Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Peppermint Candy Garland...

Easy peasy peppermint candy garland...

I had this bag of peppermint candy from last Christmas. I placed it in a big vase as a centerpiece. This year I'm thinking garland.

Just take 2 pieces and a dab of hot glue and pinch them together on the ends of the wrapper.

I use low temp hot glue so I can pinch it together without burning myself.

Keep adding to the length you desire. I am making several shorter lengths for easier handling.

Here it is in the almost finished tree. I'll show the whole tree later this week.

Have fun making your peppermint garland. They also have the candy in green and white, so it would be cute to alternate.

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  1. I don't know you, so I hope you don't mind I am following you, but your ideas are INCREDIBLE!! I am following because I want to try these ideas with my 2 year old :) Thank you!


  2. What a clever idea! For our family tree every year we do homemade garland - usually popcorn, but now I am thinking maybe add another garland of peppermint! Thanks for sharing. Diane

  3. Totally have to go looking for these! Love playing with a glue gun, of course. Always appreciate your fun ideas. Just wish I knew where to find furniture pieces like the ones you work on and make look so wonderful! :)

  4. That is a fabulous idea! Looks so cute :)


  5. oh now how cute is that! I had planned on decorating candyish this year. lol is that a word I just made up. ;) Anyway I've seen the real candy canes hanging from ribbon and thought they were soooo cute in decorating. Also bought some wrapping paper with peppermint candy in it. This would be sooo cute with my idea! Thanx for sharing. Although I worry about putting it down low on my tree because my Boston Terrier LOVESSSSSS peppermint candy! lol You can't sneak one without him smelling it. and then I'd be afraid he'd get the wrapper hung in his throat and we'd be gone naturally. So I'd have to use this idea on the mantel or something. lol

  6. Ahhhh...cute little garland! Great idea, but I think my grandbabies would be tempted to eat them right off the tree. They are funny like that. Heck, I might eat them right off the tree:)

  7. Hmmm, I am visualising these candies made into a nice necklace or three to wear to my Quilter's Christmas Party lunch. Would it lead to a rush to grab them do you think?
    Quilter from Australia

  8. I love this! I am also going to tweet this post. With money tight everywhere, this is a great alternative and a great family project!


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