Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Cupcake Holder

Seems like there are cupcakes every these days...fancy cupcake stores, whole TV shows dedicated to cupcake competitions and recipes for crazy cupcakes online. So, I thought maybe I could find a Tool Time for cupcakes. It's a recycling Tool Time too!

These covered plastic cups are what cupcake papers are sold in. What better cupcake project than the cupcake paper package.

They come with a cover too. Each package comes with 36 papers, so you can collect these containers pretty quick since a batch of cupcakes is usually 24. Maybe the cupcake paper company should either put 24 papers in there or 48. (Just thinking)

See, the perfect fit for a cupcake. Not the prettiest cupcake, but it's my kids favorite. The frosting that has mini chips in it.

Ignore those Halloween papers. That's all I had left LOL!!

Cover fits on perfectly.

Now to make it pretty. You just need Mod Podge, which is a glue and sealer in one...and a strip of fabric. I'm sure regular white glue would work great too.

Spread the glue over the outside of the container. Just the outside.

Thin layer all over.

Place the fabric on the glue and press firmly in place.

Now the bottom is a little tapered,

so just pull and pleat the fabric around the curved bottom.

Don't forget to spread glue on the bottom too.

Fold pleated edge onto the bottom

Cut a circle of fabric to fit the bottom, spread a little more glue on the fabric edge and...

Place the circle to cover the pleated edges.

To seal the fabric and give it a hard coating, add another layer of the Mod Podge and let it dry.

Add a little ribbon to the top rim and you're done.

Just add your cupcake.

Cover the container and it's good to go any where.

You can also add a label.

My main thought was to use this for children's lunch boxes or lunch bags to keep a cupcake nice and safe. However, my husband, who is a teacher, reminded me some schools have a no junk food rule for lunches. Here are more ideas...
  • cupcake holder for lunch boxes...if ok for school
  • muffin holder
  • great for children's birthday parties...serve each cupcake in it or send them home with their own cupcake with their name on the outside
  • party favor box
  • decorate them in the party theme
  • snack holder for kids on a car ride...will fit in a cup holder
  • would make a cute pin holder for sewing friends
You can't wash or soak the outside because of the glue, so just use a little soap on the inside to wash it out.

Have fun collecting the containers...you have to make a lot of cupcakes to save those containers. Hmmm...it's a win win.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. How totally brilliant are you!

    I wish I had thought of that. I save those cups for storing stuff in and for when I have to buy cheapo cupcake papers that come in baggies. Now my kids can have cupcakes in their lunches. Thank you so much!
    Again, brilliant!

  2. I am totally thinking that this would be great for keeping snacks handy in my purse. I always have something for warding off LBS - nuts, a homemade protein bar, granola, etc.
    Karen, I love how you find a use for all the things I hate to throw away. You are so creative.

  3. What a great idea...such a clever way to reuse a container!

  4. Just threw out one of these!! Now I will definitely recycle the next!!

  5. cute, cute clever you...thank you much for sharing! :)

  6. I love your idea for putting a cupcake in - I would use it to put my spool of thread in - poke a little hole in the top to thread through and you have a "take and go" thread holder. I am just saying... Judy C in NC

  7. I *love* this idea! What a terrific little craft. Thank you! :)

  8. OMG Karen. You are so creative. I just love your ideas!!

  9. CLEVER!!!! Never disappointed when I come here.

  10. Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing. Kisses!

  11. Very cute and clever and how wonderful for school lunches or a picnic. I still have Halloween papers left over as well!

  12. Adorable!

    I was actually having a hard time falling asleep last night because I was trying to think of a cupcake holder--mine was for a different purpose, but I almost had a heart attack when I saw this in my reader. How weird to see it today of all days? What an amazing idea!

  13. What a great way to recycle an item! I will have to give this a try when the new school year begins, as my kids love to take a dessert treat in their lunches!

  14. Great for raisins, dried fruit, pretzels, trail mix, cheerios cereal, all those things that I carry in my purse every day to keep the toddler tamed. Great idea Karen!

  15. Very cute idea. I love upcycling, and you are the Queen!

  16. too cute, now I need to save all those containers.

  17. Yeah....why are they packaged 36 to a pack? And why are Hebrew National Hot dogs in packs of 7? Buns come in the 8's! Sheesh! Who thinks of these things, and convinces the companies to do it!?! Kinda makes you crazy sometimes! lol

    Great idea for party favor cups....thanks a bunch!

  18. What a great idea.....too bad I threw one of those in the trash yesterday. Guess I'll have to buy more sooner. lol

  19. Another great idea from Karen. You must dream these at night. I will have to make one for my grandson's
    lunch box. Thanks for sharing.

  20. You are utterly amazing....I can't go a day without checking out your ideas!!! I look at my craft room and don't even know where to begin, but you do inspire me to get creative and MOVE. Thanks for sharing.

  21. You are utterly amazing....I can't go a day without checking out your ideas!!! I look at my craft room and don't even know where to begin, but you do inspire me to get creative and MOVE. Thanks for sharing.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I love your blog! It's not often I can say 'I thought of that!'. My GrandBoys like to have a little snack in the car, and brownies are a favorite snack. Almost a year ago, I'd organized all of my baking cups in a see-through plastic covered bucket and decided to keep the Reynold's containers to transport brownies for the little boys. They're not decorated and they still love it. The only drawback is that the covers are flimsy and not sturdy enough for their fingers, so they're ripped in several places, but have been patched with Scotch tape.


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