Monday, January 9, 2012

After Christmas Sale...

You know I LOVE a deal and Christmas sales are the absolute best for me. If you are really looking for something specific and want the deal, you need to go December 26th. This year, I knew I really didn't NEED anything so I waited.

I did pop into Walmart that first week for the 50% off sale and picked up a little ribbon, but wanted to wait for the 75% off week. My goal is to get all of the 9 trees I decorate to be pre-lit. So far, I only have 3. It's not mandatory, but would be nice. So the "deal" is the way to go. It may take me a few years to accomplish this goal, but it's worth the wait.

Here's the new addition to the family...the only pre lit tree left in the 75% section

I've never had a white tree, but I am so excited about this one...6.5 feet, perfect size for me.

White tree with little colored lights. I am always a white light girl, but I have a theme tree idea in mind.

and for $9.75 who could pass it up!! I just bought this Friday, so try your local stores, there may be some left.

Then I saw these colorful ornaments...perfect for that special tree I have brewing in my head.

45 ornaments for $ to Walmart NOW!! (they didn't pay me to say that either, Lol)

Here is my inspiration tree. This picture is from Trendy this site!!

I want my theme tree to be a candy, treats and yummies tree...

I also purchased these gold ornaments for Kelsie's tree and the blue ones for Courtney's.

35 ornaments for $3.75...different shapes and textures with the glitter!!

These candle lights are right up my alley too. I have real candle clips, but couldn't resist $2.50 a box.

Each little candle clips onto the branch and lights up like a real candle.

Sales can be dangerous, but I really restrained myself. I went for a pre-lit tree and ornaments only if they were super cheap.

For the candy themed tree, I will be making most of the decorations for that. I will be doing posts each month when I make something. That way it serves two purposes...
  1. I can get the decoration done ahead of time...not in December when things are crazy and
  2. you can make them with me and we can both have a candy tree in December
Hope you found or will find some Christmas bargains. If not, follow me along the way, you know I'll make the candy tree "on the cheap".

Take care,


  1. Last time I went to Target everything was 90% off! It's the only way I buy Christmas decorations.

  2. Great buys if you wait just a bit after Christmas. My best stuff was at Michael's. I have a 4' tree that used to be in our bedroom done in crystal/white/gold. Moving all those to the big tree and doing a kitchen tree. I'll spray the tree heavily with snow and add to the kitchen themed ornaments I've saved for several years. Looking forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve, Karen!

  3. Hummm..why didn't I think of this...I want a lighted tree. Guess I will check out WM today.

  4. All your trees were so gorgeous this year, I imagine the candy tree will be as well! If you're looking on how to do the lollipops, I did a tutorial back in December here:

    I think I posted it on the linking party a while back, too.

  5. How fun! I picked up some cards for 50% off....but other than candy canes, I didn't get anything else. Great finds.

  6. I went to Walmart also and found their set of two 4 foot pre lit christmas trees in urns for $10, normally $40! Perfect for outside at the front door! I was happy!
    Will be anxious to see your candy tree!

  7. Just know your tree will be beautiful! I wondered how you managed to decorate all those gorgeous trees in your home. A lifetime of beautiful ornaments. Now I'll have to wait till Dec. to see this beautiful tree up in all it's splendor. Love love these kind of sales!

  8. great find you are like me love After Christmas sales. Be careful with the white tree. I had 3 in the past. Do not put them in front of a window it makes them turn brown.. Also be careful how you store them. I live in Texas as my attic gets pretty hot in the summer. Again the heat turned one brown. I think they are very pretty. Since you mentioned you never had a white tree I thought i would offer my advice

  9. I am going to look for one of those white trees!

    Great post!

  10. I was going to send you the same link as Deb. I made one for myself. Super fun! Let me know if you need clothesline and lollipop sticks.

    I couldn't find the tree I wanted after Christmas. We were being too fussy. I did pick up some berry stems and glittery things at Target and Michaels.


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