Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tea or Coffee Anyone?...Craft Ideas and Organizing

Do you love to read books and drink tea...well, this project could be for you! I drink many different kinds of tea, but this particular box of tea bags has an extra goodie inside.

This might look like trash to you, but these cardboard dividers are always good for something.

Perfect size for a book mark. I know we can just cut up card stock and make one, but these are already done for you.

To pretty them up a little, I just glued on a strip of fabric. You can also use scrap booking paper too. I left a 1/4 inch margin on each side.

Punch a hole at the top...

and with a little ribbon and a doo dad for the end of the tie, your book mark is done.

I used a metal washer from the hardware store and stamped Love in the metal. It was my first attempt at metal stamping. This was my second washer and it's still a little crooked, but works for me!

edit...I put together a tutorial for metal stamping, so click here for that.

Now onto the coffee tip...I use these trays for many things. They are paper trays that I found in an office supply store in the clearance rack.

The best thing I use it for is the coffee pot we use every day. I keep the coffee pot tucked under our cabinets, in the corner and out of the way.

However, this particular coffee pot has to open on the top to put the coffee pods in, but the handle hits our upper cabinets and won't open up all the way.

Here's the fix. The coffee pot is in the tray. It just slides out very easily each time we need it.

Then it slides back under the cabinet when we're not using it. We could just slide the coffee pot, but most appliances have little skid pads on the bottom, so it doesn't move. The tray glides very smoothly.

We're in the middle of an ice storm here, so I think I'll have a cup of tea...or maybe coffee...or maybe both!
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  1. Do you brew your coffee while the pot is under the cabinet? I did that in our other house and never realized that the whole side panel of the upper cabinet was all bubbled up...I guess from the steam?
    I use those tea dividers all the time for book marks...never even thought of making them Where did you buy the metal stamp stuff?

  2. Karen how do you do the metal stamping??

  3. Cute bookmark, I need to make some of those! I too am trying to snuggle up with coffee/teas and stay warm!

  4. Okay, these are two great ideas! Smart lady!!!

  5. Cute bookmark idea! Cute tray idea also...your brain is always sweet! Stay warm. We have ice covering snow and winds and more snow coming down right now in NE Ohio!

  6. Fun! I think a tool time for metal stamping should be forthcoming...that washer looks great :)

  7. I like the 'crooked' stamping the BEST! It's says you're human and REAL! Very cool ideas; thank you!

  8. A little chilly isn't it! The tray is super cute too. It would look cute on the coffee table with some candles and maybe some of those glass beads in it.. or some prettified (is that a word) rocks.. I'm sure you could make it much more fun..

  9. You don't know how many times I have taken those dividers out of the Lipton tea box and handled them and thought about them and then decided I didn't need to keep them 'just in case'! Now I wish I had a whole bundle of them so the kids could make Valentine bookmarks for their classmates and teachers! Maybe I'll start saving for next year!

    Some storm we're getting, eh? But spring will be here before we know it!


  10. Thanks for the great ideas....I'm thinking I'm going to have to find out a little more about metal stamping. I luv it....Thanks for sharing. Trying to stay warm in SE Michigan....I've had enough of old man winter:(

  11. Karen,

    I love your site!! It is absolutely chock full of fantastic ideas. I don't know how many of those tea inserts I have thrown away. Oh, but no more, I have a book club and I know what next month's parting gifts will be. Thanks for the great idea!

  12. I was hoping you would tell us how you did the metal stamping.

  13. Awesome Idea for the Kuerig! I have had one for about 5 years and hate the sound it makes when we slide it out from under the cupboard! Thanks for the tip!!

  14. Karen I bet your garbage man loves your house since there is always bags that are not full.
    You amaze me at the things you come up with.
    I just tried stamping too and it takes a little
    practice. I got hubby to flatten some old spoons and I made plant markers out of them.
    Very cute idea, thanks for sharing. I will never look at tea boxes the same again, all
    I will see is different colored bookmarks.

  15. What lovely ideas. Hopefully there is a tutorial in the works for the metal stamping.

  16. Just found your blog tonight (while blog tellin' where I jumped from, tho!)...LOVE IT!

    Thanks for the wonderful creative ideas!

  17. I have the same problem with my coffee pot. Great idea.

  18. I love trays! Corralling your junk on a tray makes it upscale instantly. I have one on the end table for the tissue box, remotes, coaster holder, and an old cigar box that has pens, notepads, chapstick, etc. Seasonally I change out one in the kitchen that holds the butter dish, sugar/sweetener dishes and honey. It looks so much better than just a stack of things pushed up against the backsplash.

  19. wow your bookmark is so so cute thanks for sharing tina x

  20. I am new to your blog and loving it. While searching I found the recycled tea dividers. Now I know I am not the only crazy one out there. I save them, too. I have used them for youth activities to make book marks. Stickers, ribbons, trims, beads...all so much fun! It just made me giggle!


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