Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Recycled Cake Container

Happy Tuesday!! This first picture may seem like we eat a lot of cake...WE don't, but my husband does!! Well, Kelsie helps out too. In all fairness, I've been saving these for a while. If we go grocery shopping, he'll buy a small cake and say..."it's some one's birthday somewhere!!"

What to do with all these plastic containers that would fill up the land fills? Lots and lots of things...

First thing to do is remove those pesky labels. I love Goof Off...nothing better. Smells to high heaven, but works great.

Projects using the cover as a bowl or container.

Chips, popcorn, snacks etc...great for parties, picnics, camping.

As an ice bucket to keep drinks cold for a party...

Other ideas for the bowl, but not pictured...
  • large one for lettuce and the small ones for all the salad bar fixings (tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, peppers, croutons, onions etc). Great for big functions where everyone doesn't like all that stuff in their salad.
  • ice in the large cover and food in a smaller one to keep the food on ice
  • punch bowl

Next, we'll transform the cover just slightly with a knob...

Find and mark the center on the top.

Use an awl or pointy thing to poke the hole in the plastic.

Goes through easily.

Make sure hole is big enough to fit the screw from the knob you've picked.

Push in small, flat tipped screw into hole from the inside of the cover to the outside on the top.

Make sure the screw is short. Sometimes the knobs you buy have longer screws to fit wooden doors.

Screw on the knob onto the screw.

Cute little handle for the cake cover.

Instead of a cake cover, this would be great to cover food outside during picnics. Keeps the BUGS away!!

They act like domes that fit your own plates.

Portuguese sweet bread. Yummm

Next time you buy something from the bakery...don't throw that container away. You know there is always something else we can do with it!

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! Very clever. Went to quilt retreat and we were all suppose to bring a tip for everyone. I used your key tag idea and everyone went home with 3 tags to personalize for themselves!! You were a big hit!!!

  2. great ideas...I will be saving mine from now on..
    Julia ♥

  3. What a clever idea! We always needs to cover our food to keep the flies off the food at our picnics!

  4. You must come up with these ideas around 2 in the morning. I love the idea for ice. My ice bucket has seen it's time.

  5. Here's another one for you - a clear large pot plant saucer. I have them under all my potted plants. They are almost invisable and allow me to do good long waterings without spilling over the saucer. Just saying.

  6. You always have great ideas ... this is really practical!!

  7. Great idea! I love tool time Tuesday.

  8. Great ideas. I use them to hold all the pieces for a quilting project. Then I can see at a glance what is in it.

  9. Finally a reason not to throw those away! Thanks so much and my local landfill thanks you, too!

  10. Ok I love the dome the best! Great idea for my next party!

  11. what a cute idea, & I like Wilma's idea for storing quilt projects

  12. Now why did I not think of this! I visit you often but must comment because I have a beautiful polish pottery cake stand that came with no lid. I would have to wrap the cake in plastic wrap which takes away from the beauty of the plate. Now....I've got to go find me CAKE! LOL

  13. Now those are great ideas. If I can just keep my guys from throwing the plastic tops away :-S

  14. Great ideas but I have a more pressing issue. Where do you buy Portugese sweet bread? I haven't had any since I left Hawaii!!

  15. Karen I especially like the knobs you put on them. Too darn smart for your britches. LOL Great idea, I keep these too and use them for family gatherings or outings when I have to take something to the lake. I never thought to put a handle on them....duh! huh! What would we do without your creativity?

  16. Hey those lids are really cute and would come in handy on picnics to keep the flies away!!

  17. If you were to forego the knobs, you could use them as covers for heating food in the microwave...

  18. Wow, aren't you inventive! Looks like great ideas to recycle those!

  19. Any excuse to eat cake is a good excuse to me!!

  20. Very clever! Next week is my guild's (svqg.org) annual picnic. I will use your idea to protect my contribution to the potluck.

  21. What a neat idea, Karen. I can think of some pretty neat gardening applications too--like a mini greenhouse.

    Gail :)

  22. I heard from the grape vine that the cake patrol was coming over to have the family join them. LOL

    Even so I love the idea. I need a cake cover so when I bring one over for the special meeting. WINK! WINK!

  23. Use it upside down to store fat quarters. And any oil will remove the glue--veggie or baby or whatever.

  24. That is just the cutest idea :)

  25. Oh, why didn't think of that? I cook at our church Wed nite suppers and we are always looking for an ice bucket for our drinks table. Now I will have one. With all the cakes that are brought in for different functions we always have these cake plates and covers around. Thanks for all your great tips.

  26. Drat! I just had one of these that my oldest son brought me a birthday cake in. My husband threw it away last night..:<

  27. Just leaving a Hello to see if I've fixed my "NO REPLY" problem. I had to to back & read those posts. Thanks for the help.

  28. Your Hubby is a man after my own heart!
    I don't need junk food but try keeping me away form a piece of cake!

  29. Really Great Ideas - thanks for sharing - I have been lusting for a glass cake domed plate, now I see I really don't need one - thanks for setting me straight (said with a grim & much determination to find a cake container)


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