Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt Reminder...

Thought I would just post a little Easter egg hunt reminder...

We've always had egg hunts at our house each year with lots of children. If you want to make your Easter egg hunt fair and square...color code each child!!

Click HERE to go to the post and tutorial to see the How To!!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Great idea!!! No hunt this year. Maybe next!
    Happy Easter to you and yours.....because He lives!!!

  2. That is smart, when my children were little, I color coded their cups so I wouldn't have so many glasses to wash and it worked out great.

  3. I just do different rooms (or areas) for each grandchild. I even do for my adult kids...but, they have to "scramble" in the same room. There are special eggs that have $20 bills in them...for the "grown kids"


  4. Great idea! Will have to remember this tip when my (hopefully) grandchildren start arriving! Have a Blessed Easter!

  5. Why have I never thought of this idea! Inspired! Happy Easter x

  6. Well, I like to think of myself as a good organizer and sometimes a little clever but I never thought to do this! Great idea, but now I'll have to wait for grandchildren too. ;) Thanks for the tip and have a great Easter!

  7. My daughter did this for her 3 in camouflage colors, blue for the oldest, pink for the girl, and green for the middle boy. The eggs were given to PaPa, best egg "hider" in the country to hide in our very large yard. Well, needless to say 6 months later we were still looking for the green camo eggs. Sad that day for the 7 year old with the green eggs, but the best memories now that they are all in highschool.
    Blessing this wonderful Easter to all.

  8. We have done that for years (my son is 18, so probably 16 years) to avoid works too since now we have a spread of 8 to 19 years on the difficulty of the hiding...thanks for telling us all!

  9. I used this idea last year and again this year. I have 7 grandkids. (ages 9-2). This is one of the best ideas ever. Absolutely no fighting, hitting, crying etc... And best of all was to watch them actually haller at another to say " 'name' here's a blue one!!" It is awesome that it actually creates comraderie.
    Thank you Karen for an amazing tip!!!


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