Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrift Store Finds...

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I have a favorite consignment shop in town that I try to stop by every week. Funny how I always seem to find at least one thing I "don't" need, but have to buy because it was a deal. This weekend was no exception.

Here's my loot for $10.00! Two candle holders, drawer organizers, organizing case and a phone charging station.

Black wrought iron candle tray...50 cents.

All cleaned up and ready for Valentine's Day.

Charging station with the surge bar inside. I needed one for my phone and camera. $4.00

Quick clean with Clorox wipes and it's already set up the same day I brought it home.

This candle was going to see my usual black spray paint, but I might be a little adventurous with this green paint first. 50 cents...I'll show it off when it's done.

These are drawer organizers that you can keep adding to for any size. Clearance section...60 cents

My crazy sock drawer before...

Woo Hoo...the after

This was brand new still had the labels on it...this is for work! You know my organizing just isn't for home...Lol !! $4.50

Venture into your local thrift store or consignment never know what treasure are in there waiting for you!!

Have a great start to the week,


  1. I love the thrift stores. You can find some great things. Looks like you had a day of productive finds!!

  2. I always love coming by here, never know what I am gonna get (maybe a box of chocolates) your finds.

  3. Forgive my English ignorance - but what is a thrift store?? Is it the same as a "pound shop" in England or a bankrupt stock/fire damage/surplus stock warehouse as here in France? I see thrift stores mentioned so often...

  4. What great finds! You are so creative, Karen!

  5. People always talk about all the amazing things they find at thrift stores. I used to think all the ones in my area are awful!

    But now that I've caught the D.I.Y. bug and can see the potential in things if I give them a fresh coat of paint or something else, it's like a cheaper less cooler IKEA in there!

    We've been looking for dining room chairs for really cheap since we don't have any and I now know I can paint and reupholster them myself, and we found a full set for 16$!! We couldn't get them because my hubby has a small car but you can bet we're going back to check again!

  6. Good finds, I just saw the drawer divider at the Container Store this past Friday, don't remember the price but sure it wasn't cheap.

  7. Oh, I love looking for bargains. I'm going to start a section on my blog for showing my "finds". I love your posts. Have a great day :-)

  8. My kind of day at the thrift stores!!

  9. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!def some gr8 ideas!!!

  10. Oh I LOVE the thrift stores but unfortunatley I also lack imagination. Great finds for you!

  11. There is nothing better than thrift stores. This is a good time to hit the Salvation Army, etc., as all those donations that were made for tax write-offs are now appearing on the shelfs!!

  12. Thrift stores are always fun--you never know what you're going to find!

  13. I'm giggling because I think you're buying all the stuff I've just been taking to the thrift store! We're purging, big time. Everything is being moved out of the house because we're moving and downsizing. It's to everyone else's advantage to shop at a thrift store. I'm in Des Moines, Iowa, in case you want to come and look! LOL

  14. I noticed the antique yardstick holding pictures!!
    I use one on my desk at work for little notes and reminders:)
    Good minds think alike!

  15. Ah! Is it perhaps a second hand shop - maybe for charity??

  16. Wow!!! Great finds and all at a great price!!!
    I love the pic with the watering can and tulips! So Sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings


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