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Blog Buddy...How to Link on Your Blog Post

Blog Buddy is your friendly little helper in the blogging world. Sew Many Way's Blog Buddy posts have helpful hints and tips to make blogging fun and easy. Just things I picked up along the way or learned from mistakes I made myself.

Today I will be showing you how to link to something in your post. It may be another blog that you want to give credit to or an online fabric store that you just love and want to share or you may want to link back to one of your own posts from the past.

Linking is quick and easy once you know the steps.

I made these pictures large so you can see the details, but you can click on them to enlarge.

The first step is to go to the blog post or the site that you want to link to. If you want to link just to some one's blog, then just click on their blog name or the Home button. If you want to link to a specific post you must click on the Post Title to get to the correct http address.
  • go to the site
  • at the top of the screen is the http address
  • put your cursor on the address and right click it. It will high light, then a drop down menu will pop on COPY. 

Now go to your post that you are writing...
  • Pick the word or words that you want the link to be. I picked Blog Buddy.
  • place cursor over the word, left click on drag to high light. (circled in black below)

After it's been high lighted, go to the word at the top of your post that says LINK (circled in black below) and click that word.

Another screen will pop up that looks like this or something similar.

Place your cursor in the long empty box that says "to what url should this link go to?" Right click in that box and a drop down menu will appear. Click on PASTE...that will be the address that you COPIED before.

One IMPORTANT note...depending on what version you are using for writing a post...if the place where the address goes already has the letters "http" in the box, you must delete that first before you paste, because your paste already has the http in it.

Once the address is in the on "OK" (circled in black below).

Now this picture is what it will look like after it is linked. It will appear in blue. Me being doesn't match my blog! LOL

So high light the word again...

Click the letter "A" with the colored bar underneath and a drop down color menu will appear. I picked red...what else right!

and here is the word Blog Buddy...linked back to all my Blog Buddy posts and in red ink.

It seems like a lot of pictures to describe a simple step, but once you do it, it's easy as pie!!

Happy Blogging,


  1. Hi, Blog Buddy! It was fun running into you today, especially to see you carrying your new drop cloth bag!

  2. Excellent post!! This will make posting a little simpler nest time...thanks!

  3. Your posts on Blog Buddy are great! This is one of the few that I had figured out. I would love to see a Blog Buddy on the thumbnails at the top of your blog. I hate having my giveaway posts in with my quilting posts etc. If you have time-would you tell me how to do it so I could try working that out?
    Love your blog!

  4. Oh my God I love you. I always have to bug my girls to help me with something I want to change on my blog and of course it sometimes takes months to get it done. You're an angel

  5. I have wondered about this and WOW you gave it to me. Thank you for these wonderful tips.

  6. Thank you, I'll have to try it

  7. Thanks for all your helpful tips. here is one you.

    If you go into "templete designer", select "Advanced" then "links" you should be able to change the default color of your links and it will save you the step of changing your link colors.

  8. Hi Karen, I have enjoyed the various sections of your blog. I am also a bit of an organiser. I have a similar how to page. When I discover something I blog how I did it and add the link to may page. Would you mind if I include links to some of your blog buddy posts in my page?

  9. I love getting your blog--blogging information, tool time etc. I am so glad you share your information. I am sure it has helped not only me!!

  10. Thank you for explaining so may things to us newbie bloggers!! You are so helpful!

  11. OMG, I have been wanting to learn this for a very long time....THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  12. Just found your blog through Crafters Notebook and became a follower. I am going to pour through some of your posts. It looks like you have a wonderful blog. I am addicted to blogging, too!

  13. Just found your blog through Pinterest. I'm a newbie to blogging, and the step-by-step tutorial in this post is so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing these tips!

  14. Thank you thank you thank you! I have been struggling to insert a link for long enough to almost cause me to quit trying to blog! You made it so simple. Thanks Karen. (I'd almost give up half my stash to you at this point--almost!)

  15. Another benefit of linking is that it can allow you to build the rank of your website if you do it properly and strategically. One of the fastest ways to link your blog post is to use a link anchor text. You can follow this format: <a href="URL blog post”>link text</a>. It’s fast and easy.

  16. Oh, am I glad I found you! I just started and haven't been able to figure out how to do much at all. I've only read two of your posts, but they are exactly the kind of help I need. Thank you! I got here from a link from a link from a link. I think blogging (and those of you who do it) is amazing!

  17. Very easy to follow instructions. Thanks!
    Shiful Alam

  18. I'm so glad I found you, Thank you soo much for your tips, I just started my blog yesterday and because of you I did my first blog header :) xox

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for these tutorials, I have scoured high and low for tutorials on how to customize my blogs and none of them were as easy to follow as yours.

  20. Hi Karen, my name sake only mine is spell with a "Caren" Thanks so very much as I've been asking my daughter for help, and most times she goes too fast :)

  21. Thank you so much Karen for all your help and tips, i have just done this one and linked back to it and i don't know why i was surprised that it worked but i am very pleased. Its a new blog so it will be a while till i get some followers but that gives me time to read more of your
    hugs peta x

  22. I was looking into possibly switching to word press until I came across your blog. Your blogging tips help me a great deal. Your awesome, Thanks!!!!!

  23. Karen,

    Thanks so much for this tip. Not sure why I have waited so long to begin to use it but it is a wonderful tutorial.


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