is it just simply a part of owning a creative brain!? Haha. Well done on your ingenious and creative ways of organizing. I am gleaning! I have many, many creative ingerests... music, painting, sketching, scrapbooking, knitting, cooking, photography, just to mention some... plus 5 children... most of them small, including a 5 month old... and my arts and crafts are squeezed into our walk-in closet and other unorganized areas of our new home. So at this time I am just dreaming of possibilities! Thank you for the inspiration!


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