Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Organize With Seedling Trays

Happy Tuesday!! Here in my little corner of the world the whole month of May has been gray and rainy. We've had a few days of sunshine this week, so we were off to Home Depot's garden center. You know I always have a Tool Time eye open where ever I go...and this is what I found!

Seedling starter trays. They are made of fiber cells and are 100% natural and biodegradable. If they are safe enough to start tomato plants in them, they're safe enough to hold me craft supplies!!

This particular pack came with 4 trays for $2.59.

They're like egg cartons, but deeper and hold a little more.

You can arrange them in your drawers or shelves in any configuration.

or you can arrange them end to end on the back of your sewing table or craft table.

Here are some of the things I thought to fill them up with.

Of course, sewing supplies. Great for your sewing table, but how easy would it be to carry this to the chair or couch while you are doing some hand sewing. You could even make one of those sections into a pin cushion.

Manicure anyone...pink for summer, if summer ever gets here!!

How about all those tiny office supplies floating around in your desk or kitchen drawer.

and we can't forget all your craft supplies...beads, buttons, sequins, scrap booking doo dads etc...

These are great for kid's crafting parties too. Add all your craft supplies and each child gets their own tray. You can also cut them into sections too.

These trays also come in larger versions and are made out of plastic. Great for so many things.

Just wanted to "plant the seeds" of inspiration this Tuesday!

Have a great day,


  1. What a great idea! If they get a little dog-eared, you can just plant a seed or cutting. Brilliant! I'm off to Lowe's tomorrow to get some. Thanks!

  2. Karen es una idea genial y muy práctica para tener todo organizado y a la mano. Un beso

  3. hahaha!!! You never rest!! What a simple and great idea. Take care!

  4. They look so pretty all filled with lovely 'girly' things.
    I always love your ideas.
    Here in England, we call those containers 'Jiffy pots'.

  5. You have some ab-SEW-LOOT-ly wonderful ideas!! Thanks for taking the time to share. Ok...now i can't wait to get out today and get some seedling trays!!
    Now...if I spent as much time working on projects as I do on organizing and buying stuff TO organize...I'd have maybe only 1 or 2 UFOs...instead...(shhh, 50+)


  6. I absolutely love your Tool Time posts! Now we aren't able to find trays like that where I live, but I do something similar to this with egg cartons. Particularly good for small things, like beads. Thank you for sharing so many good ideas!

  7. Fantastic idea Karen. I am in the process of organising my sewing room, so I'll just have to find a little pozzy...

  8. Well, you've done it again. Thanks

  9. What a cool idea!!

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com

  10. Great idea Karen. If you decide not to use them anymore you can always plant flowers in them.:)

  11. I just arrived on your blog and it makes me feel as if I would have found a big treasure box ! A box full of great ideas !
    I'm also a boxes/drawers/dividers fanatic, a quilter and a crafter, so that will be a great pleasure for me to read ALL your posts from the beginning... A little bit a day, as you can savor a chocolates box !!!
    Thank you for that !!!

  12. cute idea, you know what I use in some of my drawers?
    cupcake tins, they are a great size for safety pins, lose bobbins, in the sewing room
    in the bathroom the girls use it for their hair tie backs, and bobby pins, all that kind of stuff!

    always love seeing your ideas! you have me thinking outside the box for uses of things, did you see my ruler post where I use that curvey ruler for a quilting stencil?

  13. Karen, do you think you can use egg container instead of seedling trays? I have a broken heart every time I throw egg cartons.

  14. One thing we used, very similar to yours, was the caddy beer or glass bottled sodas come in. I like that it has a handle and since it is for me and my kids craft supplies they can take it where they need without spilling, well except for the occasional arm swing my boys have a habit of doing lol.


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