Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tool Time Tuesday...Homemade Bird Feeder and For Us Too!!

Spring is trying so hard to come around here at Sew Many Ways...the birds are chirping, but the temperature isn't quite there yet. Well, the birds are going to be singing more after this Tool Time, even if it isn't warm outside.

All you need for this project is a threaded rod, (I found it at Home Depot for a $1.75), 2 washers and 2 nuts that fit over the rod, one plastic bowl and a drill with a bit that matches the size of your rod.

One tip for the bowls...you only need one bowl, but I bought the larger ones on the left for 60 cents a piece and the smaller green ones came in a package of 4 for $1.00 at Walmart. The 4 for a $1.00 worked out, because I cracked the first 2!!

Here's a close up of the threaded rod label.

2 washers and 2 nuts.

This is my block of wood that I drill on.

Place the bowl, bottom side down, on your drilling surface (my block)

Drill in the center of the bowl, on the inside. Start slowly or you'll crack the first 2 like I did! (update...thanks to 2 great readers...make sure you drill a few small holes for water drainage. Placing a small piece of screen over it will keep the seeds in, but the water out. Thanks ladies)

and here you have it...

Take your threaded rod and screw on one of the nuts then one of the washers.

Now, place the bottom of the bowl on top of that washer, leaving just about 1/2 inch of the rod on inside of the bowl.

Inside the bowl, place the second washer over the rod then...

screw on the nut.

Here's the bottom.

Here's the inside.

Now take your favorite bird seed...

and fill her up. The rod is sturdy, so it's easy to stick in the ground.

Don't forget to place it next to your nesting cage. Click here for that tutorial.

It will be like a Bed and Breakfast for the birds!!

This bird food may be yummy for our feathered friends, but I'm also thinking this idea would be great for human treats too. How about...
  • snacks...popcorn, candy, pretzels etc
  • hand sewing, eye glasses, cell phone etc
  • use the bowl for picnics, camping or at the beach next to your chair
  • stick easily into the ground or the sand

I was going to say this project is "for the birds", but I guess it's for us too!!

Happy Tuesday,
Don't forget to link up any of your projects at my Sew Darn Crafty Party...so many wonderful links there already.


  1. Love your bird feeder! I had to quit feeding the birds,because the squirrels are little piggies! They will not stay out of the bird feeders.

  2. Great idea for a bird feeder!I'm sure they will love it.

  3. Bed and breakfast for the birds - hahahahahahahaha! Karen - you always seem to make me smile - thank you!

  4. I saw the picture before I read the post and the first thing I thought of was that my son (12) would steal it for popcorn lol.

    Great tutorial, thanks!

  5. What a great feeder. I love it!

  6. Nice looking, but would need drainage holes if it rained. I could use an old margarine container or whipped topping one and replace as the sun ages it. I might cover the metal nuts with a little tape to keep it from rusting so could reuse. Very colorful!

  7. Very cute. I tried bird feeders a couple of years ago but since my daughter moved back in with all her cats - mine have decided they need to be outdoor/indoor cats. And one is the mighty hunter. Needless to say, we don't want to encourage birds to the yard. That would just be a nasty trick.

    I love Tool Time Tuesday. Thanks

  8. Thanks Karen. Great project. Now what about a bird bath? LOL

  9. Karen it would need drain holes where I live. Great idea for those who don't.

  10. That'a neat idea but over here, we'd get all the coackatoos for miles and they'd return every day.

  11. love the idea, you could also use a metal one found in the garden departments, also a clay saucer for a large clay flower pot would make a neat bird bath.

  12. Cute idea, but it's too deep. The birds wouldn't sit inside it. It also needs drainage holes so that it doesn't fill with rain and rot the seed.

  13. You could use a galvanized pail for ice and beer!

  14. Thank you for sharing! I have a lamp with a shade that resembles a bowl that will be perfect for this. It was a freebie find.

    Please drop by to enter our giveaway for three antique blue jars at www.theoldblockhouse.blogspot.com

  15. You know I was thinking... you could also put the bowl a little lower on the rod and attach another one upside down to the top to make a little make shift roof so the rain wont get in and the birds have some shade while they eat

  16. I would love to feed the birdies but I have too many squirrels that think I leave the food for them! LOL

    Love your idea though to make these for humans!

  17. Idea? Can u use a small bowl for seed and then a larger bowl places upside down over it as a cover to help keep smaller bowl dry?

  18. Idea? Can u use a small bowl for seed and then a larger bowl places upside down over it as a cover to help keep smaller bowl dry?


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