Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Placemat Easter Basket

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Happy Tuesday everyone!! I know I'm a little early with an Easter project, but this is an easy one. You can make them ahead and have them ready to go for gift baskets, Easter egg hunts or just as a present in itself. You'll be making tons of these.

Aren't they cute?

All you need is a placemat. You know I love placemat projects because most all of the sewing and finshed edges are already done for you. Makes a project super fast. CLICK HERE for other placemat projects I've done (there are several pages of projects on that link).

This was a great price...look for them on sale too.

First step is to fold it in half. The short sides of the placemat will now be the open top of the bag.

Sew both sides of the bag. This placemat had a decorative stitch on the edges, so I just sewed right over it.

Turn the bag wrong side out and have the side seams facing you.

Push down on the side seam to form a point like in the picture below.

I sewed across the point, about an inch from the point. See the white thread stitching? Sorry, I should have used a darker thread.

Turn right side out. That point you just sewed forms a bottom on the bag.

This is the inside. You can make a covered card board piece for the bottom if you'd like for more support.

Now take two ribbons any length you'd like.

Pin the four ends on the top of the bag.

I pinned mine about 3 inches in from the outside edge. Sew across the ribbon to secure.

You're all done. Fast, easy and so cute.

Great for Easter egg hunts! Make them in many different colors to match the color of the plastic eggs...that way each child hunts for the color egg that matches their bag. CLICK HERE for another color coded egg hunt idea.

The bag holds more eggs than you think!! CLICK HERE for this bunny project too.

These bags would be great for...
  • egg hunts
  • filled with Easter chocolate and candies
  • filled with baked goods...Easter breads or cookies
  • make one for that little girl in your life for a purse all her own
  • make them as gift bags for any holiday, not just Easter
Have fun making these,


  1. This is super cute, and it isn't to early for easter I actually just bought some easter stuff for my kids the other day.

  2. Super idea. I never can find such cute placements and for that price!! thanks.

  3. OMGosh~~I so love this~~

  4. adorable if only I could find place mats like that.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Cute idea Karen. Very pretty placemat too. We don't have
    that store in our area but I
    will check at Target or Wal-Mart.
    Thanks for sharing. This would
    be great for my teenage girl grandchildren, they could use it
    for makeup afterwards. All I have to do is add a zipper.

  6. oh thats funny girl grandchildren,
    I ment my teenage grand daughters.

  7. MUST get to my Christmas Tree Shoppe. NOW!!!! With all the teachers @ school with young children, I could make a small fortune!!!!!! Thanks for the idea! And BTW, WHICH tool did you use for this?!!!!!

  8. What a super cute idea - I would have never thought of this!! Your amazing :)

  9. Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

  10. Awesome.....I love the idea of making them for gift bags for any occasion! That's so sweet! I see them filled with fat quarters all rolled up and sticking out, to all my quilty friends! Thanks!

  11. That is just adorable!! I need to make one for my granddaughter. Now off to find some cute placemats like yours!


  12. I sew, I seriously sew, and I think these are great directions besides being a really cute project. Good job!

  13. This is too cute!

    Mrs. Delightful

  14. This project makes me happy. I really want to do this with the girls. So cute!

  15. A really cute idea!! I may make these for my grandchildren this year! Thank you....

  16. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  17. The bunny looks almost good enough to eat. lol

  18. Wonderful Easter Baskets. I can use them as my easter favors. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Very cute idea. I guess this would be like the cooking show Semi-Homemade. LOL :)


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