Friday, March 2, 2012

Paypal Info For You...

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I gave a little information this morning for using Paypal when selling things from your blog. Debbie from the blog Ribbonwood Cottage commented with a very good point. She asked if I could explain how to request a payment from someone using Paypal.

Easy steps...
  • go to your Paypal account
  • the third tab over says "Request Money". Click on that.
  • That will bring up a simple form to request money from someone.
  • another way to request money is a tab called "Create Invoice"
  • "Create Invoice" tab is under the Request Money tab. It's a more detailed way to request money with item details, shipping info, taxes if needed.

You can use this Request Money form for anything, not just when you are selling things. I use it when I have fabric swaps and the participants pay me for shipping, especially overseas shipping. Paypal does the exchange rate for you!!

Thanks Debbie, for asking this question!!

Hope this helps,

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  1. HI Karen, thanks for explaining this...sounds so easy. Blogging certainly has raised the bar for me in learning new computer issues. Glad you explained this! Yay!


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