Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Recipe...The Reason I May Not Wear a Bathing Suit This Summer

My daughter Kelsie is a choco-holic. She needed a little "something" the other night, so I told her I saw a recipe on Pinterest and I pinned it against my better judgement! Lol

It's the triple threat of sweets, the tri-fecta of chocolate and the hat trick of yumminess...

This recipe is easy if you have these things on hand. Great for a last minute treat if you're taking it to a summer party!

 Prepared cookie dough, package of Oreos and a box of brownie mix with the ingredients to mix it.

The recipe says to layer the cookie dough on the bottom of 13x9 inch pan, spread with whole Oreos and the top with brownie mixture. We chose to do it in cupcake pans to have them in a reasonable serving size...rather than cutting and cutting pieces out of the pan.

Seems like when you cut little pieces out of the pan over a long span of time, it's like you're not eating anything "bad" for you!! I know we all do this too!

Cookie dough on the bottom and brownie on the top...

Then that little sneaky Oreo stuck in the middle!

Ridiculously good and very rich, so you really can't eat a lot.

I think this recipe is why they invented beach cover-ups!

Here's a link to the recipe I found on Pinterest...Click HERE

Here's the link to all my Pinterest pins for other great things I've found...Click HERE

Happy Monday,

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  1. Ha, ha, this is JUST the type of thing that I would adore eating and then be oh, so sorry. I think you should call it, "Sin on a plate" because it looks sinfully delicious with no nutritional redeeming qualities.
    Your daughter and I would be a deadly combo together. I think I will try to forget I even saw this... :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I would so eat this until I was sick! I honestly am going to have to try it, beach or no beach :) Thanks for sharing, Mary

  3. Oh my! My dd is a chocoholic baker also however her super skinny 11 year old body can handle it better than mine!

  4. I am so going to make this and I fess up that we will have clotted cream on the side. Then salad for 2 days but well worth it. Pam

  5. That is sooooo mean of you to post this right after my first venture out in public in my bathing suit. Since I have already disgraced myself I say what the hell, pass the dessert!

  6. Whoooaahh! That looks dangerous!! I will have to pretend this does not exist for a little while so I can still fit into all the clothes I have been making ;)

  7. LOL I love your title!! :-) I think I would only make these to take to a party~ so I didn't have a lot of temptation at home. ;-)

  8. Wow. And, THANK YOU! Forget the bathing suit! LOL... I am going for the cover up and going to make these for the family this week! Looks like a total diabetic coma but so worth it! :O)

  9. ¡¡¡Que rico!!! gracias.



  10. Yum! I just made brownies Saturday and they had a recipe on the package that mixed in chopped up "sandwich" cookies. Best brownies I have made in a long time:) I too am a chocoholic.

  11. I'm a confessed chocoholic also and these sound amazing! Might have to give them a try sometime.

  12. Looks so good! I totally don't mind rich desserts. I think this would be a great recipe to bring to work sometime, thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Ohh... you are making it really difficult to stick to a diet. Sounds like a perfect breakfast to me!!! :-)

  14. These sound wonderful! I am planning on making them and was wondering how long you bake them when you make them in cupcake tins. Also, I was thinking of substituting peanut butter cups for the Oreos. Thanks for your help. Love your blog!


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