Friday, April 29, 2011

Quilt Show Pictures...

MQX is a machine quilting expo that has 2 on the west coast and one on the east coast. For the past 2 years it has been held on the east coast in Providence, Rhode Island. Woo hoo for me!! Tina, from Seaside Stitches, and I have been to the show each year. We've taken classes, shopped, view the beautiful quilts and have been suckered in by too many demos!! If you are in any kind of business, do demos...they get me every time.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the wonderful quilts at the show. I can only dream of quilting like this...and even in my dreams I'm not this good!

This is a quilt of a quilt show. Amazing!! The quilt has different ladies looking at the quilts hanging up. The detail is incredible.

Here's Tina snapping a picture of it too.

This is one of the mini quilts in the quilt with the ladies looking on. They have bags, purses, sandals, flip flops, tags on the quilts and even a blue ribbon winner...too cute.

See the mini quilt?

Here's my wrinkly old hand for size! Just holding it up there...I didn't touch.

A mini crazy quilt.

There is even a realistic name tag with a little straight pin stitched in...such detail. You can see this name tag better in the picture with Tina in it.

This quilter even has all the fabric that she purchased at the show in 3 bags.

Back to normal size quilts...great 1930's quilt.

Great pattern and colors.

Here's a close up.

I'm speechless with the quilting.

This is another mini using antique linens.

This quilt was one of my favorites.

Great pineapple quilt.


The pictures don't do the colors justice in this one.

This was a super mini. Even the ribbon she won is bigger.

So incredible.

I really need to start using more brights.

but I absolutely love these colors too.

and this is such a cute way to do an I Spy quilt.

Here we are on our way out after a wonderful day. Tina has a great smile and I am saying "hold the button down" to the man taking the picture. lol !!

We also met up with Diane again this year. We all met last year volunteering to hang up all the quilts for the show. Thanks Tina and Diane. I think we have a new tradition started.

Happy quilting,


  1. Wow, those quilts are breathtaking! So much intricate detailing. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. Unbelievable!! I always am just amazed at the quality of quilts in a big quilt show. I just love the quilt show quilt. What an imagination!

  3. So many beautiful quilts. The first red & white quilt is exquisite but then so are several others. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I wanted to go, but never made it.
    Hopefully next year.


  5. My daughter and I made it to the Sauder Village Quilt show in NW Ohio today. I'm still in 'awesome overload.'

    I'm bowled over by the mini-ladies. Awesome.

  6. I've marked my calendar for next year! Woohoo! These quilts were gorgeous....and so inspiring for me, cuz I've got the FMQ fever! lol

    Thanks for all the pics....and the close ups!

  7. Amazing works of art! Glad to hear you had a great time!!!

  8. What incredible talent. Those quilts are works of art.

  9. Those quilts are amazing. I especially love the quilt show quilt.

  10. Beautifuls pictures! Iwould love to be there. Hugs

  11. Karen, qué belleza de trabajos!!! son espectaculares y los acolchados una maravilla. Tuviste mucha suerte de poderlos ver. Un beso

  12. Amazing! I am in awe of the quilt details...all of them.

  13. Thanks for the virtual show! I wish I had been there with you both too!!

  14. I love to check in to your blog to see what you are up to. Always something different and creative. Even the pics of these quilts take your breath away. Thanks for sharing for those of us who don't live near any coasts.

  15. Thanks for sharing. That was some incredible quilting. Plus some of those quilts are great inspiration for me to get busy making a scrappy quilt-they were so beautiful!

  16. When the American Quilters Society show is here in Des Moines, Iowa, we're not permitted to take pictures to post to a blog, so I appreciate that you can do so. Thanks for taking and sharing so many great pictures. That "at the quilt show" mini is amazing. Really makes one sort of depressed too, doesn't it? I'll certainly never be THAT good.

  17. Stunning! Thanks for all the closeups, love seeing all the wonderful details in the fabrics and quilting. There's nothing like a quilt show!

  18. Thank you for sharing all these. It's great to get a chance to see a portion of shows that I can not possibly attend.

  19. Love them all but that quilt of a quilt show is the best......what detail. Do you know who made it? I know of a lady who teaches at some quilt shows has done fun quilts that show people doing various things and has such great detail, too. I attended her lecture once and she is a hoot. If you ever get the chance to hear her, jump up and go! (Her name is Linda Cantrell.)

  20. Well that little show and tell just blew my skirt up.


  21. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  22. My daughter (who is not a quilter) left me a link to your blog, and I am pleased that she did. I love your blog and will check it out regularly. I live in Australia and like to check out what other people in the world are doing.


  23. Those quilts are beautiful. I've never been to a quilt show but would love to. Do you know who I can find out if there are any scheduled in Nashville, TN?

  24. Was at the MQX show as well and it was amazing! There was something there for everyone to enjoy - from brights to wholecloth. LOVED that the Best in Show was on a domestic machine! And the Teacher of the Year (Cindy Needham) - quilts on a domestic as well. Awesome time and great pictures!

  25. Wow all gorgeous quilts but I love the Quilt show Quilt. I am in awe of people who can work in minature.

  26. Gracias por las fotos.
    Son unos trabajos preciosos.Yo empiezo a acolchar ahora a máquina.Me daba mucho miedo,pero he visto que no me es imposible y me he animado.Un beso.


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