Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Cork Message Can

Another Tuesday is here and I have a quick project that is a great recycling idea too.

A pen, pencil or ruler holder, but doubles as a message board!

I used a tall metal can and a roll of thin cork I found at the dollar store. Oatmeal containers work great too, but the metal holds up better over time. They also sell the rolls of cork at the office supply stores, but it can be pricey. Walmart is inexpensive too.

I also hot glued some cute buttons to larger tacks for a cute little addition to the message board.

Here's the left over cork that I had from another project. It breaks easily, because it's thin, so be careful.

This is how thin mine is. You may need to put 2 layers on the can so the push pins can go in. Just depends on how thin your cork is.

Measure the height of your can...mine is just shy of 7 inches tall. I think this may be a pineapple juice can, but I'm not sure.

and then wrap the tape measure around the can for the circumference.

Mark the measurements on the cork and cut it out. I hot glued the cork onto the can, which seemed to work well so far on the metal can. If you want to make sure it sticks, you can use the Gorilla glue...that works great too.

Now you have a great place to store things and a message board for quick reminders.

Gotta go...I think I have an appointment at 2:00!! I hope it's at the hair salon for my monthly color, because I need it!

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Hi,
    I don't know how you get your Ideas but they are awesome in their simplicity and so great to make yourself. In fact they are so easy/clever and simple that I sometimes wonder why I (or others) haven't thought of it!!!!

  2. This would be a fantastic teacher gift :D . Thanks for the great idea- and way to go reusing the cans in a super cute way and dressing up those tacks!

  3. I'll have to look for that cork "stuff" at the store. This is a really cute idea.

  4. What a cute idea! This can would make such a simple gift, especially with a friendly note attached and maybe some goodies inside. Kind of like a unique gift basket! :)

  5. Hi Karen,
    More inspiration to get out the glue guns I just bought, really they scare me...would love to see more glue gun projects and maybe a "how to" . You may have that already have not looked through your archive...
    Have a happy spring day, things are looking green up here in NH.

  6. Never am I disappointed when I come by to visit!!! Fun idea!

  7. LOVE that idea! Looks so natural compared to my glass coffee mug lol

  8. We use to make those in Bible school. I loved making them and my kids did too. I still have one that my daughter made. She would never let me throw it away. Good job Karen.

  9. Karen - again you amaze me with your ideas that are not hokey, but so useful and so cute... Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is a great idea! I have seen the rolls of cork, but I wasn't sure how I would use them. Thanks!

  11. You have the most marvelous ideas! And you're wonderful to share them with us - this is definitely a great teacher idea, I'm a teacher and I know I'd love one :-)

  12. What a cute idea for a gift, but I think I'm going to use this for my desk too. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  13. What a fabulous idea, I really like it. I am so glad I found your blog. I am going to look at several pages of it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. So cute! I love the idea of adding buttons to the push pins. :)

  15. Great idea! However, there is a mistake in your description. By wrapping the tape around the can, you measure its circumference, not its diameter (that is the line that passes through the center and connects two points located onto the circumference). Go and fix that :o) Have a wonderful day.

  16. It doesn't matter if it's the circumference or the diameter we all knew what she meant except you "anonymous".

  17. Hi Karen,
    I am always looking forward to TTT, you just get me thinking of "sew" many more ideas! I really can't wait to read TTT!!!
    When I saw this one, I immediately thought of the foam sodapop can cooler holders. I'll bet you could cover one of those with maybe one layer of cork; but would probably need to put a soda can inside for stability when doing the cork glue application. I see those foam ones free at yard sales with some odd advertising on them.

    Or maybe you could get those self-stick foam sheets to apply to your can? Not sure how the foam would hold up visually to thumbtacks over time. Maybe apply the foam then cover with some loose weave fabric to camoflague, or enhance. Since your can is magnetic, maybe you could apply a favorite piece of fabric (stiffened with "stiffy" or similar) directly to the can & glue your button to a disc magnet.
    Sorry, your posts do this to me...just one thing after another. I think this is a positive form of digressing, I hope. :)
    I would love to pick your brain for ideas with so many of my "finds". Hope you will (if you haven't already) do a linking party where everyone posts there unusual materials...see what you & others come up with before it all goes to the landfill!
    Thanks again for all your inspiration!
    Cathy T.

  18. What a great idea, and so "green" and thrifty! Would you please post a link on my Mother’s Day Themed Linky Giveaway party? http://the4rsRamblings.blogspot.com

  19. Thank you! Love your blog, have pinned like crazy, and I hope that it drives more people here! A tip about sizing the cork: Tape the first edge to the can, wrap to fit, overlap a little bit and then slice through both layers with a utility knife. Unwrap, apply the glue, and when you re-wrap it, the edges will be absolutely exact. Hope you enjoy the tip, and thanks again!!


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