Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Kitchen Sponge Pincushion

Happy Tuesday! How would you like to make an adorable pincushion for 25 cents or less with scraps and a kitchen sponge?

You read it right...a kitchen sponge. Use a new one of course, because that would be gross if we didn't...LOL

Isn't she pretty? These would make great gifts for sewing friends for swaps, guilds, quilting bees, holidays etc

Here's where it started...in the dollar section of CVS. I know some dollar stores probably sell them more to a package for a dollar, so look there too.

4 sponges for $1.00

Ok this is the easiest project if we just used it as a pincushion straight out of the package, but we like to create, sew, make things pretty...

So let's do it. Let's make it pretty. Measure the length.

and the width.

This sponge isn't very thick, but some are, so take the height of your sponge into consideration.

Now the creating part...use anything you have in your scrap bin. These are selvage edges of fabric that I won in a give away a loooong time ago. I knew I would use them at some point. This is why we NEVER throw things away.

Selvage or selvedge (Webster dictionary has it spelled both ways for this meaning) is a specially woven edge that prevents cloth from raveling.

Lay out the selvage strips, over lapping the raw edge just a little. Because the white part is woven, it won't unravel and can be left as a finished edge.

Pin all pieces in place...

Overlap the edges just a little to catch the bottom fabric when top stitching.

Just sew a straight stitch on top of the finished edge.

Here is a close up...see the stitching under the words "all right" ?

Sew 2 sections for the front and back of the pillow.

Trim to keep sections the same size according to the size of your sponge.

Now place sections right sides together and sew around the four sides leaving an opening to turn and stuff the sponge in.

Turn right side out.

Here's the opening...

Now stuff in the sponge..

Work in the corners of the sponge to fit the corners of your pincushion cover.

Pin the opening closed and either machine stitch closed or hand whip it.

Here is one side.

and here is the other.

Just perfect and practically free.

A lesson learned...never throw out scraps.

You can also make a thicker pincushion by using 2 sponges on top of each other or by folding the sponge in half and stitch it to hold.

It will make a smaller, but thicker pincushion.

Now what to call a pincushion made from a sponge...
  • spongecushion
  • spincushion
  • pinkitchen
Oh well, not the greatest names, but a cute and easy project none the less.

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Wow who knew those selvege edges could turn into something so cute! I'm cracking up over the names for the new product.

  2. what a cute and thrifty idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Que idea mas genial!! Seguro que la realizare. Besos!

  4. That's really smart idea... Thanks for sharing!!

  5. What a neat idea and easy too.

  6. Ha - I will never look at sponges the same way again!

  7. What a cute little project! I have always thought that the selvage edges were too pretty to just toss. Thanks for the idea. Love your tool time Tuesdays. ;)

  8. Kitchen sponge! What a great idea!

  9. Too cute and a great way to use selvages.

  10. So cute, I love it. Might just have to give it a try.

  11. I love pin cushions - now I have to go to the dollar store and get some sponges to make a few more! Thank you for all your great ideas!

  12. I love this idea. I started saving selvages and began to wonder why. I thought I would never get enough to use them. Now I can get them out of the jar and start sew up a few pin cushion.

  13. That's so cute...great job. Super easy...love that.

  14. OK - so much to love. First - the sponge - who would have known? Second - the Selvage (a little selvage love over here!) and finally - The great instructions! Thanks!

  15. How very cute. I usually don't save selvage edges...I just may have to start! :)

  16. Well arnt you just cleaver! I love the idea for the selvege edges! And my husband thought I was loony for keeping every scrap ;)

  17. Could it be that the name you're looking for is pinge?

    Clever project as usual - thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Great little project and sew much fun. I'm adding this one to my 4-H beginners projects. It's perfect.

  19. What a clever idea!! I´ll have such a cushion before the week ends! :-)

  20. What a nice idea! The selvedges look rather nice all tucked top to bottome.

  21. Great idea and I love all the names you suggested for a pincushion made from a sponge! You are too funny!

  22. Adorable!! Who would've thought to use those scraps? It is so cute. Clever idea! :)


  23. Are you kidding me?! :o)
    That is genius!! :o)

  24. You are just full of awesomeness!!! Love this little pin cushion. It never entered my mind to save selvage scraps. Who knew - You, of course.

  25. really resourceful! thanks for the idea;)

  26. WOW you are amazing, another great idea. Love it.

  27. What a great idea! I shared this post on my blog. Hope that was ok. I'm still new to this whole blogging thing. :)

  28. what a great idea! I just made a tutorial for a pin cushion tonight-- I'm going to link you from mine :)

  29. This is amazing! Have bookmarked this and will definitely try it!

  30. simple and easy! Right up my alley.

  31. What a wonderfully fun and great project. I think I really need to get a few things done on my list and do not take this as anything less than a compliment. You are really filling my head with great cool distractions. SMILES!

  32. I was thinking they could be used as pillows in a bigger dollhouse as well :)


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