Monday, May 7, 2012

Blogging Tip...Explaining Blogger's Post Editor

When I learn something new, I want to share it with you. I know most of you will know a lot of this information, but there might be something new for you to learn too!!

Most all of Blogger users will be using the post editor in the picture below. We seem to stick to what we know and do all the time and never venture from the norm. Well, I am here to get you out of your comfort zone and step outside the box.

Usually I am saying "think" outside the I'm saying "step" outside the box. Either way, don't "box" yourself in, in the creativity department. Ok, I'll stop saying box now! Lol

This is the post editor on Blogger...this is my interpretation of each feature. If someone knows more, please share in the comment section.

The one that was NEW to me is the one that looks like a broken piece of paper. If you scroll your mouse over each one, it gives you the name. It's called Jump Break. Yeah, that helped me. Lol What's a jump break? Now I know and shared below. Scared me for a while..if it looks "broken" or "ripped", I didn't want to touch it!

Features, from left-to-right: with a short explanation and "the look" of the item

  • Undo...this will "remove" the very last thing you did
  • Redo...this will "put back" the very last thing you did
  • Font Style...drop down menu for different Fonts. Just high light what you want to look different and pick the different style. (see the word different is changed)
  • Font Size...drop down menu for different sizes of your fonts.
  • Bold....high light and click to bold the print
  • Italic...high light and click to slant the word.
  • Underline...high light the word or words to underline
  • Strikethrough...high light to have a line going through a word. Great for when you're funny creative with your writing!
  • Font Color...Drop down chart. High light the word or words and change the color.
  • High lighter...Drop down chart. High light the word and then high light with color! Lol
  • Link...high light the word or words that you want  to be linked some where else (another web site) High light the word or words and click on the word Link and then add the URL address of the link.
  • Picture...add a photo to your post
  • Video...add a video clip to your post
  • Jump Break...adds the "Read More" feature to your post. Gives the reader a little portion of the full article. Write your post. After the first few sentences (or where ever you want to end it) place the jump break in there. It will show on your post editor as "jump break", but in the actual post on your blog it will show the first few sentences and then say "READ MORE...". The your reader will have to click to finish reading your post.
  • Justify...drop down menu for Left, Center, Right and Full Justify. High light the section or put your cursor in front of the section you want justified.
  • Numbered List...this will number a list of the things for you 1, 2, 3 etc
  • Bullet List...this post is an example of a bullet list!
  • Block Quote...high light what you are going to be quoting. It just changes the placement of the phrase, like a block of words that is justified all by itself. See below, how it's separated from the rest of the post.
"To err is forgive, divine". Alexander Pope
  • Remove Formatting...I think this is if you are copying and pasting something, high light and it will remove the formatting that already exist from say Microsoft Word or something and convert it to plain text for your post
  • Spell Checker...I use this EVERY time I write a post. When you are done with a post, bring the cursor up to the top of the post, click the ABC and it will high light all the incorrectly spelled words.

The only one I'm not sure of is the drop down box that says "Normal" between text size and the bold feature. It says Heading, Subheading, Minor Heading, Normal. I always feel "Normal", so I'll stick with that! I'm sure it's the set up of the post, but not sure. LOL

Hope this was helpful for all the new bloggers out there and even for us old timers too.

Have a great day,

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  1. Hi Karen. I played around with the "normal" thingee that has a heading, subheading, etc. From what I can see the heading makes the words you type in larger and automatically makes them in bold. The subheading reduced the size a little and still kept it in bold. Minor still in bold and again a bit smaller than subheading. Normal is normal size font and is not in bold. I suppose if you wanted to post something and wanted a heading to make it bold you would use this feature, but I've always just manually chosen to make things bold or manually chose to make the font larger. I doubt I would really use this feature.

  2. Great post, Karen. In the last year of blogging I've figured out what most of these are for. Like you, I wasn't sure about the drop down "normal" box. Great comment from patchouli moon studio, btw. Anyway, I think your post will be of great help, especially to beginner bloggers. I wish I had known all of this last June - would have saved me a lot of time!!!! ;o)

  3. Wonderfully helpful, thanks! I used to go through all kinds of hassle to do a strikethrough! Guess I was in a rut. Thanks again! Love your blog.

  4. The headings "Normal" button is useful if you do a lot of recipes or tutorials, because it automatically changes font size, bold o italic and even font and color for you. I use it to set apart Ingredients, Supplies, Tools, and directions on a fairly regular basis. I haven't messed with the new interface yet, but in the old one, I could preset all those things under the various headings settings.

  5. Thanks for the info. I tend to jump in and just start pushing buttons, and learning from the chaos that ensues!


  6. I am definitely going to be using the "remove formatting" button. I have struggled with strange formatting when I copy and paste. No more! Thank you.

  7. We are just so fortunate to have you explaining all of this information for us. Makes perfect sense now, but I too have wondered about that strange little button. Thank you from Judy C

  8. I had seen other bloggers mention Jump Break but I sure didn't know what they were talking about. Thanks for telling about "Remove Formatting" too. I'm not very creative in my posting, but it sure helps to know your options.

  9. Yes, this was helpful. I wasn't sure how people were getting that "Read More" part on their blog. I guess that could be good at times, but not sure I would want to use it for every post. Thanks for the info!

  10. Well as a newbie to the blogging world (and frankly totally lost most days!) this was a wonderful bit of information. Thank you for taking the time to share it with all of us.

  11. Thank you so much,(and my DH thanks you too) for all the info you share here on blogging. It has helped me so much! I love all of your blog posts but this really is helpful. Thanks

  12. I'm always so appreciative when some dear fellow blogger explains something about blogging. Even when I think I have a "handle" on all this craziness, I find there is more to learn. Thank you so much for your wonderful explanations, Karen. You are a sweetheart!

  13. Thank you Karen,
    so nice of you to take the time to explain it, and you did it so that everybody understands, at leats I think so.
    wish you a nice week!
    Liebe Grüße

  14. Love it. You always have such informative posts. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks, didn't know about the "jump" feature.

  16. Excellent info, Karen .. I learned at least 3 things from your post today. I really appreciate all you do. Now, I need to read and follow your directions for changing the "do not reply" mode. Thank you for that, too! Blessings from Central Virginia.

  17. Hello again, Karen!
    I just "fixed" my no reply status according to your directions. Thanks a bunch. Keep up the great work, because yours is one of my favorite blogs.
    Love and Laughter from Central Virginia~

  18. Re-do? I can definitely use that one! I'm always losing huge chunks of text that I just got how I wanted them.

  19. Thank you so much for your information regarding blogs. I am tryin gto figure out how to make my picture that is the header smaller or maybe put 3 pictures across the top. Have you addressed this anywhere?

  20. Thank you! I was wondering what the jump break was for and though I knew what the "remove formatting" was for, I forgot to remember to use it :)


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