Friday, July 8, 2011

Iced Coffee Cubes...

I LOVE iced coffee! Well, any coffee for that matter, but iced is so refreshing in the summer. I can only drink one large glass or I get nausea, so when I make it, I make it the best I can! I think I saw this idea a long time ago on the Martha Stewart Show.

I make ice cubes with coffee, so when they melt in the iced coffee the cubes won't dilute the drink!

Perk your favorite coffee or what ever is on seems to be pricey these days.

Pour cooled coffee into ice cube trays. I saved these trays from our old refrigerator, because the new one has an ice maker.

Freeze until solid.

Fill up your glass with ice.

Pour in your coffee and cream...

and enjoy!!

See...if you let it sit for a while and the ice starts to melt, coffee is melting not water. Little extra boost to your coffee.

I've used this idea for all sorts of drinks too...
  • iced tea
  • lemonade
  • fruit punch...add the fruit punch to a bundt pan or jello mold, freeze and have the ring float in a punch bowl
  • juices
Hope you can give this a try!

Have a great day,


  1. Ooooh, I love iced coffee. I've come up with a great way to make a frozen cappuccino.

    Think I'll go make myself one RIGHT NOW!!


  2. Putting on another pot o'coffee. What a wonderful idea!

  3. Yumm-O! Now, if you would just drop a glass of that off at my desk I would be completely satisfied.

  4. The ice trays are out and ready for the coffee. We add caramel to our ice coffee. Take a look at our post on how to make easy caramel-

  5. This is a great idea! I have seen several other tips, but they seemed wasteful or time consuming...this is perfect! Thanks :)

  6. Mmm Yum yum!!! I could use one of those right now!

  7. I do the same thing! I keep them in a zip bag in the freezer so they are always ready to use. Mmmm- favorite summer pick me up!

  8. Reading this as I drink my iced coffee! Great idea! I'm not a big fan of real honest to goodness coffee, but I do love General Foods International Coffee in the French Vanilla flavor. I add 5 tsp of the powder to a measuring cup, add 1 cup boiling water and stir. Then I fill a large plastic soda cup that I got from Storyland up in NH a few years ago with ice and pour the hot coffee concentrate over the ice and stir. Add a straw and YUM!

    My mom used to use her bundt pan and freeze juice with fruit floating in it like pineapple slices and maraschino cherries to use in the punch bowl on special occasions. So pretty!


  9. Sorry Karen but I am pure Southern...gotta have mine hot.
    The hotter the better. No cream
    just one Sweet & Low pk.
    For those who like cold coffee, you have a really good recipe.

  10. I love this idea and have done it lots and lots!!!! and coffee iced - there's nothing better on a hot day!!!

  11. Too funny! I just posted about Iced Coffee today too! However, I didn't know about making coffee cubes...what a great idea! I'll have to try it, but not sure I can do it unless I have another tray...hubby won't want me tainting the one I have...he hates coffee! =)

  12. that drink looks delicious!!!! great idea!!!!!! Im going to do this with my left over coffee!!!

  13. This is brilliant! My second cup in midmorning is an iced coffee (by then the temp outside is upper 90's) and I usually drink it faster than I would like because the ice melts so fast.

  14. Once're brilliant! This is such a great idea.....and I'll be keeping a ziplock bag full of these little gems in the freezer so I will never run out! LOVE ICED COFFEE! Yay! Thanks!

  15. Great Idea about the Ice cubes. Love Iced Coffee in the summer but we make ours differently. Make your Coffee, let cool. Add a scoop or more of Vanilla Ice cream to a tall glass pour over cold coffee top with whipped cream......YUMMYYY

  16. I iced coffee and love that idea. I splurged the other day on a bag of Green Moutain Coconut Coffee so that I could make it iced. I think I used to make the coffee ice cubes too but I've lost the ice cube trays or donated them to GW since having an ice maker!

    I think I'll run out this weekend and get some though.

    Gail :)

  17. Never liked coffee but I can totally use this in other drinks like lemonades or even soda and add a fruit ice to it like cherry to a DR. P. sounds like I can do a lot with it.

  18. I look forward to using this wonderful idea in the summer! Today is a cold rainy winter's day - so hot coffee for us!

  19. A good idea for a perfect house coffee party. Im thinking of other flavours to add up.



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