Monday, October 17, 2011

Quilt Show...Congratulations Tina!!!

Had a great weekend...did a lot around the house and had some fun tucked in there too! We cleared out some things that we just don't use any more and brought a car load of things to a family who could really use some help.

Moved some furniture around again...when I finish painting some things, I'll share some befores and afters!

I also went to the Ninigret Qulit show too. Fabulous event and my quilt partner in crime, Tina, stole the show!! Click here to visit Tina over at Seaside Stitches. Peek in her Etsy shop too...she has the cutest, littlest pins ever. I should know I have 2 of them!!

Here she is next to her 2 ribbon winners!! Congratulations, Tina!!

This one on the left is just fantastic and my favorite!

Won for Best Mixed Technique.

The bottom one to the right is the Blue Ribbon Winner and my favorite know I love my hexagons!!

Woo Hoo...Best Piecing!!

The next three are all hers too...I'm hanging my head in quilter's shame :(   I haven't quilted in months.

This is her daughter Julia's quilt...she is a senior in high school and is an awesome person! Great quilt, Julia..I love it!!

The rest of the quilts are random shots of quilts that caught my eye...I was definitely inspired this weekend!!

Hope you enjoyed the show,


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your photos from the quilt show. They are all sooooo beautiful! Love the joy quilts spread and the inspiration we receive to try making more of our own. Have a great day!

  2. Congrats! And wow -- what a wonderful lot of quilts!! It never ceases to amaze me, the creativity out there! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the quilt show - great quilts!

  4. Great quilt show! Thanks for sharing! There is some real talent at that guild.....and your friend's and daughter's quilts are gorgeous! Congrats on the ribbons!

  5. These works are beautifull, I regret that I can't sew something like this

  6. Congrats to Tina! Thanks for sharing the photos! Nothing like looking at lovely quilts, in person or online to make me want to start another one--which is actually not a good idea, sigh.

  7. I have got to get myself to a quilt show! I would certainly hand my head in shame!!! I am sure that I would be inspired though. Quilts are such beautiful, timeless works of art. I am excited to be beginning my quilting endeavors! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great quilts, Tina! Thanks for the slideshow...definitely inspiration to go home and sew!

  9. What beautiful quilts! I love quilt shows--thanks for sharing!

  10. I wanted to go, but couldn't make it, thanks for sharing with us. Congrats to Tina, beautiful pieces and love the idea of using ric rac in quilts.


  11. I did enjoy the show - thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for the love, Karen! I look so silly with the white gloves and wrist splint!


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