Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mqx Quilt Show Pictures...

Tina and I had a great day at the Machine Quilter's Expo East in Providence, RI. The quilts were beautiful, not as many vendors though, but we did get wowed by a demo like I told you we would. Here's Tina at the vendor we always buy something from!

Here's my purchase from that shop. A pattern for machine sewing Cathedral Windows and the Purple Thang. I also bought some jumbo ric rac. I LOVE ric rac!!

There were so many wonderful quilts...I took over 100 pictures. These are my absolute favorites.

This first one is the best and we had the honor to meet Nadine who pieced and quilted it herself. I thought for sure she was a professional quilter.

We met when I commented on her beautiful sling. She broke her arm and I asked her about it. She said she made it to match the quilt she had in the show!!

Isn't it just beautiful.

Look at that quilting...I can only dream to quilt like that.

You really need to see this in person!

Thanks for letting me share this nice to meet you!!

 Here are a few more of my favorites...enjoy the mini show!

This Triple Irish Chain is on my "To Do" list. I love this pattern.

If you're ever in the New England area (Providence, Rhode Island) next spring, the MQX show is worth it.

Have a great weekend,

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  1. Oh Karen, you and me both, on the Irish Chain. I love that quilt and long to do one someday. The quilting on the center of that quilt is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the others...I have never been to a quilt show like that and am "a confident beginner" but I have been to the quilt auction in Indiana - near Shipshawana - so very cool! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Just about fell off the couch regarding the sling. Quilters are so hardcore! Love that she made it to match that beautiful quilt.

    Good luck with your cathedral windows.

  3. Thank you for sharing the photos of these wonderful quilts.... I enjoyed studying them. God bless Nadine and her poor arm... the matching sling shows a good sense of humor, to be sure!

  4. You didn't say... were these longarm quilted quilts? Or domestic machine quilted quilts? Or both? The matching quilt-to-her-cast lady... was hers longarm quilted? I'm always interested since I'm a domestic machine quilter.

  5. Love all the quilts. I enjoy going to shows as well to see the quilts and of course the vendors.

  6. That is some beautiful stitching. What is a purple thang?

  7. You lucky duck, I am so jealous, thanks for sharing some of the pictures!!

  8. What beautiful quilts! Looks like you had a really good time. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

  9. I've always wanted to go to the MQX show, but it's just too far away. But guess what!! There is an MQX show in Portland, OR now!! whoot whoot!!

    thank you for sharing those GORGeous quilts. :-)

  10. Thanks for the quilt show pics, just beautiful!


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