Monday, July 2, 2012

Bookcase Corkboard

Hi everyone...I've been moving my sewing room around a bit and thought I would share little projects with you as I go along.

This is the big book case in my sewing room. Click here if you want to see the last year's post of my sewing room ideas.

I moved some of the shelves around and this is the final results of the middle portion...I think. You know me with moving things around at the drop of a hat! Lol. More to come on the rest of the room.

Here is a picture of the center bookcase with the 2 shelves moved or removed. Sorry for the ironing board was mid cleaning.

Now to cover the back with cork.

You could just hang a pre made cork board if it fits. I had these cork tiles that are 12 x 12 inches. They were over a work table in the previous sewing room post.

Just cover them with fabric for a prettier look.

The dark brown cork squares are about 1/4 inch think...

I used 2 of the thinner light cork to equal the brown I had.

Cut fabric an inch or two larger than cork...

Hot glue down 2 opposite ends.

Then cut away a section in the four corners to reduce the thickness.

Fold over the edge like wrapping a gift and hot glue remaining ends.

Now to attach to bookcase back.

Velcro dots...adhesive kind or you can glue them on

Attach dots to the corners. I then attached the opposite dot for placement on the bookcase.

Press on to back of bookcase.

For the odd shaped size, I just trimmed the cork boards to fit and then covered them.

All covered up!! I used busy fabric design to hide the seams.

This bookcase is right behind my sewing back is to this cork board , so it's perfect for me as a quilt design wall or idea board for patterns.

Notes or pictures of inspiration...

or to hold up quilt blocks.

If you want to make this solely for quilt design wall, you could cover any type board in flannel.

and to end the post...thought I would share.

You know I like to work on the floor for most all my projects...Click here for the Knee Pad post. Thought I would share with you what happens when I was working on the floor with a large ice coffee and my hubby walks in and didn't see it.!! That'll teach me!

Happy Monday,

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  1. I just built a "bookcase wall" and the back side of the cases face my office/work area of the studio. I have bead board wallpaper that I am going to put up but I also just bought 4 - 4pks of 12" cork tiles to use on the back of one case for notes, inspiration, etc. NEVER thought of covering them with fabric. Duh! Like I don't have extra fabric everywhere. Great idea and I am stealing it! :)

  2. love the book the cork board idea!! love the black and white...also love that i am not the only one who has a hubby who walks into my ill place!!

  3. You did it again, another great looking project for the sewing room. I have been purging around the house and am hoping to get in my sewing room soon to play, I am running ideas around in my head on how I want to set it up. Wanna come down to sunny hot burning hot Florida and help?? I have pool to cool off in, you can bring the doggy too, my dogs love to play. The grandkids were here yesterday and we spent the afternoon and evening in the pool, the dogs are still sleeping, lol, love it. Wore their little tails out!!

  4. Wow Karen, I love this idea!!!!

  5. It looks so neat & tidy, and what a great use of the space! Thanks for your inspiration!

  6. Great way to change things up in you realm of bookcases! But the best part is the spilled coffee. That makes me like you even more!!


  7. Oh, I wish I had a sewing room. This is fabulous!

  8. I did something similar in the kitchen bookshelf for calendars and reminders. Mine's just the plain cork board glued to cardboard and held in with small moulding strips, not nearly as pretty as yours. You did a sweet job on pattern matching!

  9. Love your 'room'....but have to say that hubbies are like that, for some reason they never, ever look where they are going. LOL Can't tell you how many times mine has knock over my chai....

  10. Love this idea, I would not have thought to cover the cork with fabric. I have a stack of old cork tiles laying around, time to find a new use for them!

  11. I'm wanting to do something like that on the hutch of my desk but haven't gotten there yet.
    I would love to have you're room.

  12. I've read most of your craft room tutorials, Your My Hero!

    1. LOL I have 3 unused bedrooms and haven't got a clue what to do with them

  13. Your sewing room is great!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!
    I just found your blog so I don't know if you know this but I got some of those stick up hooks and hung some of my long rulers on the side of my large bookcase in my sewing room to store some of my longer rulers such as my binding buddt, the 6"x24" ruler.etc.

  14. Love the way you make look so easy! Your work has inspired me to continue my job or organizing my garage. Good job.

  15. Oh, I so do love your sewing room. My husband is finishing over our two car garage my sewing room. He just up and decided that it had to be done, and had a couple of boys cleaning out furniture within the week. FINALLY! I had plans drawn for 4 years. Good things come to those who wait. I love your ideas about storage and think that the colors are sharp. I decided to have him do a closet for storing all my pagent alterations. By george, I only want to see it if I am working on it. I plan on using yours as my wish list. 16 x 18, but better than a table in the living room. Scissors up to you! Debbie in Alabama

  16. I just did this same thing but my sticky velcro is not staying on my fabric. Any ideas?
    Email me please:

  17. Hi! I just love your sewing room! It is gorgeous. I borrowed a picture (with a link back) to show everyone how amazing it is. Also made my own version of your corkboards. Thanks so much for sharing!


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