Monday, July 23, 2012

Easy Strawberry Shortcake Recipes...Ahhh Summer means fun, family and food! We have lots of fun, see lots of family and ohhh the food. Summer equals so many fresh yummy things, especially fresh fruit and strawberries are the absolute best!!

My brother and his daughters Lauren and Stephanie came for a visit this weekend and we had to have shortcake...

My daughters Courtney and Kelsie love strawberry shortcake, but it has to be sweet and juicy!! See all the liquid on the bottom...delish!!

My strawberry shortcake recipe is super easy.

Just slice fresh strawberries...

I add water just to cover.

Now add sugar to taste...about 1/2 cup depending on how many strawberries. Let this soak for a few hours or more to let the water turn into strawberry juice!!

My family likes a lot of juice on their shortcake, so adding the water creates a yummy strawberry liquid.

Now the family favorite for the shortcake. My mom always used Bisquick and so do I. It really has the best flavor and texture for the cake part.

The recipe is right on the back. (The first 2 ingredients are for the strawberry preparation)

I doubled the recipe to make 12.

Yummy and golden brown.

For the whipped cream...I use heavy whipping cream, a little confectioner's sugar and a touch a real vanilla. The confectioner's sugar is powdery, so it dissolves better in the cream than sugar.

I know what you're thinking...well, maybe I don't (lol), but yes, I ate the whole thing and then some!!

It's summer, so I'll walk it off. Actually, I spent 4 hours walking through Ikea yesterday, so that strawberry shortcake is no longer on my hips!! The plate of meatballs, mashed potatoes and Lingonberry sauce is there now.

Have a great day,

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  1. ¡¡Que rico!!! yo no me lo puedo permitir.



  2. That's my formula for Strawberry Shortcake also. I cover mine with milk rather than whipped cream. My husband thinks I'm nuts.

  3. This looks delicious! For a super easy shortcake recipe - good for BBQs and potlucks, just use a store-bought angel food cake and cut it into cubes. Thread the cubes onto skewers, alternating with strawberries. Serve with a side bowl of cool-whip. Voila - almost instant strawberry shortcake on a stick!

  4. Looks so delicious! My family loves strawberry shortcake.

  5. We've been on a peach cobbler kick, lately, but this could break us out of our rut! :)

  6. I use the Bisquick recipe too, but in a pinch I have used "Grand" biscuits dip in melted butter then sugar, bake. My neice thought they were the greatest!LOL

  7. I'm drooling over here - not fair. I wish I could have some right now! Shame they don't sell Bisquick here in the UK!

  8. This how I do strawberry shortcake as well except I don't add water to the berries and for some reason I always quarter the berries not slice. That's how Aunt Sissy taught me so that's how I do it!

  9. I buy Bisquick to make pancakes and shortcakes......I think I will have to go buy some strawberries....mmmmm.

  10. One of my favorite desserts! Great pics.

  11. Looks delish! The kids and I went to Ikea on Monday:) Lots of walking there for sure.

  12. Almost my exact strawberry shortcake recipe except that I don't add water to the strawberries. I have found that slicing them and adding sugar a few hours ahead makes enough juice for my taste. I also sometimes like it with just a little powdered sugar.


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