Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Knee Pads For All Hobbies

Welcome all my blogging friends to another edition of Tool Time Tuesday!!

Today we are off to the hardware store, the sporting goods store or your significant other's workbench. We're going to be using Knee Pads!!

I'm going to be honest with you. These knee pads are my new favorite crafting accessory...

Stylish...definitely NOT!

but let me tell you, they are FABULOUS!

For me, the largest work space I have in my house or my craft room is the "floor".

I use the floor for...

  • cutting out sewing patterns
  • layering and pinning a quilt for quilting
  • assembling craft projects
  • organizing paper work
  • painting
  • etc...

Here I am painting a table I had in my sewing room that was used for an ironing board, but now we need it for a computer table in the family room.

The knee pads are awesome. Lately, these 47 year old knees are giving me problems...especially my left knee. Every time I kneel, the patella (that ball on your knee cap) rolls, feels absolutely gross when it does it and then hurts for days after. The foam cushion in the pads feels so good on the knee cap

You can buy them in any hardware store...I've seen them in different sections...tile section, rug section and general hardware area. They have simple foam pads that are only $3.00 - $4.00 and the price goes up with how fancy they are. Lol !!!

The pads I have on are old roller blading knee pads, so check sporting good stores too.

If you do a lot of crafting on the floor like I do, use the knee pads now, before you do have knee issues...they are great!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. I bought some of those after I pin-basted a queen sized quilt on my kitchen tile last year..... such a good suggestion!

  2. My girls played volleyball in high school, and I used their kneepads all the time. I need to get some new ones. I can't even get down on my knees anymore without some type of pad beneath them. And I have 5 years on you!!!!
    That previous post had me salivating!!! I have been sick, and am way behind in blogging!

  3. Good tip. I will probably need to invest in some...

    And your knees might be 47 but your face looks 35.

  4. That is something I need to get!!!

  5. I am 31 and I may get some:) Thanks for the reminder so I don't kill myself on the floor with the next quilt!

  6. I definitely wish I had used some of these after I spent hours on my kitchen floor painting stripes for my daughters doodle duvet!

  7. My knees had hurt to kneel on them even when I was a little girl! I always sat cross legged due to my knee pains. It has not gotten better at age 53. Some days it is better, others worse, so it must be some kind of swelling. Knee pads, gardening mats, anything foamy and cushy is good!

  8. Great idea, Karen! My knees hurt a bit when kneeling too - I'm sure we have a pair of old roller blading knee pads hanging out in the garage somewhere. I'm going to look for them. (I did say Ewwwwww while reading your description of what happens to your knee - ouch!)

  9. At first glance I thought the one picture was of a butt pad and could not figure out why you were modeling it without pants! Then I scrolled up and down and realized it was your knee, lol. Thanks for the smile and good idea!

  10. i totally look forward to your *tool time tips* and *thoughts on thurs* .... love em ..... darlene

    1. another thought came to mind whilst i was contemplating knee pads (i don't get down on the floor anymore -- age, back, knees, hips ... if you think *47* is bad, it's just a preview to what's ahead past 50/60 ... sucks, but it's better than the alternative1) anyway, i have my bed on risers i purchased at bed,bath,beyond (or some such place), i like it high so i can store stuff underneath it ... i saw a tip to use them on your table legs to life them up a few inches, enough to cut without the back going out .... have a look at em:
      (hope this works ...

      just a thought for next tuesday ... LOL ..... darlene

  11. Hi Karen. your blog is my favourite and in second place is Tipnut. I love the thought you put into it to make it the best. Thank you. Plus, you have a sense of humour!!! We sure need that these days. I'm lucky because I have a largish table that I cut out on. I have clean, empty tuna cans under each leg to bring it up to a good height for me. Now, on to read more of your posts I've missed while on holidays. XO from Oz. Lydia

  12. A great idea, I love the ways you keep coming up with very interesting idea. These would have been so helpful when we laid the floating floor.

  13. Knee pads are wonderful. And for the young whippersnappers who haven't yet experienced knee pain that lasts for a few days after a project requiring much floor time - the time to start using these is BEFORE you really really need them.

    I should get another pair so I have 1 inside, 1 outside for the garden.

  14. Es una idea estupenda, gracias


  15. That is a great idea! I have gotten to where I can't get down on the floor any more or I can't get myself back up! I have many health issues that affect me and have gotten worst over the past few years now! I can't even sit or stand too long! So I am up and down in my chair when I am crafting! I really need to lift my table a bit higher even so when I stand it won't hurt my back and neck! I got you on the pile issue! I have been working on my craft room for some time now and I had piles every where so I cleaned my room out to redo the entire room and get new storage! Now I have to get everything back in the room so I can find it and everything is scattered in my room and my daughters room and some in the hallway! It's such a big mess that I can't even think on what to do next! I need help so bad to get this finished that I wish I had a friend who could come help me with this! Years ago I could have done all this on my own in no time but now my health is much worst and it is harder on me! But some how I have to get this done! My husband and I have been sleeping on the sofa bed in the den with all my craft stuff on our bed and we want to get back in our bed! I need to real bad b/c of my back has been bothering me now! Now it's Fall time and I am wanting to do some crafting and cant even get in my room to sit and do any! So many projects that I need to be getting done now and so little time! Have a very blessed day :)


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