Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Father's Day Gift Wrap

Father's Day this year is Sunday, June 17th.

No matter what dads receive for Father's Day, the gift wrap is probably the last thing on their mind...unless it looks like this!

A useful apron from Home Depot (or any hardware store), brown craft paper, paint chips and ribbon or string.

"Brown paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my favorite things."

I know you're singing it your head right now!! Lol

Just tuck the presents into the apron...

and fold the apron in half...you will use the strings to tie it up.

To make a free quick card, I used paint chips that I've saved after we've had a painting project and stick on letters.

Have the kids make the card and they can sign it on the bottom color or on the back!

Use the apron strings to tie up the apron in half.

The apron can fit two or more packages on both sides.

Not bad for a 77 cent apron and a free paint chip!! Yes these aprons are 77 cents. Click HERE for a girlie version I made a long time ago

You know all Dads will love this!!

Have a great Tuesday,

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  1. Absolutely fab idea - not just for fathers day.
    Love, love, love the orange ribbon and using the paint chip for the tag

  2. This is so darned cute...this would go with the Home Depot mini I made last year!

  3. Absolutely great idea...I like it.

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  4. What a great idea. I can see it being useful for allsorts of celebrations.
    Ali x

  5. this is very clever, thanks for the wonderful idea
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  6. I have one of those aprons.....it's what I wear at our garage sale, so I can make change and stash cash without leaving a 'cash drawer' somewhere! It's on me all day, and so is the money! No worries! lol

    Great idea for dad's gifts, and I love that paint chip tag! Perfect!

  7. This is super cute, what a great packaging idea for a guy!

  8. I really love this idea! There may be a serious increase in sales on those aprons at Home Depot :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a fabulous fabulous idea.....lets see, I have son in law andrew, husband frank, friend press and dan and mike......oh my!


  10. Hi,

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  11. That's such a cute idea!

    I'm having a giveaway!

  12. OMG! Love it. Always looking for more manly gift wrapping ideas for my man. :) Oh and LOVE the girlie version too. I'm gonna have to make myself one! I've got a gardening apron on my to do list and I could quickly cross it off. :) My husband loves the comics from the Sunday paper and I like to wrap his presents with that but it can leave ink on your fingers. Karen you're so smart thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Love it! Keep coming up with these awesome ideas!

  14. Oh I'm in love with this idea!!! Don't mind me if I steal it for father's day, thanks so much for sharing! Xoxo Claudia www.deliciousspaces.blogspot.com

  15. I know many a dad that would love this for Father's Day!

  16. Simple, colorful, useful and FUN!
    Another great idea.


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